Mean Node Wins

apach7100bpApache Tears – translucent Obsidian – protect the Root Chakra from exterior influences, so you can focus on what’s going on inside your own Field.

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Well, so far, and for me at least, the Mean South Node wins over the True South Node as the meaner of the two.  I didn’t notice much when the True South Node crossed Eris (July 24), but I’m sure feeling South-Nodey now that the Mean South Node is approaching Eris (July 29).  How has it been for you?

I’m feeling a lot more heavy Karmic (been there done that) material now than I was last week.  How about you?

Interesting that both Node-Eris adventures are accompanied by Grand Trines (Big Dumb-Luck Grace), the first by Mercury-Saturn-Chiron July 23-26, and the second by Venus-Saturn-Chiron July 30-August 3.

This last week Miracles of Understanding were available to us.  During this next week Miracles of Forgiveness are about.  That means Miracles of Self-Forgiveness as well as Forgiveness of Others.  Self-forgiveness is a big part of Healing ancient Karma.  Self-Sabotage occurs when we Judge an important part of our True Self, and it has to go underground to survive – which means Guilt and Shame and Instinct-crippling Hesitation.  We won’t even know to look for the positive function in our Self-Sabotage until we find a way to Love the cluster of negative Emotion surrounding it.

The basic issue here is our Patterns of Self-Sabotage.  They could be lit up big and we could be noticing that they’re up and seeing how they work, giving us an opportunity to begin flushing them.  Huzzah!

Self-Sabotage Patterns could also be lit up big and we could be reacting to them as Victims.  These Karmic bundles aren’t simple; if they were we’d have sent them packing Lifetimes ago.  Sometimes we can make progress with analysis, but we’re almost always better off with PIAVA.  Whatever makes you feel like a Victim here, PIAVA to grok how the Energy works, or simply that the Energy moves on.

Whenever Self-Sabotage is lit up, the opportunity for Changing the Pattern is at least as big as the potential for Sabotage.

Another name for Self-Sabotage is Denial.  Be mindful that no one can be clear about anyone else’s Denial.  Believing you know what someone else is Denying is always a Projection.  Turn it around – whenever you’re tempted to use an accusatory You-Statement, back off and reframe it as a Fourth-Step I-Statement. 

If someone else is accusing you of Denial, don’t take it on.  Review it, as there may be useful information embedded in it for you, but remember that they’re talking about themselves, not about you.  Don’t think you know what they’re saying about themselves, however – that would probably end up as just be another accusatory You-Statement.

Of course there are exceptions, mostly around whether or not you or Other asked for an opinion on the issue.  But don’t take it as more than an opinion – Humans are enormously complex, and there really is no window of understanding from one to another.  On very narrow issues it can feel that way, which is great, but don’t confuse that with knowing.  Even if you (or Other) are Psychic and have very useful information in the circumstance, don’t forget that it’s all metaphor.

Then there’s Ego.  It’s such a temptation to want to feel Superior to Other (to compensate for our chronic sense of Inferiority), and the illusion that you know them better than they know themselves is particularly poisonous.  Learn to recognize the sense of Superiority as a symbol for Ego-bloat.  PIAVA to be simultaneously Conscious of your compensating Inferiority.  If you can hold both in your Attention at the same time, or even rapidly switch from one to the other, you can neutralize the dichotomy that traps you out of Balance.

3 Responses to “Mean Node Wins”

  1. Rita Says:

    I am not sure about Eris, but Saturn was retrograding in my First House lately, turning stationary direct just on my Ascendent. I could definitely feel that. Self-sabotage is a good word to describe it. On July 26, I discovered in my horoscope a quintile Yod, very exact, between my natal Sun, Moon, and MC – how could I miss that planetary configuration before! In addition to my two connected T-squares and a couple of regular Yods that beat me senseless all my life (one points at my Sun, the other on my MC), I receive a lot of serious action from major planets to notice little asteroids. But I am a good learner and learn my lessons very fast. With each new lesson, a new area of learning opens – it never gets boring (except when Saturn seats stationary on my Asc, but that was more gloomy than boring). Somewhere between the two Eres/SN conjunctions I found this blog when I was searching for information about quintile Yods. Strangely, it’s the only astro blog that makes so much sense to me right now. It’s very true about projections, we all need to remember to look inside our Jungian shadows and see what we refuse to see there.

  2. astrobuss Says:

    I’m always discovering (and rediscovering) new configurations in my natal chart too. Congratulations in finishing Saturn in 12!

    • Rita Says:

      Thank you! As you say, it’s not a discovery, it’s differentiation. With all that Saturnian dance, my old structures are totally melted. Have to “differentiate” a totally new life for whatever is left from my ego. Do I need that ego at all? It feels divine just to witness everything without egoistic involvement. All pain comes from it. No ego, no pain…

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