Bits and Bobs

A melange of assorted but related news:

Shift happens (Lilith)…

We might have to add “Expanding” to our PIAVA list, as this seems to be useful…

So much for the illusion of Security (Ceres and Eris)…

A note on 432Hz (see Hazel)…

I’ve only been using woodchips on my garden for a couple of months, and they’re only an inch or two deep in most places, but after similar weather, my water bill is down 20% from last year.  Last week I noticed an African Basil looking half-dead.  Six feet away, another African Basil was looking happy as can be.  They were last watered a few days earlier on the same day by the same sprinkler.  The half-dead Basil was planted in a foot of fabulous organic topsoil with an inch of woodchips on top.  The happy Basil was planted in a foot of woodchips with a quarter-inch of the same topsoil below and around it.

Here’s an idea worth emulating…

These folks also have their own website…


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