July Full Moon

oh, those humans.

The July Perigee Full Moon occurs at half past 4am PDT July 12.  Perigee is the place in an ellipical (oval) orbit where the orbiting body (Moon) is closest to the orbited body (Earth), so a Perigee Full Moon looks a lot bigger and brighter than usual.  This one is a preview for the upcoming Eris-South Node fireworks.

If we relax our usual 3-degree limit for impact, which is quite appropriate here, then the Full Moon makes a Grand Cross with the Nodes – which means South Node-Eris, and North Node-Vesta-Ceres-Mars.  You could make a good case that this Full Moon is more likely to be the peak – or at least one of the peaks – for the whole Revealing Karmic Denial business.

By the way, when I was listing hot dates like July 18 (Moon Conjunct Eris) and July 19 (Eris Stationary Retrograde half a degree shy of the South Node), July 24 (True South Node Conjunct Eris) and July 29 (Mean South Node Conjunct Eris) earlier, I forgot to mention that Saturn is Stationary Direct on July 20, and Uranus is Stationary Retrograde on July 21.  Their Stations Quincunx one another, so…

The more we can approach the rest of July with Curiosity, rather than Dread or Expectation, the better off we’ll be.  In any Ego Death, who we’re becoming is always a Mystery.

One easy keyword for Saturn is Ego, and an easy keyword for Uranus is Soul – so both our Ego and our Soul are stopped cold and looking over their shoulders at one another, wondering WTF? as Eris tosses her Golden Apple into the party.

As usual, Kelley Hunter has a great summary of her perspective of this Full Moon, at


While it’s easy to focus on the Big Action with Eris-South Node, we don’t want to neglect (let alone Deny) the action going on at the North Node, which is about Actively Making our Mission Permanently Sacred. 

Actively Making (Mars – in Mythology Eris’s brother) our Mission (North Node) Permanently (Ceres) Sacred (Vesta).

There is also a Neptune (Spirit) Mjolnir (Epiphany) across the Sun-North Node Stellium Square – we can expect a significant Spiritual intervention to assist us in Affirming our Sacred Commitment to our Mission.  In a way, Neptune at the far Midpoint of one side of a Grand Cross is similar to a Kite – we could call it a Box Kite – which would make Neptune the Grand Ruler of the entire Cross, and of the Full Moon itself.

Remember that while Neptune Creates Confusion around Material Form, it Creates Clarity around the Spiritual Perspective.  Remember also that Confusion is the first stage of Growth.

So we have to consider whatever occurs around Karmic Denial and Self-Sabotage and Revelation, to be clearing the way for that process of Actively Making our Mission Permanently Sacred.  Wouldn’t it be fantastic if Humanity woke up to its Mission!

As always when we’re approaching the Crossroads, Prayers are appropriate.  Taking just one example, like Climate Change, we can PIAVA that Humanity wake up without a World-shattering calamity.  We can extend such PIAVAs to all of the Personal, Cultural, and Global Dysfunctions that we can think of.  It’s a great time to append “Lovingly and Gently” to any PIAVA, and to Pray that we Learn everything we would have learned from a catastrophe, while forgoing the catastrophe.

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