Personal and Planetary Self-Sabotage


“The Tower will make it clear to you, and so you have now the chance to obliterate blocks to your own self-realisation, regardless of fears of failure, fears of losing what you have, and even fears of being wildly successful.  Get ready to view your life through new eyes.” –

* * * * *

Natacha says,

For now, it seems to be the disorientation phase, and a really tough one.

For sure, and it’s likely to get more intense through the end of the month.

The South Node crosses Eris on July 24 (True Node) and July 29 (Mean Node).

Some of the astrological phenomena that we include in the arbitrary category “planets” jiggle, including the Nodes. 

The Moon’s orbit around the Earth does not occupy the same plane as the Earth’s orbit around the Sun.  The North and South Nodes (of the Moon – other bodies have Nodes too, but we’ve only ever discussed the Moon’s Nodes) are the places in the sky where the Moon’s orbit rises above (North or “Ascending” Node) and dips below (South or “Descending” Node) the plane of the Earth’s orbit around the Sun. 

Tricky, I know, but the point is that as the Moon and the Earth and the Sun dance together, there’s a wobble or two.  So when you’re talking about the Nodes, there’s either the True Node (which tracks the wobble) or the Mean Node (with the wobble averaged out).  I haven’t studied or researched the difference between the True and Mean Nodes; if someone else has, maybe they can enlighten us.  

The Mean Nodes are always Retrograde.  The True Nodes are usually Retrograde.

We’ll also write more soon about July 19, when Eris is strongest because it’s Stationary, even though its Station is a half-degree shy of the Node.  And about July 18, when the Moon crosses Stationary Eris, the Moon often acting as a trigger to bring Energies into physical Manifestation.

As you by now know, Eris represents the calling out of Denial, and the South Node represents our Karma or self-sabotaging Patterns.

If we’re taking Full Responsibility, nothing ever happens to us, “we” manifest it all.  Just exactly who this “we” is, is the problem for most of us.  When something occurs that we don’t like, if we want to take Full Responsibility, we have to ask who in our Unconscious menagerie called that forth.  Then we have to figure out how to get to Know and Love them.  This can be a daunting process, especially if we’re dealing with a serious disease, nasty crime, or other major trauma. 

This may not be the path everyone needs to walk.  Victims of disease or crime or trauma often feel like this is a “Blame the Victim” game.  In fact, it’s a “get out of Blame” game, but Blame is a conceptual Universe unto itself, and it cannot be escaped by Logic or Plan-Execute.  It requires a PIAVA, and before we can get to that, we need motivation.  Often some sort of Miracle is necessary.  Responsibility – the Ability to Respond – lies outside of the Blame Universe.

If we are motivated to take Full Responsibility, or even to just take More Responsibility, the process is well mapped out in Fritz Perls’s Gestalt Psychology

As you might recall, one of the events that occurred at the End of Time in 2012, was the retirement of Gaia, who moved on to other pursuits, and the ascension of Pi, the Goddess who took Gaia’s place as Governess of our Planet.  Responsibility is part of Pi’s Prime Directive.

Denial is a healthy process.  It protects the Ego from overwhelm, and the Ego is in charge of keeping us Safe.  Denial, however, can become ossified, and ossification is Karma.  The minor planet Eris is about opening the box where our Denial is kept.

We all have self-sabotaging Patterns – unsavory portions of our Karma.  We’re Victims of those Patterns, we believe they originate outside ourSelf.  Otherwise we’d recognize them, bring their positive motivation into Consciousness, and integrate them with the rest of ourself, eliminating the sabotage.  In astrology, self-sabotage is often represented by the South Node.

Well, in July, Eris meets the South Node – Denial meets Responsibility.  If we’re very lucky, we’ll be able to transcend Blame and wipe out big chunks of negative Karma.  We’ll talk more about it all, but Big Days will include July 18, 19, 24, and 29.  This isn’t new; we’ve been working toward it since at least the beginning of June.  It starts getting really intense about now.

The South Node is the faster-moving “planet” here; it entered three-degree sensitivity to Eris in early June, and it enters one-degree sensitivity around July 10.  One-degree sensitivity to the July 19 Eris Station began in March.  The Eris-South Node Cycle Initiates at 24 Aries, “Blown open by the wind, the curtains of an open window take the shape of a cornucopia: Openness to the influx of spiritual energies.”

So the critical thing we need to be on the lookout for, is any event or process that we’d usually consider to be negative.  Then we need to PIAVA that we discover the positive function of the part of the Unconscious that wanted to manifest the negative event or process. 

You don’t need to accept the premise that We Are All One, or As Without So Within.  But building up our Reality from principles found in the “perennial wisdom” (the portions of thought that are common to long-enduring esoteric philosophies and religions) works a lot better than using a foundation of principles found in faddish philosophies like Science or any of the modern religions.

If you do want to accept the premise that We Are All One, or As Without So Within, then that Energy we’ve been externalizing is part of our own Unconscious.  And if it sabotages us, then we can explore it and Love it into submission, so it becomes the ally of the larger Ego and Consciousness that we become after Opening ourself to the Energy.  What was before sabotaging us, becomes Power in our own scabbard.

This will be applying on the Personal level for each of us, and on the Cultural and Global levels.  What are the biggest areas of Global Denial and self-sabotage?  Probably Climate Change, the Illusion that Economics serves us, the notion that War is necessary and honorable, Patriarchy.  The biggest areas of Cultural Denial (ie, relevant to specific regions or countries) could be around the role of Government and who runs it for their own benefit, or the distribution of Power. 

Or we can just watch the headlines for the next several weeks, if we have any Attention left over after dealing with our own Personal issues as they arise.

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