But if You Try Sometime

Our questioner responds,

“So when you write: ‘That’s why it’s so important to PIAVA not what we Want, but the way we’ll feel when we get what we Want,’ I note you did not write in the conditional, i.e., ‘the way we would feel if we got what (we thought) we wanted.’

“And as when you refer to Both/And, are you implying that we can have our cake and it eat too IF we get it?  In other words, once (and I realize this is not happening in linear time) we get that what we really want = our mission, we can still have that fulfilling relationship or some fun toys or world travel, because we won’t be so intense about it and it will just be something fun that we manifest?  Or does bypassing the Siren mean we can’t have what we think we want because it’s not what we really want, which is our Mission? 
“I guess I’m saying, I’m intrigued by my Mission but would still like to get properly laid in the process, as Louise said to Thelma in the eponymous movie…!”

The Universe is fractal.  That means it repeats itself at different scales.  So once you transcend your current Ego, the Patterns that your reborn Ego will enjoy and rue, will rhyme with the Patterns that your current Ego enjoys and rues.  But it’s as if you hired a Walk-In; your current You doesn’t know what parts of itself will carry over, and how they’ll be Changed.  You don’t know which parts will be in Iambic Pentameter, which in Free Verse, and which Widdershins.

In other words, the more you focus on the content of your current Dreams and Wishes, the more you cast your current Ego in concrete.  Karma is just inertia – the more you practice a given Pattern, the more entrenched it becomes.  On one level, when we long for what we haven’t Manifested, what we’re doing is establishing a Karmic Pattern of Want or Lack.  We might be better off focusing on our Gratitude for whatever approximation of our Deep Desire’s content that we do Manifest.  At least then we’d be establishing a Pattern of Abundance.

Ultimately it doesn’t matter whether we choose to pursue the candies our current Ego craves, or strive to escape the treadmill that it turns.  Mostly it depends on whether we ever get unhappy enough to PIAVA, perhaps inadvertently or in a moment of pique, that “I’d rather die than go through that again!” (again, that’s “I’D rather die” – Ego Death – not “I’d rather DIE“).

Our current Ego’s cravings are seldom current-moment.  If they were current-moment we’d just go out and use our adult skills to Manifest them, or some approximation of them.  Our cravings are almost always from a prior era, in the current Lifetime or others.  Like any other element of Recovery, when we go back and pick up that thread to weave it into our tapestry, we have to recognize it’s lesser age and nurture it bravely but gently into the present moment.

In addition, if we’ve been craving something that we’re having difficulty Manifesting, it’s almost always because some other, probably less-Conscious, part of ourself doesn’t think it’s such a great thing to have.  In your Expectations, if you’re brutally honest with yourself, what sort of baggage do you expect will come along with “getting properly laid”?  You can use Gestalt Psychology techniques to identify the positive function (Safety?  Independence?  Wholeness?) of that nay-sayer and negotiate win-win with them. 

Then you could certainly have your cake and eat it too, or at least bread.  It could be the “nay-sayer” portion of your Desire Body that carries your Mission, and the waving, brightly-colored “properly laid” flag may just be an effort to get you to notice the nay-sayer, by reflection!  The important part is to keep it a Mystery.  If we believe we understand, we’re in our dualistic mind.  The Heart is where we want to be.

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