7.6-7.11 – Busy Week


 Diamond Consciousness.

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” ‘When I worked for other people, I tried to fit in,’ Sando says, ‘When I gave up everything and said I’m only going to make myself happy, that’s when everyone came on board.’ “

–“The Bean Tracker: Steve Sando and the Quest for Heirloom Beans,” by Nancy Matsumoto, in Organic Gardening, Aug/Sept 2014, p.35.

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Busy week.  Earlier we tagged it

Boundaries which have been difficult may fall into place

But it turns out to be a lot more than that.

The Boundaries business was “Sun-Saturn-Chiron Grand Trine with Pallas Opposite Chiron, making a Kite focused on Pallas,” aka…

714KiteThere’s also a Tricolor – Sun Square Uranus Quincunx Saturn Trine Sun…7143CThese are drawn for July 7, as the Moon crosses Saturn, but the Moon will be there only briefly.  Using three degrees of Sensitivity, these Configurations with the Sun are in effect for six days.  We can translate the Tricolor as…

When you feel the ground slipping out from under you, shift your Attention to Wondering about who you’re about to become.  Later you can grieve the loss of who you used to be.

And a new kind of Fez, which we’ll have to call a Sextile Fez

714SF1The Square Fez has Squares along the non-parallel sides, a Trine along the bottom, and a Sextile across the top.  The Trine Fez has Trines along the sides, a Square at the botom, and a Semisextile across the top.  The Sextile Fez has Sextiles along the non-parallel sides, a Quincunx across the bottom, and a Square across the top. 

In all of these, the Squares provide the Energy, Motivation, and Challenge, while the crossed Quincunxes in the center provide the keys to Resolution.  Notice that this Fez has an extra Quincunx, making two Yods pointing at the bottom corners. 

The Yods say Pay Attention! to the bottom corners, Saturn (Focus on The Most Important Thing) and Uranus (Who You Really Are when you drop your Masks).

And the Venus-Pallas Square advises that we can set Boundaries sweetly to make space for our own priorities.  Being a Square, it also suggests that our Nice programming might be an impediment to same.

When faced with the Choice of trusting our Nice habits or trusting the Expression of our True Self, we gain most by Wondering where we can most effectively Focus our Attention – which is likely to be somewhere totally unexpected.  We don’t Decide, we Wonder who will respond and how they’ll handle it.  We don’t know our New Self until we meet them.  If our Old Self makes decisions about it, we’ll never meet our New Self.

There’s also a Venus T-Square, as Chiron is Opposed by Pallas.  The T-Square is Bridged by Saturn…

714TWatch carefully for Discouragement or Impossibility.  Miracles are available if you let go of trying and Wonder how the Universe will meet your needs.  Discouragement or the sense that that what you Want is not Possible are cues that tell you you’re on the Edge of a Miracle.  All you need to do is shift to Wonder.  “If that WAS possible, I wonder how it would evolve!?!

Notice that Saturn’s involved – and on July 7 Moon-Saturn – in all of the Configurations above…

The Most Important Thing we can do is shift our Attention from what is NOT working, to Wondering what it might look like if it WAS working.  It’s not something we can Plan and Execute – our current Self doesn’t believe it’s Possible.  But we can Dream.  By eschewing both Discouragement and Expectation and sticking with Curiosity, we can find the narrow wormhole that will take us to a new Self where anything is Possible.  It takes perseverance to stay alert and navigate through that narrow space between Discouragement and Expectation, and patiently and lovingly keep bringing ourselves back to Curiosity and Wonder, over and over again.

If we put all those Configurations together, we get this Knot…

714AllCount the Angles (colored lines) emanating from each point.  Saturn and Pallas have five, all the others have four…

We encounter our New, True, Self by Focusing our Attention on the Boundary between who we’ve been and who we’re becoming.  We want to support our New Self whenever possible, but how will we recognize Her to support Her?  We can’t.  We just have to keep supporting our Curiosity about how She’ll evolve and how we’ll meet Her.

We can’t ignore the Stellium that we’ve been working with, and that will continue to work us over for a while yet.  How does it relate to the Knot above?  Through Biquintiles and Deciles…

714QThe Pallas-Chiron Opposition makes a Biquintile Bridge across the Nodal axis.

The Decile is a Tenth-Harmonic Angle.  It represents Fortune.  It’s in the Fifth-Harmonic family, so we know it’s Learned, rather than inherited. 

We “Choose” the quality of our Good Fortune or Misfortune by Taking Responsibility for it.  Responsibility is not Blame, it’s The Ability and Willingness to Respond rather than React.

Through Learning what evolves when we Wonder about how our New Self will emerge, we move into our Mission.  From there we can watch “everyone come on board.”

Earlier in the day on July 7 (several hours around 10am PDT), the Moon makes a second Sextile Fez by Squaring Lilith, Sextiling Pluto, and Quincunxing Juno.

714SF2July 7 is a critical day, when deep urges arise that may seem foreign to us.  Trust yourself to follow them, as they will reveal Treasures.

One Response to “7.6-7.11 – Busy Week”

  1. Natacha Garnier de Molènes Says:

    Yes indeed,

    All these make sense, but for now it seems to be the disorientation phase, and a really tough one…

    Thank you for these hints, they will help to go along with the stuff at hand.


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