July and Portal 7.5-7.21

July’s a busy month, especially the first and third weeks.  We also get some Grace in the second, fourth, and fifth weeks.

The Big Event arrives on the 19th.  That’ll be building up for the prior week or more, and lingering into the beginning of the fourth week.

By now I hope you understand that the Big Challenge of this Northern Summer and Southern Winter lies in a vigorous realignment of the Creed We Try To Live By.  We keep discovering that it’s not really Sustainable, and that it doesn’t really serve our Mission – two very large holes we need to patch in our Creed, where those trucks drove through.  These are big questions worth repeating…

  • My basic Beliefs about myself and my Life have turned out to be inadequate for guiding my Life.  I’m floundering.  I don’t know what to do.  Where can I find more Sustainable Beliefs?
  • Uhhh, there was something I was going to do with this Lifetime.  Why can’t I remember it?  Whatever it is, I’m sure not doing it!  If I was I’d feel better about Life, and I’d know what to do next.  Where can I find my Life Purpose?

Time to do some PIAVAing I guess.

That Mars-Vesta-Ceres-North Node Stellium is still hanging around.  We’ve already introduced it as Portal 7.5-7.15.  In that post we gave the timetable, but I don’t believe we’ve discussed the multiple Initiations at length.  We’ll do that; remind me if I get busy with other things.

We spoke earlier of Portal 7.5-7.15, wherein we discover a lot more about that Holey Creed of ours. 

We need to extend that to Portal 7.5-7.21

It gets really hairy towards the end of that Portal, and our only hope for getting through it Ego-Alive, is to set our Victim Detectors and Blame Detectors on high sensitivity, take complete Responsibility, and keep taking Responsibility.  This is your Life, no one else is Living it for you, no one else really cares much about it except you (they’ve all got their hands full with their own dramas), no one else can be Blamed for any part of it, and it’s up to you to Change any part of it that you don’t like.

Time to do some PIAVAing I guess.

Here’s the scoop, in astrologuese; the English will follow…

    • July starts with a Vesta-Ceres Mjolnir from Neptune and Venus-Juno.
    • The July 12 Full Moon Squares the Nodes and the Stellium.
    • July 13-18 there’s a Neptune Mjolnir from the Sun and the Stellium.
    • Eris is Stationary.  As I write this it’s only 3 arcminutes from it’s July 19 Retrograde Station.  To be ultraconservative, let’s say it’s Stationary for the week prior to the 19th.
    • Saturn is Stationary.  Today Saturn is half a degree from it’s July 20 Direct Station.  To be ultraconservative, let’s say it’s Stationary for the week prior to the 20th.
    • Uranus is Stationary.  Uranus as we speak is a fourth of a degree from it’s July 21 Retrograde Station.  To be ultraconservative, let’s say it’s Stationary for the week prior to the 21st.

A Stellium is just a group of several planets all hanging out together, in this case Mars, Vesta, Ceres, and the North Node.

It’s going to be intense.  Offhand I can’t recall when three of the Bigs were Stationary at the same time.  Eris screeches to a slow-motion halt only half a degree from the South Node, meaning it will cross next year.

Get as much as you can of your Karmic work done this year.  Anything unfinished will be in our face next year, so the more we can get out of the way this year while it’s “easier,” the better next year will be.

I’m calling the peak Energy of Portal 7.5-7.21 for mid-day July 18, when the Moon crosses Stationary Eris and the South Node.

The Moon often serves as the activator of an astroevent.

* * * * *

So lets review in calendar form, adding details as we go…

  • June 26-July 1: Spotlight on our Creed, with Epiphanies if we’re lucky

Vesta-Ceres Mjolnir from Neptune and Venus-Juno

  • July 1: Projects start to move again

Mercury Stationary Direct

  • July 2-5: Laser Focus on our dysfunctional Patterns

Haumea Stationary Direct July 5; will write more soon

  • July 6-11: Boundaries which have been difficult may fall into place

Sun-Saturn-Chiron Grand Trine with Pallas Opposite Chiron, making a Kite focused on Pallas

  • July 11: Laser Focus on clearing impediments to our Yintegrity

Saturn Yod from Uranus and Juno; five points of a Grand Sextile, Saturn, Moon, Chiron, Sun, Pallas – the Vacancy is about “A new continent rising up out of the Ocean

  • July 12: Big hit on that Creed business

Full Moon Square Nodes and Stellium

  • July 13-18: Seek Divine intervention with your struggles here

As the Sun Squares the Nodes-Stellium, a Neptune Mjolnir with the Stellium and the Sun; the Juno-Chiron Square makes a Tricolor with Saturn

  • July 13-19: You can’t deny it anymore; you have to own it

The Eris Stationary Retrograde just shy of the South Node and Opposite the Stellium; the Lilith-Saturn Square makes a Tricolor with Chiron

  • July 14-21: Laser Focus on our Yintegrity

Saturn Stationary Direct July 20 at point of a Yod with Uranus and Juno; Uranus Stationary Retrograde in the foot of same Yod; the two aforementioned Tricolors persist in a Square Fez

  • July 23-26: Miracles of Understanding are afoot if we’ve done our Work

Mercury-Saturn-Chiron Grand Trine

  • July 30-August 3: Miracles of Forgiveness are available if we’ve done our Work

Venus-Saturn-Chiron Grand Trine

Busy, Busy, Busy!

The biggest action is at 24-27 of the Cardinal Signs, especially Aries-Libra.  This represents the beginning of version 4.0 of any big project you’ve been working on for a while now.  The Aries-Libra Coin is Initiations.  So these July processes will be dancing with any natal planets you have around 24-27 of Aries, Libra, Cancer, or Capricorn.

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