MaunaLoaMauna Loa

Just a quick sketch about Haumea, since she’s Stationary and turning Direct on July 4…

As Pele’s Mother and the Hawaiian Goddess of Childbirth, we should have known Haumea would be a whiz at Manifestation.  The astrology of her discovery chart verifies it.

Grand Cross with an Out-of-Bounds Moon Conjunct Saturn, Opposite Chiron and Square to the Nodes.  Uranus Bridges the Nodes.  Interestingly, Ceres is Conjunct the South Node, and Rising!

Haumea wears her dysfunction on her shirtsleeve.  She moves forward at a Miraculous pace by never forgetting the Karmic Patterns that are her raw materials, celebrating Truth, and Focusing so very acutely on what it is she intends to Create.

Mars and Vesta join Moon-Saturn in a Grand Trine.  Grand Cross and Grand Trine in the same chart – extreme capability.  Grand Cross and Grand Trine sharing a corner – no wasted effort.  Moon-Saturn in that shared corner – whoa, Creation par excellence.  Moon Out of Bounds – limitless Manifestation.  Think Mauna Kea.  Base-to-peak, Mauna Kea is three times as high as Mt. Everest.

While the Out-of-Bounds Moon-Saturn trumps by being at the top of the chart, Grand Cross nadir Chiron is sharply highlighted as well, by being the upside-down top of a Kite with the Grand Trine.  Creating Miracles.

And in her own discovery chart, Haumea herself Conjoins amplifier Jupiter and Trines Juno-Neptune.

Impossible to overstate the Manifestation potential here, words don’t cut it.  Lack of possibility is no hindrance.  Her Consciousness is boundless, so she Creates few “unintended consequences.”

Being Stationary in the US Solar Return, we need to pray that the US doesn’t overmanifest its greatest export, weapons.  Let it overmanifest Peace for once.

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