Makemake II

The Makemake I post took us to…


There is a key Spiritual heuristic hidden in Makemake’s chart, which Mystery we unfold by reframing the Moon-Pluto chart ruler.

Remember that a Stationary planet is a strong contender for dominating a chart – and I forgot to include in that list (I’ll go back and add it) an Out-of-Bounds (OOB) planet, which can be just as dominating.  When an OOB planet and a Stationary planet Conjoin, we’re in for a ride.

There are three “levels” to the astroactions of the Moon.  The Moon looks different every night; it’s always changing.  So the first level of the Moon’s impact is in “random” Emotions.  When someone cuts us off in traffic, we sometimes curse them, and we sometimes say casually to ourself, “Wow, they’re in a hurry.”  Those are the sort of variable Emotions that the Moon oversees.  On the other hand, if someone murders our mother, we’re going to be angry.  Even if we didn’t get along with her, we’re still going to upset.  Those are the sort of predictable Emotions – our Values – that Venus oversees.

The second level of the Moon’s operation is Instinct.  Those Lunar Emotions aren’t random, they just look random.  They’re Instincts.  There are excellent Unconscious reasons why we’re upset with one driver that cuts us off and forgiving of another.  But the reasons are Unconscious, so unless we’re “in the zone” and recognizing the synchronicities, we don’t see them.

Through the Unconscious we have access to all of the information in the Universe.  If you think for a moment about the motions of the planets, you can see Time as basically spatial – and extraordinarily non-linear.  It doesn’t really matter whether the Unconscious Time Travels at will (of course it does), or All There Is Is Now – the Unconscious has access to all of the information, and not just on a linear, dualistic, reductive Channel.  You could consider the bandwidth to be virtually infinite.  That’s Instinct.

We don’t Consciously have access to all that (though we can become Conscious of our Instincts to one degree or another) because held Emotions (aka Karma) and toxins can partially or totally block the Channel.  That’s why clearing our rigid Patterns and “natural” Resistance to heavy Emotions reduces our self-sabotage – our Instincts operate from a more multidimensional matrix of information.  

For instance, having to brake for that other driver might cause us to miss the next light, interrupting the chain of events that would have put us in an intersection down the road where some other idiot was about to run the red light.  So we’re Instinctually thankful to the driver who cut us off.  On the other hand, the driver that angered us was most likely acutely or chronically angry themselves, and we Unconsciously and accurately interpreted their action as a threat.  Our anger is the Emotional side of our own physiological preparation for defending ourself. 

The third level of the Moon’s Energy is Manifestation.  It’ll be a long time before reductive science peer-reviews this, but they’ll eventually have to admit it.  The Energy which maintains the Form of physical Matter is Lunar Energy.  This is one of the basic principles underlying the PIAVA process.

So from our habitual culturally-conditioned patriarchal perspective, our reaction to something as Emotionally intense as a Moon-Pluto Conjunction, is fear and trepidation.  Our Inner Male recognizes the real threat of Losing Control and Ego Death, and reacts accordingly.  The masculine Plan-Execute creative process is crippled by strong Emotions.  Not that Consciously invoking PIAVA is easy during Emotional storms, but in fact Unconscious PIAVA is then firing on all cylinders – and probably in the process, unless we Consciously intervene, maintaining the Emotional storms.

The Conscious process for Manifestation is to PIAVA an outcome then follow our Instincts.  By Changing the Subject and Paying Attention we can grow the Edges of our Consciousness, and possibly grow into greater Manifestation prowess by clearing a wider Channel.  But that process, of differentiating mechanisms so we can manipulate them, is a masculine process.  It can fertilize eggs, but it can’t lay them. 

To lay eggs we need to be able to follow our Instincts no matter how ridiculous they seem to the observing mind.  Hopefully most of us will opt for the complete package, and grow the Edges of our Consciousness a little faster than we increase our Manifestation skill.  Without that we run a grest risk of Unconsciously Manifesting negativity.  

So you can see the Power embedded in a Moon-Pluto Conjunction.

Let alone an Out-of-Bounds Moon Conjunct a Stationary Pluto!

It’s like riding an unbroken stallion.  If you can pull it off, you can go like the Wind.  But the odds that you’ll end up on your arse are pretty high.

So the natal position of our Makemake has a lot to do with what and how we Manifest.  Interesting name, eh?  Make-make.

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