Growing Food Webinar

This looks like it could be good…

It’s a free seven-day online workshop on growing your own food, with four or five videos per day.  Videos are posted at 7am and 11am PDT every day from July 7 through July 13, and left online till 7am PDT the following day.  I’m sure they’ll offer to sell the entire package, should we miss some of the presentations.  When you register all they ask for is your first name and email address.

Names I recognize include (which is to say, Don’t miss these guys!)…

  • Paul Gautschi (woodchip gardener, my gardening idol, and star of, which you need to watch if you haven’t already!)
  • Paul Stamets (domesticateur of the Shiitake Mushroom and a leading expert on ‘Shrooms)
  • Toby Hemenway (author of Gaia’s Garden: A guide to Home-Scale Permaculture, my favorite book on the subject)
  • Larry Korn (collaborator with Masanobu Fukuoka, one of the stalwarts of Permaculture)
  • Joel Salatin (Shenandoah farmer of unadulterated meats and frequent presenter at natural food fairs)

Vandana Shiva (world-renowned Indian natural food activist) is on some presentation lists but not others (I think she gives a talk as a “bonus” for signing up).  The workshop is modeled after a program in small-scale farming designed and taught by Gary Heine & Valerie Kausen of Kentucky.

Folks I don’t recognize, in case you do…

  • Stacey Murphy (Brooklyn urban farmer)
  • John Valenzuela (backyard and neighborhood design)
  • Shannon & Tony Nava (sustainable urban lifestyle)
  • Erika Allen (farms in downtown Chicago)
  • Kimberly Kausen (gardening, cooking, family dynamics)
  • Dudley Tapp (organic dairy farmer on local food)
  • Marjory Wildcraft (self-reliance)
  • Teddie Mower (saving seeds)
  • Doug Lowry (the seasons)
  • Sayer Ji (farmacology)
  • James Barilla (backyard habitat)
  • Sylvia Benito (recipes)
  • Mark Forman (composting)
  • Mason Roberts (community gardens)
  • Steve Paradis (local food economies)
  • Blair Leano-Helvey (natural pest control)
  • Ben Evans (filmmaker)
  • Paul Dysinger (growing your own food)
  • Debbie Vice (transforming humans through gardens)
  • Michael Judd (backyard permaculture design)
  • John Zahina-Ramos (benefits of home-grown food)
  • Dan Susman (urban food)
  • Carrie Van Winkle (pollinators)
  • Ocean Robbins (GMOs)
  • Eric Osborne (growing Mushrooms)

Lots of choices here!

One Response to “Growing Food Webinar”

  1. alan vodicka Says:

    awesome! thanks for the link jim!

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