Miracle Alert Portal 6.20

Chiron Stationary

I’m short of time today, but I wanted to send out just a quick note to ask folks to be Conscious this week about any possibilities for converting situations where there is Impossibility, Despair, Discouragement, Cynicism, or Skepticism into circumstances where the Unexpected could completely upend our negative Worldview – creating what we beforehand would have considered to be a Miracle.

The Impossibility part is particularly critical, because if we consider something to be impossible, we’re unlikely to be Conscious of our Choice to do this.  And if we are Conscious of the Choice, it’s sometimes perverted into a badge of Pride that we’ve rejected that way of seeing – Negative Consciousness, more or less.

To be alert for converting the Impossible into Miracles we need to be Open.  Be mindful of any Judgment or Pride this week – it could mask a perceived Impossibility.  If you Open to the possibility that your Judgment and Pride could be off the mark, even just a little, that could help create breakthroughs.

As Einstein famously said, we can’t solve a problem by using the same thinking that formulated the problem.  We need to change the way we look at the situation, in order to allow the “Miracle” to occur.  We can do that by noticing when Impossibility, Despair, Discouragement, Cynicism, or Skepticism arise, and simply Opening to exploring other ways of seeing. 

Consider it a Mystery – you don’t want to understand (though that could happen, as we’re still under the Epiphanic spell of the Full Moon), as that would allow the Mind to freeze our Consciousness into a new Judgment.  Just leave the door open for more detail and embellishment to be added later to fancy up your new Perspective.

This Portal is already open.  It peaks at around 6am PDT June 20, and then will take a few days to close up after that.

Chiron is Stationary Retrograde at 18 Pisces on June 20.

We’ll add more details as we get time over the next few days.  This is a further development in our Fresh-Violets-in-an-Ancient-Pottery-Bowl New Paradigm.  We know how that has affected our Economics, since it was Initiated during the Subprime-Derivatives Crash of 2007-2008, which is still impacting our post-globalization economic lives.  But it applies as well to the rest of our Lives.

* * * * *

The Last Two Elements of the Big Full Moon

And also over the next few days as we get time we’ll finish what we started about the Big Friday-the-Thirteenth Full Moon.  For now I just want to mention them briefly.

#3 – Learning Opportunities galore.  Major Themes?  Relationship, Manifestation, Mystery, Self-Care.

At the Full Moon there were planets in four out of five corners of a Grand Quintile, not to mention a couple of additional Quintiles.  The Vacancy was on the Cusp of Leo.  The four planets were Mars, Moon, Neptune, and Venus.  The additional Quintiles were Sun-Saturn and Pallas-Uranus.

#4 – Foot-in-Mouth Disease, and more Learning Opportunities about Self-Care and Authenticity.

A Tricolor comprised of Eris Square Jupiter Quincunx the Full Moon Trine to Eris, with the Centaur Pholus (about which more later) Conjunct the Full Moon…

Heal situations where you’ve said or done the wrong thing and possibly offended people, by Wondering what kind of Transformation in your Identity you might actually be Unconsciously intending to Manifest through this action.

You could well be wondering why we’re including all these “obscure” minor planets and even Midpoints – Makemake, Hylonome, Pholus.  We use the same “what’s most important?” rules as we do for opening a chart – when the obscure folk are Stationary or occupying a major position in the chart.  Otherwise, we ignore them.  Since they represent elements of the Unconscious that usually escape our notice, however, their application can open the door to major expansions of Consciousness.

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