Full Mjolnir Yod Moon

galk5564bpGalkhaite – beautiful poisons.  Cesium and Thallium (often radioactive), Mercury (with Copper and Zinc), Arsenic and Antimony (poisonous too), all bundled together tightly into a Sulfide.

* * * * *

I know, the Full Moon has already left the building, but its impact will linger for a while, so it’s still worth exploring.  Besides, the more we look into it, the more it appears to be a Life-Changing rite. 

So far, we have…

The Core Issue is the Mysterious Relationship between our Soul’s Path and our Personal Mythology, particularly around balancing our need for Order with our need for Beauty, and expanding our relationships with our Inner Female and Miracles. 

And the way these Mysteries are Changing, as our Personal Mythology changes to adapt to our changing emphasis on our Soul’s Path, and as our Soul’s Path evolves and adapts to the Choices that our Ego makes.

We’ll also be rebooting our Identity, as the Edges between “us” and “not-us” shift along with our Personal Mythology.  Just to take one example, how would your sense of Self change if you took every Either/Or situation facing you, and regarded it as a Mystery rather than a Choice? 

And we’ve recommended being very watchful here and in July for any sign of Despair, Cynicism, Skepticism, or any sense that something otherwise important is impossible.  When you catch yourself in Doubt or Disbelief, do a Cancel, Neutralize, Upgrade.

You don’t want to shut down the Miracle pipeline while birthing a new Identity.

* * * * *

The Edges of Consciousness

The core of the second major element of the Full Moon chart is a Mjolnir and a Yod, both pointing at Juno, our symbol for the Edges of Consciousness.

Mjolnir is a Norwegian word meaning Thor’s Hammer.  The latter is a traditional name for a Configuration consisting of two Trioctiles or “Sesquisquares” that emerge from each end of a Square and converge to a point on the opposite side of the Zodiac.

We usually associate a Yod or Finger of God with a strong suggestion that we should Pay Attention to the planet at the apex (or rather to its referent – we don’t want to fall prey to confusing the territory with the map), and a Mjolnir with a likelihood of Epiphanies, again about the referent of the planet at the apex.

The name Thor’s Hammer carries with it the implication of enormous destructive force.  That’s why we’ve chosen to use a less familiar synonym, to soften the blow so to speak.  The Eighth Harmonic is about Alignment and Balance, not destruction.  And since the Trioctile invokes the Third Harmonic as well, there is an implication that the Trioctile should be “gentle but firm.”  

When you dig around and find out more about it, it turns out that the Mjolnir in Germanic cultures and the Vajra or Dorje in South Asian cultures are very similar symbols in their respective worldviews.  One of the most prominent meanings is Lightning, as well as the notion of the Indestructible.  To me that implies the shattering of the false Material form that clothes the Immortal Energy and Consciousness that enlivens it.  Hence, Epiphany.

The Yod, with two converging Quincunxes, sort of represents irrepressible Curiosity. 

The Quincunx by itself often inspires Curiosity, so we don’t necessarily need to Consciously choose Curiosity, except in the context of the Tricolor, where the potential frustration of the Square may dominate and allow us to forget to move to Curiosity.  With a Yod, Curiosity probably already dominates, so it’s not like I’m suggesting that we Pay Attention; I’m suggesting that the Universe will be telling us to Pay Attention.  Of course, Paying Attention in the additional sense of seeing what arises in our Consciousness seldom hurts, and as the third step of a PIAVA it’s essential.

In fact, Yods may be ideal times for PIAVAing, since that third step always requires a leap – or a stumble – into what’s previously been Unacknowledged or Undifferentiated.  When moving thus out of Denial is painful or triggers an Ego Death, Curiosity could be just what we need as a trigger to encourage us to make Amends, or keep ourselves out of self-condemnation.

That is, Pay Attention to the Edges of your Consciousness, and be open to Epiphanies about the material on the Edges of your Consciousness – and the same goes for the Consciousness of your species, of the Planet, and of all the other Entities.  For instance, you never know when the Ents will march.  How would that impact your relationship to your Home Planet?  Can you do Both/And with the possibility?  We need to reanimate the Planet if we are to respect Her.

The Mjolnir is the triangle made by the two converging thick gold lines (the Trioctiles) and the dark red line below.  The Yod is the triangle formed by the two converging green lines and the blue line.  As you can see there are also two Tricolors – the triangles formed by a red line, a green line, and a blue line.  The two triangles share the same red line, making a sort of modified, pointy Fez.  We’ll talk about the Tricolors and the modified Fez after we finish with the Mjolnir and the Yod.

Mj0614We need to split this up.  It’s one Configuration – everyone’s at or near the same degree, though of course Mars and Pluto are a half-degree off and pulled in by the Trioctiles.  Here’s the Mjolnir-Yod part…

Mja0614The Square that forms the base of the Mjolnir is Mars-Pluto.  Uranus has actually moved beyond our three-degree limit and, technically, temporarily, no longer Squares Pluto.

So our Yintegrity will no longer be the core issue, though still important.

The Uranus-Pluto Square will return, as it continues into 2015 after Uranus turns Retrograde.

The Mars-Pluto Square is however very close here, completing a Portal

(its Confidence-Builder Waning Square to Pluto)

on June 14.  As we’ve said about this Mars-Pluto Cycle,

It “began in late November 2012, at 9 of Capricorn, ‘An Angel carrying a harp: The revelation of the spiritual meaning and purpose at the core of any life situation.’  Mars-Pluto usually doesn’t screw around, so this sounds like it’s right out of Pi’s playbook around Responsibility.”

But at the Waning Square we should be finishing up with this Cycle, especially here at it’s third iteration.

For the last decade or two, Mars-Pluto astroevents have failed to trigger the sort of large-scale trauma which astrology traditionally expects from a Mars-Pluto Square.  Now we have an exception.  Why?  As a species, are we backsliding?

An obvious answer is that we’ve been ignoring the Angelic Harpist.  So just what is “the spiritual meaning and purpose at the core of” a mass shooting or a gang rape or racism or Denial of Poverty? 

We each need to answer this relative to the Edges of our own Consciousness. 

Remember that the Mirror is often a funhouse Mirror.  It probably doesn’t mean that you are a closet mass murderer or gang rapist or racist, or that it’s your Avarice that causes Poverty. 

Can you find the Spiritual Meaning and Purpose at the core of our current circumstances without resorting to Retribution?  If your Personal Mythology involves a Punishing God – and you intend to keep it that way – then probably not.  For your sake, may your Soul’s Path concur.  I wish you well. 

What if you’d prefer a Loving God or Goddess, or prefer Original Blessing to Original Sin – with or without upgrading your current Personal Mythology?  Without Retribution, how can we get to the Spiritual Meaning of Trauma?  It may be a Mystery.  We may have to PIAVA more information to stretch our Edges.

Note that Juno was Zeus’s wife.  As jealous as Zeus was adulterous, she was always turning rivals into Stone.  That’s probably how we got so many lovely Crystals.  Jealousy is a modified version of Empathy – someone else is stealing our rightful pleasures, and we want them back.  We Empathize with the pleasure of Other, but in an avaricious way.  If we celebrated their pleasure, the Emotional and circumstantial outcomes would be quite different.

The issue is about how we can maintain our Suzerainty over our own Lives (or our Yintegrity) and allow Others to maintain their own Suzerainty, even as we are bonded to them.  Marriage is more than an Agreement.  But where some people see Betrayal, others will see Freedom, and it’s not entirely about gender.  Our Personal Mythology will justify some of our Values and others less so, and as our understanding of and our Integrity with our own Values evolves, so must our Personal Mythology.

Hence Juno is about the Edges of our Consciousness and the Edges of our Identity.  For some, “seeing is Believing.”  But for most of us, “Believing is seeing” – what we a priori Believe filters our Perception of Reality.  While Thoughts have intricate dance routines with Emotions, Intuitions, and Perceptions, Beliefs have deep taproots in the Unconscious.  The Edges of our Consciousness run far deeper than our Thoughts alone.

What about the Yod part, other than providing a strong emphasis to everything else?  The feet of the Yod are the North Node, and that ball with a “Y” on top that’s reminiscent of Japanese money.  The North Node there tell us…

That this Growth in the Edges of our Consciousness and Identity, and the vigor with which we are compelled to Defend it

(ie, the Mars-Pluto base of the Mjolnir)

is critical to moving into our Mission in the Lifetime, critical to touching and honoring our Deepest Desires, the reason we took this Life to begin with.

And what about the Yball?  That stands for the Centaur Hylonome.  Hylonome is an iceball only about 50 miles wide, about a third as big as its fellow Centaur Chiron.  And as Chiron’s orbit skims the orbits of Uranus and Saturn, carrying messages back and forth between our Soul and our Ego, Hylonome’s path skims the orbits of Neptune and Uranus, carrying messages between the Energetic Essence of our Community and our Individual Soul.  You could also see Hylonome as ferrying messages back and forth between the Godhead and the Individual Soul, as Neptune represents our relationship to everything larger than ourselves.

And what of the mythology around Hylonome?  Hylonome was

Willing to die for what she Loved. 

In other words, it is our Deepest Desires that motivate us to remain in Material Form, and it is our Growth in Consciousness and our willingness to Defend our Yindependence and Yintegrity that make it worth Sustaining the Energy necessary to hold that Form.  So while there was a hint in the Yin Gate that we may not get fed if we don’t respect our Yindependence, there is a hint here that we may lose our desire to eat if we don’t respect our Yintegrity and Mission.  

* * * * *

This is a very busy chart.  Let’s take a break, and come back to the rest of the Mjolnir-Yod-Plus Configuration in a while.

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