Friday the 13th Full Moon

covell2452bpYes, this Stone really is this color.  It’s better, actually.  It’s a Mystery.  Copper Sulfide Covellite has a similar impact as does this Full Moon – stirring up what’s buried so it can be used as fertile Compost instead of sabotaging us as we open up to simultaneously increasing both Yindependence and Community and start working on the real problems facing our species.

* * * * *

If we run down our list of what’s most important in a chart and compare it to the shortly-after-midnight pdt Friday-the-thirteenth Full Moon, we find

  • the dwarf planet Makemake Stationary Direct,
  • a Yin Gate, and
  • a small crowd of Centaurs hanging out behind the (Full) Moon.

That’ll keep us busy.  We need to say a word about Centaurs…

Centaurs are a group of hybrid comet/asteroid iceballs that have irregular and unstable orbits between Saturn and Farout.  Of course the most famous Centaur in astrology is our Miracle-Maker Chiron.  We’ve also looked at Chariklo.  Ceres is about four times as big, and Pluto about five times as big, as the biggest Centaurs, so they may never qualify as dwarf planets – a dwarf planet has to have enough gravity to roll itself into a coherent ball, rather than being just some big irregularly shaped rock or dustbunny.  No one in modern history has ever given them a good look, so it’s not known yet whether some of the Centaurs are also dwarf planets.

We’ll get to the Centaurs that cluster behind the Moon a little later.  For now, what do we know about Makemake?  Here’s what we said earlier

* * * * *

Dwarf Planet Makemake

“Look to see if we get any major clues or shifts – or technological innovations – toward Cultural Sustainability between June 10 and 12.

“We’ll have to find time to analyze the Makemake discovery chart, as Makemake turns Direct on June 12 at 29 degrees of Virgo.  It turned Retro during the last few days of 2013 at 2 of Libra.

“Virgo-Libra is a very powerful Cusp, signifying the shift from individual effort to exploration of Community.  Our first clue about Makemake’s meaning is that he’s here to help us transition to Sustainability, since he was a Survival God on Rappa Nui. 

“Makemake is a dwarf planet about 2/3 the size of Pluto, orbiting in a fairly circular path in the neighborhood of Pluto.

“Makemake enters Libra thrice – October 19, 2013; September 7, 2014; and July 13, 2015 – as it stutter-steps across the line.  It takes about 30 years for Makemake to cross a Sign, so we’ll only see a Makemake Sign-change such as this twice or thrice in a Lifetime.

“The last time Makemake moved from Virgo into Libra was 1713.  Ben Franklin was 7 years old.  George Washington wasn’t born till 20 years later, Thomas Jefferson 30 years later, James Madison 40 years later.

“It’s interesting that the Pallas-Neptune Opposition corresponds with the Makemake Station.

“As they say, history doesn’t repeat, but it rhymes.  As it was in Ben Franklin’s youth, remote masters are setting up conditions for possible revolt by overexploiting the People.  Then they were geographically remote; now they’re sociopathically remote – though they were undoubtedly that then too.”

The Makemake discovery chart is too complex to go into very deeply here, but the standout features (using our list of most important things) are…

Makemake presides over a significant project to hold our nose to the fire of Emotions that would otherwise prevent us from being constantly Attentive to the Edges of our Consciousness.  While Denial is no longer an option, once we recognize what’s happening and embrace it, it will be delightfully easy.

The meat of the discovery chart:  A Lilith-Saturn Conjunction T-Squares the Nodes.  Along with Juno, Makemake itself forms the base of a T-Square focused on a Moon-Pluto Conjunction, and along with Ceres, Makemake forms the base of a Finger of God pointing at an Eris-North Node Conjunction.  Heavy stuff.  However, the Makemake-Juno Opposition is also the vertical spar of a very fortuitous Kite with Saturn and Ceres.

A Moon-Pluto Conjunction is one of the more Challenging astrological Configurations for rampant Emotions.  But, the Conjunction is in Sagittarius, and Sadge is all about burning away the chaff – in Scorpio, the way out is Through; in Sadge, the way out is Letting Go There are many fewer martyrs.  The Eris-North Node Conjunction is in Aries, implying that sudden Insights which break through our shells and masks will follow our initial hesitation – or more likely, our initial horror at having allowed ourselves to say that!  While our tongue will be unrestrained, it will also be acute.

We’ll cover this Makemake discovery chart in more detail later.

* * * * *

The Yin Gate

Here’s an interesting bit of trivia I just ran across…

Let’s say we want to know how many ways we can arrange four books on a shelf.  It’s easy: You find the possibilities by multiplying 4x3x2 – called ‘4 factorial’ and written as 4! – which is 24.  But what if you have 10 books?  Easy again: It’s 10! or 10x9x8x7x6x5x4x3x2, which is – ready? – 3,628,800 different ways.  Imagine: Going from four items to ten increases the possible arrangements from 24 to 3.6 million.

Bottom line: Possibilities are always wildly, insanely greater than the number of things around us.  If each neuron, or brain cell, could connect with any other in your skull, the number of combinations would be 85 billion factorial.  That winds up being a number with more zeroes than would fit in all the books on Earth.  And that’s just the zeroes after the 1, the mere representation of the number, not the actual count.  The brain’s connection possibilities lie beyond that same brain’s ability to comprehend it.”

(from “Body of Work” by Bob Berman, in Discover Magazine for July/August 2014.)

Share this story with the next person you run into who believes that the Human brain is capable of understanding the Universe.  The brain can’t even comprehend itself.  Sure, as below, so above, but if homocentric Arrogance weren’t so self-sabotaging, it would be silly.

The relevant point for us here, is that if we want to Grow our Consciousness, or even become Attentive to its Edges, we need to get used to the idea of Mystery.  Yes, we can intuitively master the job of successfully arranging all of the dishes into the dishwasher.  But if you think you can grok what will happen when even ten people work together, let alone several billion, you got a bad case of Overthink.  I know, we were programmed that way, but now we have to deprogram ourselves.  And acknowledging not just the Presence, but the Omnipresence, of Mystery is where we start.

And this is what a Yin Gate does for us, it Initiates us into Mystery.

What sort of Mystery, in this particular Fullmoon Yin Gate

The Core Issue is the Mysterious Relationship between our Soul’s Path and our Personal Mythology.  And the way that Mystery is Changing, as our Personal Mythology changes, and as our Soul’s Path evolves and adapts to the Choices our Ego makes. 

This is the Opposition from the Vesta-Ceres Conjunction to Uranus, the central axis of the Yin Gate.

Most people use the word Mythology to mean a primitive version of what we call Religion.  Not so here.  Your Personal Mythology is the set of Beliefs through which you filter the incomprehensibly large amount of stimuli that comes to you from the Universe.  And through which you Deny the enormously larger amount of information that doesn’t stimulate your hopelessly limited sensory mechanisms.  For instance, “Atoms” and “Stars” are Mysteries.  To the extent that you have a working conceptual model of what they are and how they fit together and how you relate to them, that’s part of your Personal Mythology.  A Fundamentalist takes his or her metaphors literally, and in very real ways we’re all Fundamentalists.

As in any Yin Gate, there are two Subsidiary Issues.  The first is the Mysterious Relationship between the concept of Order in your Personal Mythology, and the concept of Beauty in your Personal Mythology.  Do you know what it means to a Native American to “walk in beauty”?

The second Opposition in this Yin Gate is from Venus to Saturn.

And the second Subsidiary Issue is the Mysterious Relationship between the concept of Miracle in your Personal Mythology, and the concept of The Feminine in your Personal Mythology.

The link is indirect, which we’ll explain in a while, but the third Opposition is between Chiron and a derivative of Lilith.  Derivatives were not reigned in after they caused the Worldwide 2007-8 crash.

Meanwhile, if you have anything in your natal chart in the neighborhood of 18 degrees of Virgo, this Initiation has your name on it.

We’ll explain why soon.  Thanks to Elizabeth for helping point out some of the nuances of this Full Moon.

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