Mars Archetypes

van2978bpWhile Male and Female may seem simple to you, their multifarious repressions and expressed skills are crystallized inside our psyches into very complex interlocking Patterns, like this lovely cluster of Vanadinate Crystals.  Vanadinite is a Lead Vanadate Chloride.  While our repressions weigh us down like Lead, Vanadium and Chlorine both catalyze expression of our True Feelings and conversion of negativity to constructive Energies.  Lead also actually has a similar effect on our psyches.

* * * * *

It’s handy that Mars is lit up this month, with its Confidence-Builder Square to Pluto and Opposition to Uranus, as it serves as a great example for the Tricolor.

When planets go Retrograde they can make three (or more) repetitions of Angles they make with other planets.  The first event usually introduces us to a Challenge that temporarily overwhelms us, so we call it a “Can-Opener.”  The second time around is a Retrograde event, so it happens more slowly, giving us a chance to learn about the issue, so we call it an “Exposition.”  By the third time, we’ve learned how to deal with the Challenge, so when it recurs again we refer to it as the “Confidence-Builder.” 

Of course, if we respond to the Can-Opener with Blame and Victimhood, and still don’t “get it” at the Exposition, then what would have been the Confidence-Builder can just feel like they’re picking on us.

The Mars-Pluto Square is the Challenge in the Tricolor that we talked about in the previous post

The video rants left by the kid who shot up Santa Barbara last month are a very good example of one of the negative Mars Archetypes.  Take the women out and put in some Other Tribe instead, and you have another negative Mars Archetype, often called a “Patriot.”  One of the Spiritual Purposes of Mars is to Defend us, to react to threats to our well-being, and keep us Safe.  The recent Superbowl to the contrary, Patriots often tell us that the best Defense is a good Offense. 

Mars can easily Offend, and often does, but that’s not necessary.

That’s the job of Eris, Mars’s sister.  Mars can make Mercury particularly Offensive.

Many threats to our well-being are embedded in our Karma and our accumulated collection of habitual Patterns.  Most of those threats are not present-moment, but ghosts of our past mishaps.  Lashing out at perceived threats that are not Real in the present moment is a great way to Offend, terminally even.

Mars is also involved with any sort of Physical Energy and Action.  Mars is our Doingness and our Work Ethic.

Think of Mars as your Inner Male Teenager.  He’s not particularly sophisticated with Emotions, though he’s loaded with them.  It’s a lot easier for him to blame someone else for them, than to own them. 

Mars also represents the hangover from the Age of Aries, the Age of Heroes that we endured from 2,000 BCE to the beginning of the Age of Pisces that we’re just now putting to bed.  Ulysses, David, Alexander the Great, Batman, the Lone Ranger, and the like.  Unless there was a Hero handy in those days, we were stuck being a Victim to Life’s vicissitudes, let alone its bullies.  Most of us still live out Karma from those days.  While the Teenage Male tried on the Hero Archetype to enhance his swagger and got stuck in it, the World has long since moved on. 

We’ve spent the last 2,000 years with the wailing and the gnashing of teeth, as we did our best to release the accumulated Victim Emotions from that Age.  And we’re still raw rookies at this because we’re just beginning the Age of Aquarius, but now it’s time to Live in mutually supportive Communities.  Leaderless is better; everyone needs to be their own leader.  In many ways we’re entering the Age of the Antihero.

* * * * *

We’ve mentioned that the June Mars events are about Challenges to how Vigorously you’re willing to support your Yintegrity

That is, Mars (Vigor) making a Confidence-Building T-Square with the Uranus-Pluto Square (Yintegrity).

We could also say that it’s about any ways you’ve repressed your Inner Male Teenager, as they force their way out into the World. 

Pluto (Irrepressibility) is the Focus of the T-Square, not Mars.

Which means we could look pretty silly if we aren’t actually a teenager.  Well, we could look pretty silly as a teenager too, but that’s expected, eh?  When we repress (which we all have done – this is “civilization” after all) any stage of our personal development, that part of ourself remains at the developmental age which it was at, when it was repressed.  Of course our Inner Male Teenager is in charge of our swagger (er, I mean, our confidence – or is that just another Mask?), and in charge of  a good chunk of our relationship to our sexuality.

So we could easily find ourselves making what appear to be fools of ourselves in June, as very age-inappropriate material leaks (or bursts) out of us.  We can address that in a number of ways.  We can practice biting our tongue, 

Not always the best plan when Pluto’s in charge, as the backlash could be fierce.

We can practice backtracking and apologizing (probably a good idea, particularly at work, since many of those teenagey-boy things are now illegal), or we can let it all hang out.  The latter could be a big risk, but it’s probably the fastest way to pry our Masks off.  Once we take the lid off of our represses Selves, they age rapidly, so by letting them out without additional censorship, we’ll recovery quickly and make a big jump toward our Yintegrity.  Not that this is easy, as Shame, Fear, and/or Pain is often the original source of our repression.  Good idea to practice Tapping Out these kinds of old afflictions.

* * * * *

The Mars-Pluto Square is Waning, so the Challenge is to release any attachments we’ve made to the current Cycle, which is about “An Angel carrying a harp: The revelation of the spiritual meaning and purpose at the core of any life situation.”  In other words,

Okay, we’ve got our instructions on what we’re Compelled to Do, now we have to take Responsibility for carrying them out.  It’s time for our Inner Male to grow up and take Responsibility for his Planet.

The Tricolor that spans June 6 through June 9 can resolve many of our Inner Male’s repressions and inappropriate outbursts, if we respond to them by contacting our Inner Female.  We can do that pretty directly with PIAVA, or, if we’re already intimate with her, we can move directly to our core Values.  It’s just a matter of Asking ourself which is more important to us – following our core Values, or continuing to hide from our Shame.  Actually, even if we know the answer to that clearly, we may still need to PIAVA a swagger-worthy route out of our Shame.

The Tricolor advises us to respond to any Mars-Pluto conundrums by approaching Venus with Curiosity.

The Fez that spans the same dates is more complex.  You see, our Inner Teenage Female also has had to repress parts of herself.  She has a tough taskmaster, Lilith, who represents her Yindependence – her need to pursue female Values and Power without compromise.  In cultures where the feminine (and females) are explicitly or implicitly repressed (ie, most human cultures these days), that takes a lot of subterfuge, courage, or sacrifice.  So our Inner Female Teenager will also be running into her own repressions here.

We respond to that (remember, boys and girls both have Inner Male Teenagers and Inner Female Teenagers) by invoking our Curiosity about what exactly is necessary at this time, and what is only desirable.

The second Major Tricolor holds a Venus-Lilith Square, a Lilith-Pluto Quincunx, and a Pluto-Venus Trine.

These two conundrums – the Compulsion to express our Inner Male no matter how uncouth he is, and the dissonance between our Inner Female and our Yindependence, complement one  another.  That is, if we respond to dissonance between our Inner Female and our Yindependence with Curiosity about what we might Do about it, and then Do it, Grace awaits.

The Minor Tricolor on the Lilith-Venus Square includes a Quincunx to Mars, which in turn Sextiles Lilith.

And if we respond to our Compulsion to express our Inner Male with Curiosity about how it affects our Yindependence (our Inner Lad is no less concerned with Yindependence than our Inner Lass, he just usually gets more support from his culture), we’ll have to Consciously Act to support our own Growth in order to find the Grace.

The Minor Tricolor on the Mars-Pluto Square includes a Quincunx to Lilith which in turn Sextiles Mars.  This Minor Tricolor remains in effect till June 22.

While the Portal for the rest of the Tricolor and the Fez closes on June 9, this last portion of it endures until June 22.

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