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Early May Portals

May 4, 2014

thule4185bpYou can find Zoisite inhabiting three of its main color ranges – the pink you see dominating here, the green around the edges, and the brown streaking the left center.  When you find a Zoisite that’s primarily green and pink, the two colors of the Heart Chakra, it’s called Thulite, and symbolizes Relationship.  By the way, most singlular Zoisite Crystals are brown, but when it makes a gemmy Crystal in blue and purple (depending on which angle you view it from), it’s called Tanzanite.  


1. Epiphanies

Early May is about Insight, mostly around how to distinguish between…

  • What needs to Change so we can allow more of our True Self to come out into the World, 
  • How our Limiting Beliefs need to Grow so we can Accept more of our True Self without squelching “It” (ie, Us), and
  • How to Trust our Self more so we don’t have to spend so much time stuck in the mind trying to make it all into Either/Or.

While this Energy persists for a few weeks, it does have two distinct peaks…

  • 6am PDT May 6 plus or minus a day or so, when the mind will be particularly active, and
  • 8pm PDT May 7 plus or minus six hours or so, which should feel more Integrated and Integrating.

Notice that this is about what we need to Allow, not what we need to Do.  For most of May, the weekends are also strong peaks of this Energy. 

As we said earlier, “On May 6 Pluto is the focus of a Mjolnir with Pallas and Mercury, and on May 7 the Moon crosses Pallas and illuminates a Mjolnir with the Uranus-Pluto Square.”  Meanwhile, Mars has left the party, leaving a Uranus T-Square with Pluto and Jupiter.  So both Mjolnirs light up more of our Uranus-Pluto Yintegrity work.  The Moon lights up the T-Square May 3-4, May 11, May 17-18, and May 24.


2. Heiros Gamos

We also get some significant work on the dance between our Inner Male and Inner Female on May 10-11,

  • Peaking around 4am PDT May 11 plus or minus a day or so. 

If you’re focused on Other Male or Other Female that weekend, knock it off; recognize that Other here is just acting out your internal dance for you so you can see it more clearly.  If that seems offensive to you, you’re on the right track, because bringing yourself out of Denial is what needs to happen.

Venus dances with the T-Square May 13-18, while Mars is Stationary Direct May 19.  But on May 10-11, Venus Opposes Mars while the Moon sits on Mars.  All of which is “just” further development of the Venus-Mars Cycle that began on Eris in April 2013.  As we said then

    • The Venus-Mars Initiation implies that they will be fed by Innocence (“A young girl feeding Birds in winter“).
    • The Venus-Eris and Mars-Eris Initiations enshrine them in material form (“A pregnant woman in a light summer dress”).


3. And a Festival of Manifestation

After May 12 we enter a period of Grace where, “if we hold our mouth right” (as my father used to say) – or PIAVA it – we can allow our Perspective to shift radically, and begin Manifesting exactly what we want, especially with regard to Other.  The process will involve Focusing strongly on One Issue or Thing or Process, and letting all other issues or things or processes change and evolve to support the One Thing that we’re Focused upon. 

We’ll also need to suspend Disbelief, Let Go of who we Believe ourselves to be, and allow ourselves to become someone entirely new.  Normally that would freak out everyone around us, but they may be too busy transforming themselves to notice.  Of course it will freak us out if we notice that everyone around us is becoming someone else.  If you notice that, though, it just means you aren’t Focusing strongly enough on the One Most Important Thing, so wink at it and let it serve as a reminder to keep your eye on the road in front of you.  You’ll have plenty of time to get to know them in June.

The Jupiter-Saturn-Chiron Grand Trine comes into effect and hangs out with us for the rest of May.