Awe Shucks

A great three-minute video on Miracles, Chiron, Juno-Saturn, and the Edges of Consciousness…

I think of Awe as being inspired by something outside of us (to the extent that anything actually is outside of us, of course) – it’s hard to make a Conscious decision to be Awed.  Could be just my own Limitations, but I see it’s first cousin Wonder as more accessible to us – we can get to Wonder just by choosing to focus our Attention at a different level or place than we usually do.

For instance, Radio Shack sells a powerful hand-held microscope for a few bucks.  Looking at a teaspoon of Sand through that will stop your World – it will restructure the Edges of your Consciousness (Juno-Saturn), which could be more profound than “reconfiguring your mental models of the world,” even while it’s more subtle.  Choosing a few minutes of genuine (not rhetorical) Wonder every day might end up being more expansive and more lasting than a “mind-blowing” experience of Awe.  

We haven’t tried to reconfigure PIAVA to PICAVAW or PAVIWAC (though PAVIWAC has a nice ring to it, even without giving the dog a bone), but we can literally add genuine Wondering (that triggers real Curiosity) to our short list of Praying, Intending, Asking, Visualizing, and Affirming, as another method for using Magnetism to Create.  The added C stands for Commanding, to add a place for Vianna Stibal’s remarkable Theta Healing process.

The (more or less, masculine) mind is a great tool for making a binary decision, developing a strategy, dividing it into tasks, and executing a plan to get something specific done.  But as Jung said, the mind is irrational unless it’s connected to the Heart, because Values reside in the Heart.  Consequently, the mind often makes decisions and executes plans that are contrary to our Values – hence, self-sabotage.  Now, if we want to actually solve a problem, as Einstein famously said, we can’t do that using the same thinking that postulated the problem.  We need to find a new approach.

That’s what Chiron does for a living.

The (more or less, feminine) PAVIWAC process, if we carry it through the Changing-the-Subject and Paying-Attention phases, can find new approaches for us.  It doesn’t necessarily involve the Heart, so we can still use it for self-sabotage if we try hard enough, though being less reductive and more wholistic than the intellect, PAVIWAC is less likely to get us in trouble.  Basically, if we do it right, the answers that we get from PAVIWACking (nice word!) come straight from the Unconscious, and will therefore be much larger in scope and dimensionality than answers provided by the linear dualistic mind. 

When PIAVA does appear to sabotage us, is when the Unconscious feels that it’s time to educate the Ego, and gives us a heuristic, or exercise meant to teach, rather than inform. 

It’s like Uranus and Eris, in the sense that they’re, yes, Disruptive and Dischordant,

But what’s being Disrupted is that which is no longer True to the Soul, and what’s being thrown into Dischord is Denial that we can no longer afford.

We can reduce the likelihood of self-sabotage or even heuristic detours by starting from the Heart, choosing what it is that we’re PIAVAing or PIAVAWACking so that it supports our Values.  How to do that?  Well, we could first PIAVA to know and support all of our Values around the problem we’re trying to hack.  Or, we could just move directly to Feeling.  Rather than PIAVAing a red sports car, PIAVA how you’re going to Feel when driving or admiring your red sports car.  Or how you’re going to feel when we’re all working together respectfully to Co-Create a Sustainable place on the Planet.

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