Vesta and Ceres

Ceres doesn’t Initiate Vesta till July, but their nearly concurrent Stations here at the end of May are singing the Vesta-Ceres Song, and while the door is open, let’s talk a bit more about the Vesta-Ceres Cycle, which we introduced in the previous post.  To review…

“These Stations are only two degrees apart, as these asteroids are on their way to Communion in early July.  Ceres will then Baptize Vesta at 22 Libra, ‘A child giving Birds a drink at a fountain: The concern of simple souls for the welfare and happiness of less-evolved Beings who thirst for life renewal.’  We take exception to the part about Birds being ‘less-evolved’ Beings, but at least there is Compassion there, if not a lessening of homocentrism.  The Judgment is Rudhyar’s, and befits the Beliefs of his era.  Rudhyar usually sees Birds as intimating Spirit; we can modernize the reading to ‘A child giving Birds a drink at a fountain: Manifest form reconnecting itself to its overarching Spirit.’  Gratitude for the Bees made manifest, in other words.”

The asteroids between Mars and Jupiter all have orbits around four years long, so they chase each other around in very complex dances, as their Retrograde periods overlap and weave a dense fabric.  Some of their Cycles can be many centuries long, as we discussed when Vesta and Ceres turned Retrograde on March 1. 

The Vesta-Ceres Cycle runs sixteen to eighteen years; this one will be coloring our lives till early in 2030.  The Waxing Square will occur five times between 2016 and 2019.

Recall that the Energy of a Cycle is strong at its birth for those who are sensitive to it.  Then it appears to fade until the Waxing Square, as it prepares foundations underground.  The Energy “becomes permanent” at the Waxing Square.

We’ll be feeling strong hints of this new two-decade Cycle already – it’s about identifying and eliminating ossified Beliefs that prevent us from centering our Lives around the Heart.  With luck it will crack religious and scientific Fundamentalism wide open.

Fundamentalism means taking your metaphors literally.  Guess what.  The Universe is at the very least multidimensional and nonlinear, and the linear Dualistic mind is simply not a sufficiently useful tool for grokking the Universe.  While physicists get closer with their nonlinear and multidimensional mathematics (which some of them believe they actually understand), the mind isn’t even aware of what lies beyond the multidimensional and nonlinear.  In other words, it’s all metaphor.  Swami Beyondananda can teach you more about the Universe than Stephen Hawking.

A few scientists understand that the “real” scienterrific process judges metaphors (which they call theories) based on their utility and parsimony, not on whether they can generate grant money, pass peer review, or are sanctified by their department chairman, corporate hierarchy, or central dogma.  The rest use the same kind of thinking that the religious Fundamentalists use, they just base their logic off a different set of assumptions.

Expect Fundamentalist Resistance to strengthen for the next two years – that is, Fundamentalist ideology will appear to be stronger – and a Herculean three-year struggle to dislodge it will follow.  It’s easy to see how the religious Fundamentalists are throwing their sabots into everything.  And the religious Fundamentalists easily see how the scientific Fundamentalists are screwing us up – as few others do.

Religious Fundamentalists are so hopelessly out of date that they don’t realize that escaping from Egypt or controlling the next village or tribe will no longer fix what ails us.  Scientific Fundamentalists are so enamored of their Dualistic Reductionist view of the World that they can’t see the Faeries for the Flowers.  As long as the World is run From the Head, the only source of Hope is the knowledge that the Planet will eventually shake off her tormentors – and that bodes ill for most of us lovers of the status quo.

As many have long said, the World needs to be run From the Heart.  That is the change in the way of thinking that will create Miracles.

It’s intriguing that the fivefold Vesta-Ceres Square occurs right after the sevenfold 2012-2015 Uranus-Pluto Square has finished transforming us.  Certainly finding our Yintegrity is a prerequisite for reconnecting to the overarching Spirit.

Following the Vesta-Ceres Square, in 2020, two important astro-events occur.

In January Pluto Initiates Saturn.  The Saturn-Pluto Cycle fundamentally restructures society.  The current Saturn-Pluto Cycle began in 1982 (think Reaganomics and Thatcherism, and “trickle-down” propaganda), Waxing Squared in 1993 (first WTC bombing, NAFTA, repeal of Glass-Seagull, Waco & the Davidians), Opposed in 2001 (think 9/11), and Waning Squared in 2010 (think collapse of the old paradigm).

The old Saturn-Pluto Cycle began at Libra 28, “A Person becoming aware of Spiritual forces sustaining and assisting them.”  That’s certainly what’s been happening, but has that Person ever been fighting the trend!  The 2020 Saturn-Pluto Cycle will Initiate at Capricorn 23, “A soldier receiving two awards for bravery in combat.”

Then in December 2020, Saturn Initiates Jupiter, at 1 Aquarius, “An old adobe mission in California.”  The current Jupiter-Saturn Cycle, which began at the dot-com crash in 2000, started at 23 Taurus, “A jewelry shop filled with valuable gems.”  As we’ve pointed out

The current Jupiter-Saturn Cycle is about deciding which gems from the Industrial Revolution we want to take with us into the two-century Age of Automation that begins in 2020.  We’re still deciding whether or not “we” (as a Culture) want to take Industrial-Age wage slavery with us.  That’s a losing game, as “Labor” will be obsolete in the Age of Automation, except for a few machine and game designers and armies of servants for the Elite.  By then a few of the Elite may have read about Henry Ford’s efforts to pay his employees enough that they could afford to buy his cars.

We’ve talked a lot over the last several years about the “Fresh-Violets-in-an-ancient-pottery-bowl” Chiron-Neptune Cycle and the “New Paradigm” it has heralded.  That New Paradigm isn’t about wage slavery, it’s about surviving on your wits and your Community.

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