I don’t know how many of you have noticed, but we seem to be settling into a new format for writing this.  The “English” part, the mostly plain-language interpretations are in bold italic like this.

The “Astrologuese” part, the reason why we’re saying those things, is indented, not bolded, and not italicized.  We think it’s important to include this part because folks who know a little astrology can read so many more dimensions from the Astrologuese, than from any narrow interpretation.

And finally, doubly indented and italicized, are the sections we use to teach astrology, so you can gradually learn to get more out of the “Astrologuese” sections.

Let me know if you’re finding this format useful.

2 Responses to “Format”

  1. Tinfoilhatter Says:

    Very useful and always fabulous. Thanks. :-)

  2. Lilly Lotus & Alephus Heir Says:

    Brilliantly Balanced Ballerinas 🧐😏

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