Status 6

A reminder that a return to Corporate Fascism isn’t much fun…

And a couple of proposals for reversing course…

And a comment…

“Many people believe that enclosures are a relic of the past – something that happened in medieval times, but not now.  Not so.  Vast portions of Africa, Asia and Latin American are currently reeling from a fierce international land grab.  Investors and national governments are snapping up millions of acres of land that traditional people have used for generations.  These commoners rarely have formal property deeds; as lawyers might put it, they have only ‘customary usage rights.’  The enforceable property rights belong to the government, which in theory acts as a trustee for the people.  But in reality, most autocratic and troubled states find it quite profitable to ignore their public trust duties and sell off vast swatches of ‘unowned’ lands to foreigners.  Bu brokering deals and legalizing title to the land, governments can reap new tax revenues.  Well-connected officials can quietly pocket handsome bribes.  In theory, ‘development’ and prosperity will follow.”

–David Bollier, Think Like a Commoner, p.45.

and another…

“It has become increasingly clear that we are poised between an old world that no longer works and a new one struggling to be born.  Surrounded by an archaic order of centralized hierarchies on the one hand and predatory markets on the other, presided over by a state committed to planet-destroying economic growth, people around the world are searching for alternatives.  This is the message of various social conflicts all over the world – of the Spanish Indignados and the Occupy movement, and of countless social innovators on the Internet.  People want to emancipate themselves not just from poverty and shrinking opportunities, but from governance systems that do not allow them meaningful voice and responsibility.  This book is about how we can find the new paths to navigate this transition.  It is about our future.  But since there is no path forward, we must make the path.”

–David Bollier & Silke Helfrich, The Weath of the Commons: A World Beyond Market & State, p.xi.

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