Glancing Blow

opalfire2691bpFire Opal.  Opal is a Mirror for inappropriate (out of Time) Emotions.

The April 28 Solar Eclipse is a barely Eclipse.  It’ll be Partial in eastern Oz, but other than that it’s a near miss.  It occurs at quarter past 11pm PDT.  It’s busy.

It involves consequences for those who try to Deny Gender Equality or disrespect the Feminine.  That includes overplanning rather than trusting your Intuition.  If you catch yourself doing any of that, you can rescue yourself by Wondering, “How would the Goddess deal with this?”  Then don’t hesitate to apologize and restate yourself. 

It wouldn’t hurt to be alert for this and focus on shifting your Behavior and Thought Patterns accordingly.  Shift your thought Patterns by noticing the offending habit and saying, out loud if it wouldn’t be too weird, “Cancel, Neutralize, Upgrade!” – Cancel the Thought, Neutralize the Energy it created, and Upgrade the Thinker.

The only major Angles made by the Eclipse itself are a Square to Lilith and a Sextile to Neptune, which leaves Lilith and Neptune Quincunx to one another.

Eris is Opposed by the Vesta-Ceres Conjunction, with Haumea between them.  Haumea is Pele’s mother.  Not such a good plan to diss Pele or Haumea.

Saturn is Quincunx to Eris.

Use it as an opportunity to practice your newfound Yintegrity – or to make any remedial adjustments necessary to compensate for situations where you still fear to shed your Masks.  When you catch yourself regressing to your false persona, stop yourself, Communicate that you’re in the process of Change, and then Speak Your Truth.  Recall that Yintegrity means doing what is True to your Self, moment to moment.

The Uranus-Pluto-Jupiter-Mars Grand Cross is still in effect.  The Grand Cross is Bridged my Mercury (Trine to Pluto, Sextile to Jupiter, Quincunx to Mars).

We’re still being Graced by off-planet Energies.  You may encounter circumstances where your Values are violated.  It that occurs, first Ask (PIAVA) “Do I need to protect myself here?”  If so, then do so.  Either way, afterward Ask “How can I grow my Edges to accept this without getting Defensive?”  This is important.

Pallas and the Chariklo-Quaoar-Galactic Center complex Trine one another, with the Nodes at the Midpoints of the Trine – in other words, making a Kite with the North Node at the top.  Chariklo-Quaoar-GC are Squared by Venus, which is in turn Quincunx to Pallas.

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