Everybody Survive?

imageRTRed Tulips; design and photo by Nola Carmen

If you’re reaching for light switches on the wrong side of the door, or can’t remember how to operate the headlights in the car you’ve been driving for years, you know you’ve come out the other side of an Ego Death.  Congratulations.  We’re through the most intense period, so unless you’re still in Resistance or Denial, it should be downhill from here. 

The Grand Cross is “complete” – meaning all four of the Squares have peaked – Mars exactly Squared Jupiter, Opposed Uranus, and Squared Pluto on April 22-23.  Uranus exactly Squared Pluto on April 21.  Jupiter exactly Squared Uranus and Opposed Pluto on April 19-20.  And the Moon crossed Pluto and illuminated Everybody on April 20.

An Angle is most prominent, and increasingly so, during the three degrees leading up to the exact Angle, particularly during the last degree.  Then, once the Angle is exact, the impact tapers off rapidly.  Except…  If we aren’t Conscious about our experience of the Angle (ie, if we ignore the Teaching it offers), then we can make Decisions to Defend ourself against the impact of the Angle.  During the three degrees when the Angle is declining, it’s not the Angle that we contend with, but our Defensive Decisions.  Since they represent a Denial of Reality, one  way or another we need to adjust to the resulting Dissonance.

We aren’t done by any means.  Next weekend, April 26-27, will be a debriefing, where we review what the last few months have been about.  If we’re Conscious, we’ll see how we’ve changed.  Consciousness of Change isn’t necessary; sometimes “you trip out so far you never get back to know that you’ve left” as Kesey once put it.  Conscious or not, you’ll just be up and running confidently on your new version of your Mission by Mayday.

The Moon will cross Uranus and tickle Everybody again on April 26-27.  Mars exits the Grand Cross by April 29, and Jupiter by May 9 – that is, we’ll be dealing with any lingering Dissonance till May 9.

Of course we’ll have to contend with the April 28 Solar Eclipse first, but we’ll cover that in a separate post.

We’ll get some good Epiphanies in early May that will make us feel more comfortable with our understanding of what’s going on.

On May 6 Pluto is the focus of a Mjolnir with Pallas and Mercury, and on May 7 the Moon crosses Pallas and illuminates a Mjolnir with the Uranus-Pluto Square.

But the situation will improve drastically by May 12, when the Heavens conspire to help us out.

Jupiter swings into a Grand Trine with Saturn and Chiron, which endures for the rest of May.

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    […] believe things will lighten up now and May could be wonderful for many. You can read about this at jbuss astrology – “Everybody survive?”  The most important point is to remember that once we’ve learned a new truth, or had an […]

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