garnet2384bpGarnet, a simple Iron-Aluminum Silicate, Chariklo’s talisman.


Well, it turns out we couldn’t have a better newcomer to channel the Galactic Energy to us than Chariklo.  She’s a Seventh Harmonic Centaur –

aka a Magician.

Centaurs like Chariklo and Chiron have unstable orbits, so may not be with us for long on cosmological timescales.  You can think of the Centaurs as Cosmic Guards or Guides sent to make sure that even if Humans don’t make the transition to peaceful Galactic Citizens, we don’t destroy the whole Cosmic Neighborhood in our dance with “Power.”  Chariklo has an unusually circular orbit, and if we mirror her Grace, she may stick around and become a dwarf planet, the first between Jupiter and Neptune.  She’s even depicted as a Water Nymph rather than a Centaur.

When Chariklo was discovered she was

Anchoring one of the most auspicious dances in all of astrology,

a Grand Sextile.

She Opposed a Neptune-Jupiter-Uranus-Ceres-Mercury Stellium, meaning that she will be

Midwifing our Understanding of how to allow an Expanded and Connected Soul-Self to descend Permanently into our Identities.

This Stellium is also the focus of a T-Square with Stationary Chiron (A Powerful Transformer) and Juno (Identity Itself) forming the base of the T-Square.  That puts Juno at the point of a Yod with Pluto and Mars-North Node, telling us to

Pay Attention to allowing our Identity to be Powerfully Transformed through actively Following our Joy.

The T-Square itself means she Challenges us to Master this new Identity.

The other corners of the Grand Sextile are Saturn-South Node, telling us that

The Most Important Thing is to lovingly focus on our Karma and the Hidden Skills that our Emotional Resistance occults,

and the Moon,

Our Instincts.

The Mars-North Node says she will encourage us to

Assertively Pursue our Deepest Desires.

Then there are her two Quintile Yods, which detail what she’ll be Teaching us.  One of them Focuses on the Moon, with Stationary Chiron and Pallas as its feet…

By Trusting our Instincts rather than our programming or Karma, we know when to set firm Boundaries and when to stretch our Edges and birth Transformative Perspectives.

The other has the North Node at the Apex, with Juno and Vesta for feet…

We’ll be learning how to find the space of Consciousness wherein our Deepest Desires are Sacred.

Quaoar was also Stationary on the Galactic Center in the month-initiating Grand Sextile.  We’ll examine Quaoar more closely, but the top element of Quaoar seems to be…

Take Care of the Planet or you’ll go back to eating Clay.

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