Unexploded Bomb

drav5489bpDravite, or brown Tourmaline (Sodium Magnesium Aluminum Iron Borocyclosolicate) bolsters our Courage and helps us stand up for our Convictions, while keeping us grounded.

This whole March 25 Uranus-Juno Initiation with all of its many enhancements – including Icarus, the Jupiter-Pluto T-Square, and the Pallas-Saturn Mjolnir – focuses on Aries 13, “An unexploded bomb reveals an unsuccessful social protest.”  We should be grateful that it’s unexploded (there’s more than enough Disruption going on), and we should remember that when we’re approaching a difficult project like reorganizing a failed Culture, 35% is a very good success rate.

Remember we also have Neptune Initiating Mercury (March 22)…

Confusion ‘R’ Us

and Quaoar Stationary on the Galactic Center (March 27)…

Good chance some sort of Survival issues will arise.

in the same time frame.

But the Biggie is the Uranus-Juno Initiation.  How will that affect us as individuals?  If we have planets near 13 of Libra, Cancer, or Capricorn, we’ll certainly feel it more than most.  But the biggest impact will be on folks with planets near 13 Aries.  Such as…

Folks born in July 1929.  The unexploded bomb will sit on your Natal Uranus – you’re having what astrologers call a “Uranus Return,” when Uranus has made a compete loop of the Zodiac during your Lifetime.  Congratulations for making it this far!  Don’t let the idiots who can’t fathom your newfound Zest for Life feed you those downer drugs.  You’re off your chain for a good reason.

Folks born in May 1938, February-March 1968, or April 1997.  The unexploded bomb is on your Saturn.  If you’re Anxious or Terrified by what’s going down these days, Tap it out.  As Neil said, It’s only castles burning / find someone who’s turning / and you will come around.  Moment to moment, just keep focusing on The Most Important Thing, and let everything else take care of itself for now.  Everything will work out; even if the Changes are disruptive, they’re benign.

Folks born in April-May or September-November 1971, or February-March 1972.  The unexploded bomb is parked on your Chiron.  Don’t suppress those Wild ideas; this is a rebirth for you.  Let your Imagination take you anywhere and everywhere.  It’s a trial run for all of the exciting things you’re about to embark on.  Resistance is futile; give in to the Ecstasy!

Folks born between 1964 and 1973.  You guys are World-Changers, and you’ve been sitting on your tongue for waaay too long.  The unexploded bomb is on your Eris, and Eris can’t stand it when other folks are in Denial.  Climate Change, megacorporations and megalomaniacs and banksters hijacking government, Genetically Modified Organisms in the Food Chain, untested and unregulated poisonous chemicals everywhere, estrogen surrogates in all of the plastics, antibiotics and worse in the Rivers, the Oceans dying, Monsanto and Dow poisoning yet more of the Planet and now getting FDA approval to spray Agent Orange on your neighborhood farms – Agent Orange!!  Do they think we’ve forgotten Vietnam?  Bees – who pollinate our food – being poisoned by pesticides known to kill them en masse, fracking making Water wells flammable, Obama trying to start WWIII by rewriting history and acting like he owns the World (and there’s a good chance his propaganda machine has sucked you along), Tea Party Monkeys trying to give the rest of your money to the Elites while you chant their slogans – I mean, come on, when is Enough Enough?

Folks born in the last few days of March and the first few days of April of any year.  The unexploded bomb is on your Sun.  Expect major Life Changes soon.

Whatever you get up to, have fun with it – it’s the only productive thing you can do.

2 Responses to “Unexploded Bomb”

  1. Desmene Says:

    Thoughts on those with their natal Moon on 13 Aries?

  2. astrobuss Says:

    I meant wild and crazy Emotions, not wind and crazy Emotions! Though Uranus and Wind are often lit up together. I remember there was a huge windstorm on the day Uranus Conjoined Neptune in 1993, blowing over 50-foot patriarch Trees. But what a cleansing! Everything just glowed afterwards!

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