King Bolete

Look at this incredible “Toadstool” Configuration…

DSCN4839Not only is Icarus sitting on the budding Uranus-Juno Initiation, which we know is the focus of a T-Square with Pluto and Jupiter, but Juno-Uranus is also the focus of a Mjolnir!  Which means that each of the three Squares in the picture form the base of their own Mjolnir!  The Juno-Uranus Mjolnir has a base made up of Pallas and Saturn.  The “King Bolete” (Boletus edulis, aka Cep or Steinpilz), generally considered to be the most desirable Mushroom on the Planet, has a plump base like this Configuration does.

In other words, we’re about to get a download that’ll boot us out of our Masks like we were a slapstick cartoon character getting a good kick in the behind.

But lets break that first paragraph down to try to make it more accessible to folks who don’t speak astrologuese.  The links lead to more information.  You can also use the “index” at right to further explore a topic…

Icarus – An asteroid that may imply over-exuberance, and possibly danger to the Ego.

Uranus – A planet symbolizing the Individual Soul and our urge to express our True Self, which we often call our Yintegrity.  In traditional Western astrology Uranus means Disruption, but that’s because it Disrupts that which is false, and causes houses of cards to tumble.

Juno – An asteroid signifying the Edge between the Unconscious and Consciousness, and our Unconscious Identity.  Juno can reveal Archetypes,  gigantic impersonal and often Cultural complexes, that we’ve Merged with, and that essentially control us and make us believe we’re right when we’re out to lunch.  Patriotism is an Archetype, for instance, as is Fundamentalism of any sort.  Like those Tea-Partiers waving signs that say “Government get your hands off my Medicare” – even when they understand that Medicare is a government program, the Fundamental aspect of their Belief makes the knowledge irrelevant.  Fundamentalism means taking your metaphors literally.  Scientific Fundamentalism can be as destructive as Religious.

Initiation – When two planets/asteroids meet in the sky, they initiate a new Cycle.  The Juno-Uranus Cycle runs 4-5 years, and represents the interface between our Ego Consciousness and our True Self.  The Juno-Uranus Cycle being born is about an unexploded bomb.

If we put together what we have so far, we end up with…

A possibility of putting our foot into the mouth of the Masks we use to keep other people from seeing the parts of our True Self that we don’t Believe are Safe to express.  We may have been shamed by the significant adults in our childhood about those parts of ourself, or been put to death in a “past” Life because of them, for instance, or both.  (It’s usually Both/And.)   This Shift will last about a week, during which time we’ll see the beginning of processes that will run for several years and very much change who we believe ourselves to be.

T-Square – Two planets that Oppose one another, with a third halfway between them.  The T-Square in the picture above is the red triangle pointing upward, so named because they form a “T” when you draw lines that connect each of the three planets to the center of the circle.  We use red to signify Creative Tension or Motivation.  The Energy in a T-Square is focused upon the third planet, in this case Juno-Uranus.  A T-Square means Mastery through Challenge.

A prominent characteristic of T-Squares is that they never feel satisfying, because they aren’t a “problem that needs to be Solved” (which would make us feel successful); they’re an “open question that we’re compulsively Exploring” that doesn’t have any concrete answers – imagine being obsessed with “What’s the meaning of Life?”  Once we drop the expectation of Solution and learn to enjoy the Exploration, a T-Square no longer implies Frustration, and can be the Joy of our Life.  Since we obsess on the question, a T-Square is often the area of our greatest expertise, but while we remain in Frustration we don’t recognize our skill.

Pluto – A planet symbolizing Global Energy shifts, Transformations, Trance Reformations, and Changes that end up, by virtue of the difficulty of Resisting them, appearing to be Mandatory.

Jupiter – A planet representing Expansion or Amplification, and in general Good Fortune.

So this T-Square would imply that…

We are being Challenged to Express more and more of our True Self, and we’re finding it increasingly difficult to Resist and hold on to our Masks and False Selves.  This process runs from 2012 to 2015, so we’re well into it.  It reaches one of its crescendos in April.

MjolnirA Norwegian word meaning “Hammer of Thor,” equivalent to the Vajra or Dorje of South Asian traditions.  A Mjolnir occurs when two planets are separated by one fourth of the Zodiac, and a third planet is three-eighths of the Zodiac from each.  The Energy of a Mjolnir is focused on the third planet, so we name our Mjolnirs using the name of the third planet.  It signifies an irresistible force meeting a hard place.

While that can imply destruction, the most useful symbology for us is Lightning.  We usually interpret it as Epiphany, as Thor’s Hammer destroyed mountains in the sense of removing obstacles in his path.  Similarly, a Lightning Insight can destroy an Egoic house of cards.  As an Epiphany, we don’t usually object, though it may take us quite a bit of work to make our amends and reorganize our Life to align with our new Self.  From the perspective of other people who’ve become attached to our prior personality, such an Epiphany can be devastating.

So a Juno-Uranus Mjolnir implies…

The likelihood of Life-Changing Insights about the Masks we may not even realize we’re wearing.

Square – Two planets that are separated by one fourth of the Zodiac.  It’s called a Square because if you have four of them and draw lines between the four planets you’d make a square.  The long red line in the picture is an Opposition; the sort red lines are Squares.

Trioctile – The gold lines in the picture, connecting two planets that are three-eighths of the way ’round the Zodiac.  The Trioctile symbolizes Realignment and Bringing into Balance.  As with most Angles between planets, Realignment can mean disruption, as we have to release our attachment to that which is no longer in Balance (if it ever was).  If you were a coal company you’d be running scared these days, for instance.

Pallas – An asteroid meaning Boundaries and Edges.  The Serenity Prayer is a good example of Pallas Energy – Lord, please grant me the Power to Change that which I can, the Serenity to Accept that which I can’t, and the Wisdom to know the difference.

Saturn – A planet asking us to Pay Attention to The Most Important Thing and postpone our Attention to all other priorities.  If we’re attached to our lower priorities, Saturn can feel like Limitation, but it’s real meaning if Focus and ConcentrationIt can mean Contraction if we’re over-extended.

So “The Juno-Uranus Mjolnir has a base made up of Pallas and Saturn” means…

One could make a good case for the notion that moving toward being and expressing our True Self may be The Most Important Thing in our Lives.  We set up our Masks in order to make a Safe Space for us to do the best we can in the circumstances we found ourself in.  So we can expect major Insights into Realignment of our Boundaries, and Changes in our understanding of what’s The Most Important Thing, that facilitate our embodying our True Self.

And “each of the three Squares in the picture form the base of their own Mjolnir,” aka the other two arrowheads in the picture, are a Pallas Mjolnir based on the Uranus-Pluto Square and a Saturn Mjolnir based on the Jupiter-Uranus Square

The Pallas Mjolnir means that…

We’ve been rejecting parts of our True Self that we left behind before we even learned that we had a choice.  We’re likely to encounter circumstances where we’re forced to bring those parts up into Consciousness.  If you keep finding yourself in situations where you’re Judging other people, those are likely to be the Self-Censorship that you’ve been Unconscious about.

The Saturn Mjolnir will imply…

While Pallas often implies that we need to tighten our Boundaries in certain circumstances, here we’re being asked to Expand our Edges instead.  When we Judge someone, we can Stretch our concepts of what’s okay, or we can Tighten the distinction that separates us from them.  Here the more likely preference is to Stretch.  In fact, it could even be The Most Important Thing we need to do.  In order to accept some rejected characteristic of our True Self, the first thing we need to do is relax our Judgment of others who portray that characteristic.

This Toadstool Configuration is long-lasting, though Saturn’s role in it is weakening.  It’s worth noting that this chart rules the birth of Northern Spring and Southern Autumn, implying that its impact will linger for at least three months.

Now you can maybe see why we also want to include the astrologuese – if you know any astrologuese, we can communicate to you in one paragraph what otherwise requires more than twenty paragraphs of mind-numbing detail.  We aren’t asking you to learn astrology if you have no interest, but we do suggest that if you pay a little more attention than you otherwise would while reading about astrology, and occasionally check the links and index when inspired, you’ll gradually absorb enough to amplify the amount of information you receive from a given quantity of reading.

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