Level 2 Discernment and Yintegrity

By now it’s silly, but I’m still kind of amazed when synchronicity works so well.  For instance, after writing Yintegrity, Yindependence, Denial, and Noticing, it was “by chance” that I picked up the book that described the three levels of Discernment and “by chance” that I opened it to that place.  Of course we could replace the “by chance” with “by virtue of the Full Moon lighting up Virgo.”  But it still kind of surprises me.  And what dropped into my inbox this morning, from places totally unconnected to this blog?  A good essay on Level 2 Discernment!


and a great short video on Criticism…


I mean, that’s exactly what we need to confront when our True Self needs to experience and express things that we were taught were “evil.”  Angie points out in her Tarot Handbook that “evil” and “devil” are Live and Lived spelled backwards.  In the same way that an Eclipse increases our Consciousness by pointing out through their sudden absence elements of Reality that we had not yet differentiated from background noise, on the Soul level we chose our programmers so they would set up Resistance around what we wanted to Learn in the Lifetime.

For instance, suppose we came into this Lifetime to learn among other things finesse, or decisiveness.  Well, a Mars (Action, Assertion) T-Square (Mastery through Challenge), if we were paying attention, would teach us a lot about both.  But if we had significant adults in our childhood who encouraged us to be shy or to take risks, or taught us to see things from all points of view, that would compound the degree of Consciousness that we Mastered.  And of course if our childhood’s most significant adult had Saturn (Focus, apparent Limitation) or Jupiter (Expansion) or Mercury (Analysis) in the same place as our Mars, wouldn’t that make it all the more intense.

Hence the sense that we, as a Soul, “Choose our parents.”  If that sounds like we’re trying to run Time backward, that’s fine.  You don’t really experience Time as linear, or of constant width; it’s only our slavery to industrial society that encourages this pretense.  (Why do you suppose that “we” chose to endure that Trance?)  You can imagine a Soul up there calculating all manner of complications, but that’s a projection of your Mercury.  For the Wisdom of the Soul, it’s all Intuitive.  Or so we imagine, which in itself is an interesting projection.

The Universe is a holographic Mirror for our current state of Consciousness – As Within, So Without is one expression of that ancient wisdom.  We could add that idiom to our foundational assumptions about Life, the Universe, and Everything along with We Are All One and All There Is Is Now and All There Is Is Love.  So if we meet people with Level 2 Discernment, people are likely to meet us with Level 2 Discernment.  Which gives us all the more reason to feel Rejected.  Not that we need to be confrontational – we need to PIAVA a loving and gentle transition toward greater Yintegrity.  A useful practice is Separation.

Separate your Identity (Self, Ego) from your Reactions to other people’s Reactions.

Again, you use Noticing to shift your Assemblage Point, as Don Juan would have called it, or the place from which you are seeing the World.  Otto Scharmer recommends the same process in Leading from the Emerging Edge.  It’s a Chironian shift.

Whenever you notice that you have Reacted rather than Responded to any situation, shift your perspective to a place where there is no Judgment.  You won’t be able to do this in Real Time, because “You” aren’t home when you’re Reacting – it’s the Unconscious that Reacts.  Response comes from your Consciousness.  But you can do it retrospectively.

Which as a practice will expand your Consciousness and increase the odds that you’ll Respond rather than React in future circumstances.  We’re really talking here about Uranus Initiating Juno as both sit in T-Square to Pluto and Jupiter.  The advice Don’t Get Even, Get Odd is actually useful – and of course very relevant to Uranus, as “odd” is right up there with “evil” in the list of things we were educated not to be.

When we’re Responding, we can Respond any way we choose.  So once we create a Separation between our Reactor and our Identity, we can just use Level 3 Discernment with the intention of helping to educate the Other about who we really are.  Not that they are likely to understand or care (Level 1 speaking), but that doesn’t matter.  For all but the most dedicated sociopaths, they’ll eventually get Curious.  We just want to eliminate our investment in the Outcome – so we really don’t care whether they “get” it or not.

The nature of industrial Work is manipulative anyway.  Our job as anyone’s employee is to manipulate the supplier or customer or delegatee or co-worker, or even boss, so they perform their tasks in alignment with the goals of the organization that’s paying us.  They don’t pay us to be our True Selves, do they.  Even in the Arts that’s unlikely.  So when we’re Responding rather than Reacting, we can actually use Level 3 in work situations, but our objective is not to express our True Self, our objective is to further the mission of the organization.

In pre-industrial society it was more likely the case that Community and Abundance were more closely related, and in that situation, the most Abundant Communities may have been the ones where Yintegrity created the most productive teamwork.  Since the Waxing Uranus-Pluto Square is where Yintegrity becomes permanent, we certainly want to aspire to move more and more of our Life into this pre-industrial model.  That’s a long-term project, not likely one  we can do overnight, and if we expect 60-70% failure for every attempt we’re less likely to be discouraged by the timespan of the project and by the fact that as a Co-Creation, it’s not totally within our Span of Control.

But if we don’t do our own part of the Co-Creation, the risk of overall failure increases.  We don’t have to do it all ourselves, but we do need to move in that direction for ourSelves.

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  1. Grace Says:

    I missed the connection between Criticism and Claire’s flute playing?

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