TVenus2012Venus dancing across the face of the Sun, June 2012

There are many levels to astrology.  Back when there used to be newspapers, your daily horoscope would focus on what Sign your Natal (Birth) Sun was in.  Mainstream astrology that goes into more depth focuses on more planets, and what Signs they’re all in.  If you want to look at the likely impact on your Material Life, you’d want to look at the Houses.

And finally, there’s what normal astrology calls the “Aspects” and I call the Angles – the Angles between planets, and the Harmonics they create.  Those Angles combine into Configurations.  I focus on these Angles and Configurations, because that’s where the Energy resides, and Energy is closer to Spirit than is Matter.

I don’t mean to discount all of the other approaches to astrology, and there are many!  We can look at what the planets are up to in the Sky now (which is what this blog does), or what the planets were up to when you were born (which we can do if you like), or we can look at your “Transits,” or the impact the planets in the Sky now are having on your birth planets (which we can also do if you like).

Certain planets “Rule” certain Signs, so when planet A is in Sign B, some astrologers focus more on the Ruling Sign C than they do on Sign B or planet A.  One friend feels that the Most Important Planet in what’s going on in the Sky now is Venus, because it in one way or another Rules most of the other strong actors in the current drama.  If we have time we’ll try to factor in their insightful perspective.  In India they use the 28 arcs that the Moon travels in one day, rather than the 12 Signs that the Sun travels in one month.  I don’t even know what they do in China, other than it has something to do with Monkeys and Tin!

My point is that all of these other approaches to astrology are complements to the sort of astrology I do, not competitors.  Each approach contributes unique information, and when they seem to contradict, as they often do, you by now should know that you need to stop trying to differentiate heads from tails, and start asking about the coin.  It’s a lot more important to know whether it’s a shilling or a doubloon than to know whether it’s heads or tails.

We also spend a lot more time on the outer planets than we do on the inner planets, because the outer planets hint at what’s going on in the Unconscious, which we believe has for almost all of us a lot more control over our lives than Consciousness.  And again, astrologers who focus on the inner planets contribute complementary information.

I particularly like Kelley Hunter’s approach to astrology, because she has a good knowledge of various mythologies (which access the Unconscious) that she uses when she looks at the planets and Signs.  Her latest Full-Moon contribution is at


There she has a lot to say about Virgo and Pisces, and the current phalanx of Retrogrades, and links to a couple of fabulous Nassim Haramein videos on his mathematical proof that we’re AllOne.  Kelley also brings in Australian Malvin Artley’s insights into the Retrogrades.  Here’s a sample…

“What is the best way forward?  Well, if we don’t know now, then we will soon have to make a choice, because the other planets involved in the great cross—Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto—will either hand us an ultimatum, in a way of speaking, or show us a way forward if we can seize the opportunity.  The point is, we always have a choice as to how we handle things.  If we choose to focus on the negative, then we will get the ultimatum.  If we choose to act according to the best and highest within us, then we will be shown a doorway into a better future…”

It continues.  On Malvin’s website he even has a section on Chinese astrology.

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