And Bad News

Given the whole NSA dramas of late, it seems pretty unlikely that a city-block-size airplane could just disappear.  Abductions usually seem much shorter term in our version of Time.  So a lot of people are asking What is this supposed to be distracting us from?  A bit conspiratorial I know, but just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t out to get you.  It’s a natural consequence of the events of the last half century.

I can’t argue with anything in this presentation…

Maybe he’s doing us a favor by bringing the Empire to its knees sooner rather than later, as the longer the levitation lasts, the more it shatters when it crashes.  But what do his Lizard handlers get out of it?  The banksters are supposedly now long gold (meaning they own it), so maybe it’s just their next step toward disenfranchising us 99% (or was it 47%?) and owning the rest of the money.  Like in Monopoly.  On the other hand, oceans are a lot bigger than a city block.

So where’s the Dragon in this free handoff to the Bear?  I don’t know anything about China, but I trust Jim Rickards’s perspective…

In other words, they’re too busy with internal juggling to worry as long as the Bear’s looking west; they abstained from the UN vote on Crimea.  Crimea reduces the heat in the East China Sea-aka-Sea of Japan, and reduces the priority on the “Pivot to the Pacific” – which appears to be dying on its own anyway, fortunately.  Maybe he’s just trying to get Joe promoted, as it certainly looks like getting adults into the big jobs would be a boon.

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