And Discernment

Here’s another view, from Eugenia Oganova’s Awakening the Harmony Within (pp.85-86)…

“All information is neutral.  People are in different stages of development and it makes sense that what one person is already ready for, the other is not.  So, it is we who make the information ‘good’ or ‘bad’ based on what we experience in relationship to receiving it, examining it, and perhaps even following it.  Even something that is a misinformation can still be of benefit to someone during a particular step on their journey.”

“There is no right or wrong perception here, but if you try on these beliefs, you will feel one way from [one], and the other way from [the other].  This is why it is so important to only take in, fully, what benefits you as a being.  When you wholly resonate with something, it changes you, and it is your responsibility to be changed in the direction that benefits your essence, not your karma.  When we do something out of fear, which means we resonate with our karma, or social beliefs, we take in something that supports these instead of our essence.

“When one practices discernment, one feels the path.  There is an inner knowing that everything is unfolding perfectly (even if it is hard!) and it frees a person to honor and love the choices of others, and cleans up judgment.

“There are three stages of progress in the development of such discernment:

“1. When we do not resonate with some information, or people, we judge them as wrong, because we believe ourselves to be right, or we doubt ourselves instead;

“2. When we do not resonate with information, or people, we choose to not judge and not interact – it is a way of keeping your personal space resonating your own way, while others are resonating their way in their own space (instead of judging a TV show, don’t watch it; instead of judging a person, do not talk to them);

“3. When we do not resonate with information, or people, and we know that they are following their own path and we follow ours, we can co-exist without being triggered.  We recognize and accept the differences and choose to exist in harmony, knowing that we all play unique roles, all learning in accordance with a much larger ‘perfect’ plan.”

Though I much like my friend’s way of putting it – “those who are on early retirement from evolution” – it feels that way at times!  Kind of stage 1, I guess.  But humor is permitted.  Then there’s Ronald van den Hoff’s perspective, in Mastering the Global Transition on Our Way to Society 3.0 (p.55)…

“In the previous century, you were a part of a group and a part of its sectional interests.  It was not always pleasant, or a place in which you could get something off your mind, but there was a basic principle, a framework, and therefore, there was a reference.  The paradigm was clear.  We know many groups.

“You belonged to a certain religion or philosophy of life.  The social network this was a part of determined where you lived, where you went to school, where you played sports, where you went to church, which broadcasting corporation you watched, which newspapers you read, which political parties you were expected to adhere to, where you went to work, do you shopping, and even whom you married.

“In the 1960s, we started to remove these traditional religious and socio-political barriers.  Our increasing prosperity gave us the emancipated consumer on one hand, and the start of a search for a new identity on the other.  ‘Who am I?’ and ‘What do I want from this life?’ were the questions that presented themselves more strongly than before.

“Recently, these questions have been supplemented with concerns for the future of our society, because it has become quite clear that politicians, the government, and the business community, as systems, are not the omniscient and reliable partners we had hoped for, even though we are connected to these systems in one way or another.”

So yes, from the perspective of the Higher Self, those are affairs of the Ego, aren’t they.  We come up against the Edge between Detachment and Compassion; sure, those millions of unemployed and increasingly unemployable folks are following their own path.  Everyone is, whether we or they are Conscious of it or not.  Even devolution is a unique role.  Is our role to Criticize the status quo, or to co-exist in harmony with the Lizards?

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