Yintegrity, Yindependence, and Denial

A reader asks,

“When I try to be my True Self, I feel like I’m being blackballed, ostracized, rejected, badmouthed, threatened, resented, mocked, and envied by the people in my town.  I feel like I’m being someone I’m not, trying too hard, and an outright disaster!

“When I try to own my Feminine Power, I feel like people see me as man-hating, a feminist lesbian. an uptight frigid old maid, a ho’, a skank, and a slut!

“Except for younger people hereabouts who get what I`m into, embrace it and want to hear more, I can’t find my tribe.  How do we recognize the Most Important Thing that we’ve been denying about ourself?”

Yep, you got that right!  We didn’t pick up our Masks and adopt our Powerlessness because we though it’d be fun to be in the second-grade class play or because we thought turning the other cheek would be a good idea.  We put on our Masks and put our Power in the closet because the significant adults in our young lives forced us to do so, under threat of punishment.  I think you’ve just described the kinds of punishment you were threatened with as a child.  I know, it’s hard.  Easy to say, hard to do.

Hanging out with those younger people, the ones who came in on a different flight, probably are your Tribe.  You were just an advance scout.

One Response to “Yintegrity, Yindependence, and Denial”

  1. Grace Says:

    Well done, maestro!

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