March Portals III

jim3117bpA “hairy” tangle of Jamesonite Crystals – Lead Iron Antimony Sulfide – can be used to direct Intention into Gene Expression, healing what could otherwise contribute to mutation or disease or even aging, since most of what we experience as aging comes about from minor mutations in cell division.  This tangle sits between two Quartz Crystals, making its directionality or “steerability” even stronger. 


Then it gets hairy, Part I…

Fortunately (considering what follows), on March 22 Neptune Initiates Mercury…

Remember that Confusion is the first sign of Growth.  Confusion occurs when your Limiting Beliefs are developing cracks because you noticed parts of Reality that don’t fit, and you started taking them seriously.  Before, you ignored the dissonance.  Confusion is a huge Blessing – Celebrate it!

This occurs at 7 Pisces, “Illumined by a shaft of light, a large cross lies on rocks surrounded by sea mist,” or in Rudhyar’s view “The spiritual blessing which strengthens individuals who, happen what may, stand uncompromisingly for their own truth.”  That’s very tricky, since we’re so used to believing that Truth comes from the Mind and is definitive, rather than believing that it comes from the Heart and Soul and is ineffable.

Remember too that the cross has been hijacked by Christianity; it’s deeper meaning is as a Crossroads.  In the traditional Irish view of the World, the Crossroads is where Spirit meets Matter, so actually, the Sabian Symbol couldn’t be more perfect, as the shaft of light (Mercury, as intellect) finds the cross (connection to Spirit, Neptune) amid sea mist (Neptune).  Remember our old saw about Neptune…

Neptune symbolizes Confusion when the World is viewed through Material eyes, and Clarity when it is seen from the Spiritual perspective.

On March 24, the Moon crosses Pluto and illuminates the Uranus T-Square – more Yintegrity work.  This Portal is open for about five hours starting around 7pm PDT March 24.

On March 25, the Moon Opposes Lilith and completes a Grand Cross with the Lilith-Nodes T-Square; celebrating our Yindependence again.


Then it gets hairy, Part II…

Or more likely, it already has.  On March 25, Uranus Initiates Juno.  We’ll talk more about that soon, but this Energy starts March 23 at the latest, and it will…

Bring us face-to-face with our pretenses.  It may not be quite like getting “caught lying,” but the impact will be similar.  If you get hung up in Shame or Abandonment or Fear, Tap it out.  It’s important that we begin this four-year Cycle with Clarity and as much Self-Love as we can muster.  We want to experience this as Insight, and for that we’ll need to clean up any negative emotions.

The Initiation occurs in a potentially difficult degree, 13 Aries, “An unexploded bomb reveals an unsuccessful social protest,” or what Rudhyar calls “Adolescent Frustration.”  With Uranus at the Apex of a T-Square with Pluto and Jupiter,

Of course we aren’t going to do everything right the first time we try.  Remember that in baseball we go to the Hall of Fame if we get on base 35% of the time, let alone hit any home runs.  When we recover our True Self, it will be at the developmental age that it was when we abandoned it to please our “Superiors.”  We could be starting to resume behaviors and perspectives that we last practiced at age 14, or 7, or 2, or 6 months.  We will be stark rookies!  We’ll need loads of Self-Forgiveness.  But take Heart – it will take us a lot less time than we imagine to get up to speed!


Then it gets hairy, Part III…

And on March 27, the dwarf Planet Quaoar (pronounced “kwah’war” or “kwah’o-ar”) turns Retrograde.  Quaoar is half the size of Pluto, and currently about a third farther away.  On March 13, Quaoar is only three arc-minutes from it’s Station, so we may have been experiencing this Energy for a while already.  We’ll go into more detail later, but Quaoar was something akin to a Creator God to the pre-colonial Natives of southern California.  Good for Mike Brown and Chad Trujillo, Caltech discoverers of many of the new dwarf planets, for honoring these local victims of genocide by both the Spanish and American colonialists.

Thanks largely to the fact that by 1900 only 5% of California Natives had somehow managed to remain alive, and because the Spanish Missionaries brutally tortured and often killed any “savage” that refused to knuckle under to their Yahweh and their intolerant version of “Christ,” little clean knowledge remains of who Quaoar was.  It’s fairly clear that he is credited with providing to the Native People the technology to survive in cooperation with Nature.  Under Quaoar Humans were differentiated from the rest of Nature, and plants and animals went from being “people” to being “food.”  Prior to Quaoar they ate “clay.”  Appearing from nowhere, he could easily have been another Visitor or “tall stranger,” the technology-giver that occurs in many mythologies.

Like MakeMake’s role on Rapa Nui, there is a strong connection to Survival.  After Quaoar left town, he delegated Raven, Bear, Rattlesnake, and Cougar to avenge any transgression from his “rules” – though that sounds suspiciously like an unconscious Old-Testament introjection.  Starvation would be ample punishment for transgressing his Earth-keeping technologies.  M. Kat Armstrong, in Tending the Wild: Native American Knowledge and the Management of California’s Natural Resources (p.110)…

John “Muir’s view of California nature was a necessary counterweight to the view that had prevailed before – that nature was there to be used, exploited, and commodified – but it left us with a schizophrenic approach to the natural world: humans either conquer nature and destroy its integrity, or they visit it as an outsider, idealizing its beauty and largely leaving it alone.  These seemingly contradictory attitudes – to idealize nature or commodify it – are really two sides to the same coin, what the restoration ecologist William Jordan terms the ‘coin of alienation.’  Both positions treat nature as an abstraction – separate from humans and not understood, not real.”

Armstrong argues that the California Natives were an integral part of the natural landscape, in the Permaculture sense, where whatever is not in Balance is in the process of being brought into Balance.  Where any invasive overconsumer would be met by its own predator, or overconsume its way to starvation and collapse.  If the natural economy of California prior to Spanish colonization was in Balance under Quaoar’s tutelage, it’s taken a couple of centuries for the invasive overconsumer – Spanish and American – to wear the ecosystem down to the point of destruction.  Sure, drought has been a factor, but as Permaculture demonstrates, drought is not sufficient by itself to destroy an environment.  It also takes removal of plant cover by hoof, plow, or saw.

At any rate, Quaoar has something to do with the Balance between obedience to Sustainable technology, Survival, Kindness (he was eventually poisoned because of cruelty and corruption – which again could have been an introjection of a frustrated cry for justice), and effective response to invasion.  And when a planet is Stationary, it is Strong, so we get the opportunity here to learn more about Quaoar.  While Juno-Uranus will also be strong, the Moon crosses Quaoar at 7am PDT on March 23, another opportunity for us to observe.  As usual, that Portal should be open for several hours before and after, especially before.

And by the way, at 27 of Sagittarius, Quaoar sits in front of the Galactic Center, so it’s channeling the Energy of our Galaxy to us.



All this may not make sense until March 28, when the Moon and Mercury both cross Chiron, opening us for major major Insights.  More about this later.

Then on March 30, the Moon crosses Uranus and Juno, lighting up the Yintegrity issue again.  Since the Sun crosses Uranus on April 1, this will be enhanced.

The Fool, remember, symbolizes Courage.  So if you have the Courage to test out some of your newly Recovered personality traits, April 1 is a good day for it!

And on March 31, the Moon ambles over the South Node, again triggering the Lilith T-Square and our Yindependence, with a strong undercurrent of self-sabotage.

apon9062bpBut it could just as well be Angelhair!  The “hair” is a cluster of fine Natrolite crystals, and the green Crystal under it is Apophyllite, favorite Crystal of the twelve Apophylls.  Both are complex Silicates.  Apophyllite opens the Intuition, while Natrolite can open the Crown Chakra.

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