March Portals II

talc3228bpTalc is a Magnesium Phyllosilicate, or Mica.  Its softness and vulnerability is a good symbol for the last half of March, where we’ll be shedding old skins and growing new ones.  


The Full Moon, March 16

The first Portal of the second half of March is the Full Moon, at 10am PDT on March 16.  Bisecting as it does a Mystic Rectangle (the blue lines), it makes a Yin Gate (the green dos equis)…

DSCN4814Looks like it belongs in a Mahjong set.  A Yin Gate is driven by its Oppositions…

We may not yet be Actively revising what we regard as Sacred, but we’re getting close to doing so, as we become Aware of the Self-Sabotaging elements of our Boundaries and Limitations.

and its Yods…

We need to be careful to make sure we approach these revisions with Curiosity, rather than anger or logic or dissatisfaction or obedience to someone else’s ideas about Source.  We need to learn what the Heart wants to tell us, not ask the mind for more decisions and judgments.

Mars is Retrograde, so we’re advised to contemplate or visualize Action, rather than Act precipitously.  You can see a Full Moon as Revelation of the distinction between Source and Matter, Soul and Ego, the Immutable and the Temporary, Truth and Metaphor.  Here the Yods ask us to be Curious about how (Mercury) our obsolete Patterns (South Node) torpedo what we want to Manifest (Moon), and Curious about how Surrending to Source (Sun) can help us shift our Edges (Pallas) so that our Actions (Mars) and Beliefs (Vesta) facilitate our Mission (North Node) rather than sabotage it.


More Yintegrity Work, March 17

The Moon comes ’round to Oppose Uranus and complete the Uranus-Pluto-Jupiter T-Square, making a Grand Cross.  This portal is open from around 2pm to 7pm PDT on March 17.  This is practice for when Mars backs around to complete the same Grand Cross.  By and large, a Grand Cross is more satisfying than a T-Square, because while a T-Square always has us anxious about “failing” to meet our perfectionism and culturally programmed judgments, a Grand Cross keeps us too busy putting out fires to leave much free Attention for worry.  At any rate, it’s about…

Dropping our pretenses and presenting ourselves straight from the Heart and Belly.  Programmed by “constructive” criticism from significant adults in our childhood, we expect other people to reject who we really are.  So we pretend to be someone else.  The pretense is protected by our Fear of Abandonment.  Get Conscious of when your Abandonment arises, and Tap yourself into Self-Acceptance.


Back to Lilith and Yindependence, March 18-19

Like March 11-15, we’re back to our Lilith and Chiron work,

Liberating our Inner Female and converting Hopelessness into Miracles.

from around 8pm PDT on March 18 till about 7am PDT on March 19.


Saturn, March 20

Saturn’s been quiet lately, mostly just making a Quincunx to Eris.  The Moon crosses Saturn at 8pm PDT on March 20.  You can figure the window will be open for several hours before and after, especially before.

What’s the Most Important Thing that we’ve been denying about ourself, which if brought into Consciousness and ameliorated, would help us let go of our habitual pretenses, open us to Cooperation and Collaboration, and transform our Lives to fill them with Ease and Grace? 

If we’re struggling with whether or how to “help” someone else with their Denial, look in the mirror and “help” yourself with the wisdom.

After this, if not before, it gets hairy – as we’ll detail in another post.

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