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lab0216bpLabradorite, and any other Stone with Iridescence, is a Consciousness-shifter.

Bruce explains here a process that underlies everything we talk about…

One difference.  Bruce talks about the “Subconscious,” and I agree with what he says about it, that it’s actually in charge.  But I call it the “Unconscious” – Jung’s term – to distinguish it from Freud’s use of the word “Subconscious.”  To Freud the Subconscious was a dungeon where our Dragons were banished to.  You could even equate that to the South Node.  Jung on the other hand talked about the Unconscious as a place that contained, among other things, our Drive to Wholeness.  Jung divided that in three – Personal Unconscious (Uranus), Cultural Unconscious (Neptune), and Global Unconscious (Pluto).

Dragons breathe Fire.  Fire is Spirit, Life.  So you can use the South Node as a surrogate for the hidden jewels contained in our Subconscious Patterns.  There are no bad Subconscious Patterns.  Problems arise when we activate the same Pattern no matter what the stimulus – which is usually what happens when we operate from the Subconscious, that is, most of the time.  It’s not that we need to excise Patterns, we need to add Patterns, execute them when it’s appropriate to the situation, and discern when they’re appropriate.  That’s what Consciousness is all about.  So I think of Uranus and Neptune and Pluto as the parts of our Unconscious that contain our Drive to Wholeness.  And Juno as the Edge between our Subconscious Patterns and our Consciousness.

Chiron, PIAVA, and Tapping are methods of rearranging the boundaries between the Subconscious (Dragons), Unconscious (Drives to Wholeness), and Consciousness so they align.  Without alignment, we self-sabotage.  Consciousness is dominated by the Ego, and while the Ego is bottom-line important – its job is to keep us alive – it isn’t always aligned with our Drives to Wholeness.  That’s why the third step in PIAVA is important: 1. PIAVA, 2. Change the Subject, 3. Pay Attention.  If our PIAVA and our Drive to Wholeness (think North Node – Mission, Deepest Desire) conflict, we’ll get that information by Paying Attention.

If you have any interest in New Biology and its relationship to Beliefs, here’s a 3-hour course by The Boss…

Beliefs, by the way, can be Subconscious, Unconscious, or Conscious.

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