Opening to the Magic


Uranus-Pluto and Stationary Jupiter

Of course the main effect here is the Jupiter Station lighting up the Uranus-Pluto Square (the dark red triangle or T-Square in the picture below).  The red lines symbolize Mastery through Challenge.  Here we’re

Challenged to Master allowing our True Self to manifest into our Lifetime.

Notice the blue lines, symbolizing Grace.  The blue-line “Bridge” represents the “easy” way to Master the Challenge.  That’s Chiron at the angle of the Bridge, so…


The easy way to Master allowing our True Self to manifest into our Lifetime is to locate any shade of Despair, including Unconscious Despair, and Reframe it into Miracle.  Easy, eh?

Well, first, recognize you can’t Reframe by thinking, or you would have done it already.  You need to PIAVA it.

And second, what the devil is “Unconscious Despair”?  It’s the places where you don’t even know you’re in Despair because you just believe that what you Want or Need is impossible.  You don’t even consider PIAVAing it, because it’s simply beyond your ability to imagine being realistic. 

So, what prevents you from manifesting your True Self  into your current Lifetime fully?  What sort of Miracle would be required?  Let yourself fantasize for a moment, imagine having what you Really Want, without worrying about how to get from here to there.  You won’t get there by planning and executing.  You can get there by PIAVA, if you can transcend your concerns about how to get there.

Notice the thick gold lines to Chiron – that’s our old faithful Chiron Mjolnir

We’re actually scheduled for Big Insights, once we open to the possibility that we really can make the transdimensional jump.

That’s the Main Effect, and it will be with us for a while, intensifying into the next few months.

Another Grand Cross

Meanwhile, for the short term, say March 2-8, we have a Grand Cross around the Venus-Lilith Opposition, as it Squares the Nodal Axis.  A Venus-Lilith Opposition is a Challenge in itself, as Venus represents our Inner Female (whatever our gender), and Lilith our Yindependence – our willingness and ability to take healthy control of our own Life.  Lilith’s notion of Feminine Power is a bit different from the Olde Male notion of Feminine Power.

DSCN4795And look who’s dancing around the North-Node corner of the Grand Cross – Mars and Vesta and Ceres.  Action, the Sacred, and Sustainability.  With the fourth corner being the South Node, our Karma, what’s happening here is that…

We’re challenged on many fronts to move from lash-batting ingenue to truth-telling genuine.

But again, we have blue lines; Bridges over the chasms.  Juno Bridges our Venus-Lilith Opposition, and Pallas our Nodal Axis.  The focus is on Pallas, as it rules the Yod across the Venus-Juno Sextile…

It’s about setting firm Boundaries with the people who don’t see who we really are, and about expanding our Edges so we are free to be our True Self in more circumstances.  Expanded Consciousness will follow.


Notice though that the Square between Lilith and the Mars-Vesta-Ceres-North Node Stellium is in both of the charts above.  What else ties the two charts together and integrates their impact on us?  Look at the orange lines below…

DSCN4794They make a Quintile Box – a huge “Learning Opportunity.”  The Box links the Jupiter-Pluto Opposition…

The Challenge to surrender into the natural flow of herstory

and the Retrograde-Stellium-enhanced Nodal Axis…

We’re Challenged to consider how we might Act to align our Mission with what we believe to be Sacred and Sustainable.  Not to Act, but to consider it.

In other words…

The Planet is moving toward a Culture where each person acts out their True Self while being mindful and supportive of the goals of the Community.  From Competition to Collaboration, using the most powerful Skills of each individual.  Of course you’re resisting that, because it breaks all the rules you learned in school.  Well, it’s time to get Conscious of your Resistance and ease up on it, lest the Global Culture leave you behind as it evolves.

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