Sea Change IV

ruby896bpAh, Ruby, symbol of the Courage required to Follow the Heart.  This one looks like open-Heart surgery, and that’s what it sometimes feels like to Follow our Joy, when it leads us into Vulnerability.  Lots of people will be trying to make us wrong for Trusting ourSelf more than we Trust the rules that they blindly and fearfully follow.  We just have to remember that the Heart lives out there in that Field where we’ll meet “beyond ideas of rightdoing and wrongdoing,” as Rumi so eloquently put it.

Now that Saturn’s Retrograde, except for the relatively minor Moon-South Node adventure on March 4, which will be about…

Reviewing our Karma – remember, when your Karma comes up it’s an opportunity to Let It Go, not to sign up for another go-round!  It’s not that your Karma has a hold on you, you have hold if It!  You really can just Let Go!

We are dumped willy-nilly into Jupiter’s Direct Station, which is of course the third corner of the Uranus-Pluto T-Square.  In other words we’re back to our fundamental 2012-2015 Work, which is about…

Dropping our Masks and allowing space in our Lives for Yintegrity – where we can respond from our Heart and Belly rather than from our robot-and-slave programming, while we allow and encourage others to respond from their Yintegrity.

I know, sounds scary, and it is.  But that’s just your programming.  You were trained to jump when the rope came by, and punished when you didn’t, often punished with Shaming, which can be worse than the whip or threat of hellfire.  Now it’s time to reprogram ourselves, to jump when we want to jump, not when we’re told to. 

Yintegrity by itself is in no sense scary, it’s incredibly Liberating.  We can just relax into our Self and not worry about our performance.  What a Joy!  Imagine being in a play where you get to act out your True Self.  There would be no need for rehearsals or costumes.

The Challenge to Master Yintegrity gets much stronger in the next few months as Mars comes back to Oppose Uranus and complete a very tight Grand Cross in mid-April.  It will be a singular event, as Jupiter was out of position when Mars went by the first time, and it will be out of position again when Mars goes by the third time.  It will crown the fourth of five Expositions for the seven-event Uranus-Pluto Square.  The Chiron Mjolnir will be closed by then, so we need to gather up all the Epiphanies we can now while they’re still on sale.

This Uranus-Pluto homework is necessary if we are to take our place in the New Chiron-Neptune Paradigm.

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