Sea Change III

morgan4683bpMorganite, Traveler among the Stars.  Think of it as a pink Emerald, as they’re both Beryllium Aluminum Cyclosilicates, Morganite with a little Manganese for color.  Beryllium symbolizes Serpent Energy, Kundalini.  The mineral correlate for the process of relaxing our grip on our Limiting Beliefs and Held Emotions, Forgiving ourselves and the perps, and finding the True Self that the Soul longs for us to embody.

Mars and Action

Our third clue is the March 1 Mars Station.  That occurred at 28 of Libra, and Mars will Retrograde until May 19.  The complete Shadow Period spans the Can-Opener phase from Christmas (10 Libra) till now (28 Libra), then through the Exposition phase from now till May 19 (back to 10 Libra), and finally the Confidence-Building stage until July 20 (28 Libra again)…

So whatever felt like a Call to Action since Christmas that you failed to respond to, or did respond but inadequately, will get lit up again in the next two and a half months, to give you a second chance to come up to speed.  It’s a good bet that it will have something to do with new friends or Community or Limiting Beliefs, or more likely all of the above.

In addition to the third Decanate of Libra, Mars backs over the second Decanate – the last third and the middle third.  The middle third is the Aquarius Decanate of Libra, so it’s about exploring Community.  We can actually divide the Shadow Period up into the two different Decanates –

  • Aquarius Decanate, 10-20 Libra (Community and Culture):
    • Can Opener, December 25 to January 21
    • Exposition, April 2 to May 9
    • Confidence-Builder, May 9 to July 4
  • Gemini Decanate, 20-30 Libra (new friends)
    • Can Opener, January 21-March 2
    • Exposition, March 2 to April 2
    • Confidence-Builder, July 4 to July 20

The North Node and Our Mission

The North Node is, if like us you use the average position, is always Retrograde.  The actual position wiggles back and forth around the average position, but since it refers to our Mission, we prefer the more stable version, so we aren’t always changing horses in midstream.  The North Node backed into Libra on February 18.  Scorpio needs to get to the bottom of things, always with a sense of urgency, so Scorpio comes across as Intense.  I’m referring to the Sign, not necessarily a person with strong Scorpio.  Even if everything is out on the table, Scorpio can still be suspicious, because Scorpio is habitually after what’s hidden.

Many addictions have their roots in Scorpio, because addictions are as insistent as Scorpio is.  If you frustrate Scorpio and make it believe that what they seek is so impossible that it can’t be found, there’s a good chance it may turn to addiction instead to try to satisfy that intense drive.  Take a child with strong Scorpio, withhold Love from them, and constantly tease them with it like you would a Kitten with a string, so they’re programmed with an unfulfilled thirst for Love but the belief that they’ll never get it, and you create a potential addict.  Imagine how that process would interact with our dance with Limiting Beliefs, Action, and Sustainability!

But now the North Node is in Libra.  So while we’ve been intensely seeking to find and carry out our Mission for the last eighteen months while the North Node was in Scorpio, now it’s a whole different story.  Libra is much more relaxed.  Libra’s foremost goal is Harmony.  The other eleven Signs think Libra is Codependent, always pleasing Others.  But to Libra, Codependent-like behavior is Integrity.  Pleasing Others – meeting Other, understanding Other, having Compassion and Empathy for Other, smoothing the way for Other, that’s what makes Libra tick.  So…

While our pursuit of our Mission was singularly personal over the last 18 months in Scorpio, in Libra for the next year and a half it’s about Community.  Where are the “Like Minds” that can be our allies as we Follow Our Joy?  That can understand and appreciate why we’re doing crazy things, and support us.  Who wants to do this Alone?  The World will be very different for the next eighteen months.

And of course, here on the Cusp of Scorpio, it means that the Ceres, Vesta, and Mars Stations are all about our Mission, that we’ve been…

Acting hesitantly and unsuccessfully to try to move closer to Sustaining our Mission and respecting our Deepest Values.  Now we’ll have the opportunity to see more clearly where we’re going, and how to get there effortlessly.

And Finally, Saturn, The Most Important Thing

So now we come down to The Most Important Station, Saturn.  It turns Retrograde until July 20, backing over 17-24 of Scorpio.  Okay, so our pursuit of our Mission might be more relaxed, but our Attention to The Most Important Thing will continue to be driven until Saturn moves into Sagittarius at Christmas 2014.  Saturn’s current Shadow Period spans November 25 through now (Can Opener), now through July 20 (Exposition), and July 20 through October 26 (Confidence Builder).

By the time Scorpio gets to 17-24 degrees, it has turned over all of the Stones, processed all of the Emotions, and identified all possible Motives for the Mysteries that have haunted it.  In the 17-24 zone it’s lightening up it’s grip on tracking down the Denial, and actually finding Compassion for the victims of whatever Trauma it and its cohorts have been repressing.  It’s discovering that while there are perps that need to bring their abuse into Consciousness and reform, Healing actually occurs through Forgiveness.  At this stage Scorpio may even be preparing to teach the perps to Forgive their abusers.  It’s a powerful section of Scorpio.  So…

The Most Important Thing here and for the next several months is Forgiveness.  Forgiveness for our own small and large “failures” over the last several months, and for the chronic and acute pain that we endured as children and in former Lives, that set us up for these failures as “Learning Opportunities” so we can let go of the Limiting Beliefs created by that pain, lovingly and gently re-experience the pain with Empathy for ourSelf in those circumstances, Liberate ourselves from Self-Sabotage, recognize the people and Communities that will help Sustain ourSelves and our Planet, and actively move into them.

That’s a pretty big bottom line.

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