Sea Change II

As we mentioned, by far the biggest influence here is the March 2 Saturn Station, just because Saturn’s bigger than the other players.  But let’s start with the other players, because while a Saturn Station tells us in no uncertain terms to Focus on The Most Important Thing and postpone other priorities, the secondary players will give us hints about just what is The Most Important Thing, in case we didn’t already know.

Vesta, Fundamentalism, and Consciousness

Our second hint comes from Vesta, which turned Retrograde on March 1.  The Vesta Shadow Period spans 18 to 30 Libra and December 30 through July 30.  The Direct Station occurs on June 19.  The Retrograde Station in 30 Libra actually occurred at 0 degrees and 0 minutes of Scorpio.  Since we round up, 29:01 through 29:59 of Libra are known as 30 degrees of Libra, while 0:01 through 0:59 of Scorpio are known as 1 degree of Scorpio.  The single arc-minute in between, 0:0 of Scorpio, can be called 30 Libra, but really it’s 0 Scorpio.  As you can see, that’s rare.

So we’re talking about basically the same Zodiac-space as the Ceres Station, but now we have Vesta in that space.  Vesta is about our Fundamentalism.  A Fundamentalist takes his or her metaphors literally.  Since Reality itself is unknowable except through direct experience, and since that’s ineffable, and since our ability to perceive is limited, everything we know about Reality is a metaphor.  So when we mistake one of those metaphors for fact, we saddle ourselves with Limiting Beliefs, and by necessity Self-Sabotage.  Religions aren’t the only Fundamentalisms; many scientists are virtually required to be by their peer review process, and nationalism is a rampant form of Fundamentalism.  One way to describe Vesta is that is symbolizes what we’re willing to live and die for.

Vesta rules what we consider to be Sacred, our Deepest Beliefs.  Many people are born with fixed Beliefs about the Sacred, and many are programmed into them by the significant adults in their childhood and the institutions that they (the adults) are Fundamentalist about.  Many people carry their Deepest Beliefs to the grave with them – it’s a strong foundation of Karma.  But our Deepest Beliefs can change.  In fact, if we want to Expand our Consciousness, they have to change.  Think of them as the floor of our Birdcage.  As Kesey put it, You can trip out so far that you never get back to know that you left.  That can happen when the floor drops out from underneath us.

So if the last third of Libra is about making new friends, then…

Since December 30 we’ve probably directly or indirectly encountered potential new friends who were from Cultures or families that had Sacred Beliefs different from the ones we grew up with, or even different from the ones we currently have.  If we didn’t reject them out of hand, the process would have challenged our Limiting Beliefs.  Until June 30 we’re probably going to be re-experiencing those challenges, and hopefully loosening our grip on our own Limiting Beliefs in the process.

When we speak of loosening Limiting Beliefs, we’re in the realm of both Pallas (Boundaries and Edges), and Juno (the Edges, Limits, and Growth of Consciousness), so we need to ask how those are related to where we are today.  Pallas is Sextile to the Cusp of Scorpio, so with a little effort on our part, loosening those Boundaries a bit shouldn’t be too difficult.  Juno’s actually at the Apex of a Yod with Pallas and the Stellium of Stations on the Scorpio Cusp, so…

To successfully Expand the Edges of our Consciousness we need to rely on true Wonder again.  “Wow, I Wonder how I can stretch to include that in my quiver?” with an actual “?” at the end and not an “!?!”.  

Of course this Vesta Shadow Period occurs right under the Ceres Shadow Period time-wise and Zodial-wise, so you know they’re going to be related…

Who did we reject as potential new friends in January of February, and what clues do they hold for our Survival?  There is an implication that wherever a potential new friend ran up against a Limiting Belief of ours, or we ran up against a Limiting Belief of theirs, there’s information there that we need to pay Attention to, in order to boost the Sustainability of our Consciousness.

Don’t be literal.  The Universe speaks a more nuanced language than we do.  Whatever Limiting Belief it was, that may not be the actual Belief that blocks your progress.  But for sure it holds clues to what blocks your progress.  You’ll need to Wonder or PIAVA about the actual blocks, and about how to release them lovingly and gently.

Among Ceres and Vesta, Vesta is the faster asteroid.  Vesta’s Station was almost two degrees shy of Ceres’s Station, so they have not Conjoined yet, as close as they are.  Simultaneous Stations just prior to an Initiation tell us that we need to pay a lot of Attention to the Initiation that’s coming up, as it is an important transition.  Since it’s Ceres, it’s important to our Survival.  And since it’s Vesta, it suggests that we will probably need to revise our notions of what we’re willing to live and die for.

The actual Initiation occurs four months hence on July 4, at 22 Libra, “A child giving Birds a drink at a fountain.”  That speaks to a level of innocence that we might have had if we were less aware of whether or not our potential new friends violated our Limiting Beliefs, or we theirs.  The current Vesta-Ceres Cycle began in late October 1996 at 25 Sagittarius, “A chubby boy on a hobby-horse.”  That triggers image of the 1%.

Innocence again, childhood.  But we may be shifting from hero-fantasies to acts of Compassion, and from dominance of Nature to a generous relationship with Nature.

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