Sea Change I

schee4866bpScheelite – Calcium Tungstate – is an excellent aid to Discernment.

By far the biggest influence here is the March 2 Saturn Station, just because Saturn’s bigger than the other players.  But let’s start with the other players, because while a Saturn Station tells us in no uncertain terms to Focus on The Most Important Thing, the other players will give us hints about just what is The Most Important Thing, in case we didn’t already know.

Ceres, the Shadow Period, and the Last Third of Libra

Ceres is Retrograde from February 26 till June 1, and triple-crosses 19 Libra to 2 Scorpio.  The “Shadow Period” runs from December 4 through August 12.  So, what’s all that mean for us?

Well, we really should be introducing a Retrograde period at the start of the Shadow Period, because when a planet goes Retrograde it recrosses the same section of the Zodiac three times.  If you have a natal planet there, it will be triggered thrice.  As we’ve indicated before, this means that…

The Universe really wants us to get this message. 

We call the first crossing the Can-Opener because it usually opens up an old wound for us to heal.  The second crossing is the Exposition, because the nature of the wound is exposed so we can Empathize with, and find Compassion for, our wounded self.

So once a planet goes Retrograde, we’re already starting into the Exposition phase.  It’d be nice if we had a warning before the Can-Opener, wouldn’t it.  In the Exposition phase, the issue that wounded us is replayed at a slower speed, so we can understand what’s happening.  Once the planet goes Direct again and recrosses our natal planet for the third time, if we did out homework at the Exposition, then the wound is retriggered again, but this time we know how to handle it.  So we call the third crossing the Confidence-Builder.

Even without a natal planet within the Shadow Period, we get the Opportunity to work on any issue we have around the zone of the Zodiac that’s triple-crossed.  The last third of Libra is about…

Making new friends.

The first third is about reaching out to Other, and the second third about finding the kind of Culture we’d enjoy living in.

So, do you have any issues around making new friends?  Do you trust strangers?  What sort of tests do you put people through before you accept them?  Are people trying to befriend you and you’re suspicious?  At the same time are you scared that they’ll give up on you?  Whatever new-friends issue that was up for you between December 4 and February 26, we’ll now be reviewing until June 1.

Then from June 1 through August 12, we’ll see how well we did at learning these important Lessons that the Universe was so generously handing out.

Okay, so what about Ceres, which is to say, who was it that was triggering our wounds and pushing us toward new friends?  Well, Ceres is about Sustainability and Sustenance.  So whatever’s up, it’s about Community, about Survival.

What will these new friends Expect of us?  Will be be able to live up to their Expectations?  What is it we Expect of them?  If we had to depend on them for our Survival, would they come through?  If they depended on us for their Survival, would we come through?  Will our old friends be jealous, or think we’ve gone astray?  Would we be able to depend on our old friends for Survival, and they on us?

Sustainability and Sustenance go hand in hand – we have to give up surplus in order to get to Sustainability.

Abandonment and Suffocation

I was going to save this till when we next spoke about Venus, which isn’t too far off, but it’s relevant here, so I’ll bring it up now.

We were all born with some degree of Abandonment and some degree of Suffocation.  Most of us emphasize one or the other.  When someone appears to reject us, it triggers our Abandonment.  If Abandonment is our preferred way of facing the World, we usually overreact.  Often their behavior isn’t even about us, but about them.  This is a particular problem cross-Culturally, because we won’t understand what is meant by gestures, phrases, or even body language and facial expressions.

But you know what?  Every family has its own Culture!  So even in the same Culture we’ll run into this with neighbors.  Some people enjoy making fun of others, but they sometimes don’t really mean it, because it’s a way of testing their new friends to see where there wounds are, and to see if they can be trusted, and how far.  Sometimes, of course, they really do mean it!    A fundamental rule in the Recovery Movement is that Teasing is Abuse.  But that doesn’t make it go away.

And of course, we all had experiences in “Past” Lives and in our infancy and childhood, where we felt Abandoned.  If those were serious enough or repeated enough, it left a scar that’s still tender.  So if we approach the World with a core issue of Abandonment, and we stumble into a crowd that enjoys making fun of others, then making new friends is going to be rare and difficult.

The other side of this coin is Suffocation.  If we had significant adults in our childhood and infancy who monitored our every breath and freaked out when we farted, and especially if they judged us and tried to control us, then we’ll have a priori expectations that people will Suffocate us rather than Abandon us.  Or if we experienced Past Lives as a Slave or under strict surveillance by anyone.  The two are usually correlated. 

Of course we could easily be approaching the World with both Abandonment and Suffocation.  That makes new friends a minefield.  The point is, most of our Relationship problems are our own.  It’s not that they are doing anything wrong, no matter how much it looks that way.  It’s that we are interpreting their actions and words and gestures from the perspective of our Abandonment or Suffocation.  This isn’t always true, but if we want to keep old friends or make new ones, or both, we need to assume it’s our own issue until proven otherwise.  And careful about what we consider “proof”!

So, with Ceres Retrograding across the last third of Libra, we’re scouting for folks who prove to be trustworthy enough and friendly enough and reliable enough that we can depend on them for our Survival, and they on us.  Discernment is important; no matter how flexible we believe ourselves to be, it’s unlikely that we can just choose a Community by throwing darts at the board and then go fit in perfectly.  But there’s also a very large opportunity here for us to examine our own motivations and perspectives, and if we can eliminate some Self-Sabotage here, that’ll make a huge difference in the Sustainability of our Community.

That Big River in Egypt

So of course we’re talking about Denial here – denying our own Abandonment makes someone else appear to be rejecting us, and denying our own Suffocation makes someone else appear to be trying to control us.  And if we’re going to trust them, we need to know what they’re denying – that’s the social function of Teasing, after all.  So then, where’s Eris?  Kind of like Where’s Waldo?  Eris is Quincunx to the Godfather here, Saturn.  Meaning?

No matter where we look for The Most Important Thing, we need to maintain our Curiosity about what’s hidden under the surface.  Not Judgment, but Curiosity.  “I wonder what’s really true here” in the honest sense of the word Wonder.  The willingness to wait to see what emerges is a big part of real Wonder.  Asking the question is what invites the Veil to lift.

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