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February Portals

February 9, 2014

moon9881bpMoonstone is a gemological variety of Potassium Feldspar.  It mediates all fertility cycles, mutes Yang Energy, smoothes out Emotional whiplash, and helps us tolerate structures in constant flux.

So let’s look at when the Moon illuminates each of the four February Energies.  We’d need a three-dimensional Venn diagram to show the interconnections between the four, but suffice it to say that they all revolve around Pluto.  Pluto is on the base of the Uranus T-Square.  Pluto is a corner of the Quintile Box.  Pluto is in the Septile Chain.  And while it’s not a component of the Chiron Mjolnir, Pluto does Sextile Chiron.  The program follows.  For each of these, the Portal will open six hours prior to the indicated time, and close six hours after, with the earlier six hours being stronger…

  • Portal 2.10 – Moon on Jupiter (triggering Uranus T-Square and Quintile Box), half past 9pm PST
  • Portal 2.12a – Moon on Lilith (Chiron Mjolnir), half past 6am PST
  • Portal 2.12b – Moon triggering Septile Chain, 11pm PST
  • Portal 2.15 – Moon Opposes Chiron, triggering the Mjolnir, 11pm PST
  • Portal 2.16 – Moon triggering Septile Chain, 7pm PST
  • Portal 2.18 – Moon Opposes Uranus, completing the Grand Cross, 6am PST
  • Portal 2.19 – Moon crosses triple Conjunction (Chiron Mjolnir and Quintile Box), half past 6pm PST to half past 10pm PST (plus six hours on either side)
  • Portal 2.21 – Moon on Saturn (Septile Chain), 2pm PST
  • Portal 2.25 – Moon on Pluto (Uranus T-Square, Quintile Box, and Septile Chain), 3am PST

By then we’re jumping right into the Gang of Stations that characterizes the end of February and the beginning of March.  The first Station is Ceres, turning Retrograde at 3am PST on February 27 – consider that Portal 2.25-2.27, as Ceres is only moving one arcminute per day as it Stations.  That’ll trigger both the Chiron Mjolnir and the Quintile Box.  Then we’re thick into the Stations – Mercury then Mars (which by then has briefly joined the triple Conjunction) then Vesta then Saturn then Jupiter.  Busy busy busy.

February Energies

February 9, 2014

astro8199bpAstrophyllite, specializing in creating Order from Diversity.

With a lot going on, this is a confusing month.  Let’s first try to take it apart (“anal-yze” it), and then see which parts the Moon lights up when.  Here are February’s four ongoing Big Dramas:

  • The Uranus T-Square,
  • The Chiron Mjolnir,
  • The Quintile Box, and
  • The Septile Chain…

The Uranus T-Square

With of course Pluto (Mandatory Transformation) and Jupiter (Expansion and Amplification).

To review, a T-Square comprises two planets in Opposition, with a third planet at their Midpoint.  Or, one planet with two Squares to opposite sides of the Zodiac.  It means Mastery through Challenge.  Your natal T-Squares are the places where you have the greatest Mastery and the greatest self-judgment – simply because you’re motivated to keep trying (even if only in your imagination) till you finally get it right, but it’s not a binary issue with right and wrong about it.

It’s a Fourth-Harmonic issue, with all of the complex nuances involved in the concepts of Justice and Dominion.  Not Justice when seen from one person’s point of view (which is actually revenge), but Justice that takes into account all relevant perspectives.  And not Dominion in the sense of Control, but Dominion in the sense of Competence.  Natal Squares provide us with Mastery simply because we have more practice with them, and more practice with approaching them from various angles, than anyone else.  Square Mastery is particularly valuable in times of rapid Change (as in Now), when the traditional experts, who know how to do it rightrelative to the previous Paradigm – are stumped.

The ongoing Challenge to embody more and more of our Soul-Self, and realign our Ego-Self accordingly.  Most of us are pretty heavily invested in false Selves that serve specific goals, like the one that covers the mortgage or the one that takes care of the kids.  So there are likely to be a number of Ego Deaths of varying severity going on.  But as the old saying goes, rumors of our demise are greatly exaggerated – it feels horrible, and it feels like we’re going to have to Abandon our “self” or others, but Ego-Death Emotions are always greatly exaggerated.  Not that it’s easy, but it’s not as bad as it seems.

Uranus of course is our Yintegrity – our willingness to do what we Want, moment to moment, without self-judgment.  Since mortgages and kids often play havoc with Yintegrity, in order to live in Yintegrity in a Yang World, we usually have to reduce our Commitments, be willing to renegotiate often, and extricate ourselves from circumstances where that sort of Freedom isn’t possible.  The Uranus-Pluto Square spans 2012 to 2015.  Hang in there.

We can see the Jupiter-Pluto chasm as Surrendering to the threat of constant Transformation – we have no idea who we’ll end up being.

The Chiron Mjolnir

Chiron, meanwhile, is Sextile to Pluto and Trine to Jupiter – it’s the key to unraveling the Challenge of the Uranus T-Square.  So there are two bridges across the Jupiter-Pluto chasm – the direct Challenge toward Yintegrity, and a more Grace-full path through Reframing.  They both lead to the same place.  We’ll be taking both routes.  At once.

The feet of the Mjolnir are Lilith (Yindependence) and the Vesta-Ceres-North Node triple Conjunction (allowing our understanding of the Sacred to come into alignment with our personal Mission and Desires, in order to be able to Sustain our Commitment to them)…

Miracles – and Despair.  When you encounter any discouragement or hopelessness, know you’re in the grips of Chiron.  Know you can’t anal-yse your way out of it, because you have to allow your assumptions about LifetheUniverseandEverything to shift, in order to perceive the places where your dreary outlook isn’t even relevant. 

You can PIAVA your way out of it, but you’ll need to be clever to not recreate the perceived “problem.”  For instance, if you PIAVA a solution to “Problem X,” you probably won’t be catapulted out of the box that has Problem X as a consequence of its construction.  You may have to find a way to PIAVA a World where “Problem X” doesn’t exist.  That’s more likely to take you where you want – or indeed, need – to go.

PIAVA a World where your commitment to your Deepest Desires is unquenchable, no matter what anyone says.  With a loving and gentle and fun and funny transition, of course.  

This Mjolnir is a much bigger deal that it appears to be – Mjolnirs aren’t usually considered a big deal by astrologers.  Remember that a Mjolnir is a Square with a third planet at the far Midpoint.  In this case, the Square is between Lilith and the triple Conjunction.  Another way to look at it, is a planet with two Trioctiles to different zones of the Zodiac – here, Chiron is that planet.  A Trioctile is three eighths of the way ’round the Loop.

Many important astrological Configurations add up to 360 degrees – a Mjolnir consists of a Square (90) and two Trioctiles (2 x 135) = 360.  A Mjolnir is often called a Hammer of Thor – Mjolnir is the Norwegian word for same.  In Hindu mythology, Vajra or Dorje is parallel.  The meaning is something very hard, like Diamond, that strikes like Lightning.  In other words, Epiphany.  Think of it as illumination rather than destruction.  Or if you want, destruction of impediments and Resistance.  While Diamond is the hardest substance around, it’s also very brittle.  When shattered it would shower Light in all directions.

Trioctile Angles are sometimes called Sesquisquares – a Square and a half.  The Trioctile is an Eighth-Harmonic Angle with undertones of the Third Harmonic.  The Eighth Harmonic represents Alignment and Balance.  To quote Angie Arrien (Tarot Handbook, p.55),

“The central portion of the symbol is a figure that stands in a Diamond, having pierced the webbed veils of illusion, delusion, and deception.”

The Third Harmonic represents Love with Wisdom.  So a Mjolnir has the potential to bring loving and gentle Realignment and Balance, even without our Great Reframer Chiron.  Vesta represents what we’re willing to Live or Die for, so this will deepen our experience of Ego Death.  But Ceres represents Sustainability, and the North Node carries our Deepest Desires, so abrogation of the North Node is a very serious Self-Abandonment, the kind of situation where it’s your own Soul that metes out the punishment.  And Lilith embodies the Freedom to Live in Yintegrity.  So these Dramas dance together pretty intimately.

The Quintile Box

The Quintile Box ties these Dramas together even more tightly, as its four corners are Pluto and Jupiter of the Uranus T-Square, and the triple Conjunction of the Chiron Mjolnir, plus the South Node.  The South Node of course represents our Karma and the Hidden Skills it masks, the very Skills we need to accomplish our Mission.  A Quintile Box is made up of two Oppositions forming an “X,” with the top and bottom each a Quintile apart, and the sides a Quintile and a half apart.  The two Oppositions here are Jupiter-Pluto and the Nodal Axis.  A Quintile Angle separates the triple Conjunction from Pluto.

A “Quintile and a half” is a Tridecile, or three tenths of the way ’round the Zodiac.  That puts us into the Tenth Harmonic (Fortune) with a Third Harmonic melody underneath.  So the Trideciles (Jupiter to the the triple Conjunction, and Pluto to the South Node) are by no means malevolent.  However, Quintiles – the Fifth Harmonic – can be hard, as they force us to Learn things that make Change inevitable.  In this case…

We’re being asked to Amplify our Worst Fears in order to allow us to Embrace them and Love them into Oblivion.  That will Liberate the Hidden Skills that will allow us to Sustain our Commitment to our own Mission.  Till recently we were dancing all around our Mission, but now we find that it’s no longer optional.

That is, Jupiter Quintile South Node Amplifies our Karma, while Pluto Quintile to the North Node and Friends means that the play gets very serious.  On the other hand, the Expansion of our Commitment to our Mission (Jupiter to triple Conjunction) and the Requirement that we face our Karma (Pluto to the South Node) are Tridecile relationships – Fortune with Love and Wisdom.  If it weren’t so hard, we’d be calling it Grace.

The Septile Chain

This is subtle but Big.  Saturn is Septile to Pluto which Septiles Neptune which is Septile to Eris – a cat’s cradle of heavy hitters.  The Septile or Seventh Harmonic is about Timing the use of Power.  You can strain all you want and nothing happens, till you get to the Tipping Point – and then you can knock it over with a feather, because you aren’t acting alone, you’re one of very many who pushed before you.  There are two types of Power – Conformity, and the Septile.  Pluto Power is about going with the flow and not paddling upstream.  Septile Power is about adding the last watt to a building stream of Potential, creating a new stream by being in the right place at the right time.

Healing, like our Healcebo Power or Shamanic Power, uses Septile Power.  Shamanic Rituals assemble the Energies in Potential-space, and when the Tipping Point is reached, the Energy is dispatched into third-dimensional form in a whoosh.  We’re referring to Shamanic Rituals, which are unique to the circumstances and participants, not Rituals of Repetition – which have their own Power.  Since All There Is Is Now, by invoking a Ritual of Repetition, you invoke the accumulation of every instance of its invocation.  There is a Seventh-Harmonic element to Rituals of Repetition if they’re relatively new, but by and large Rituals of Repetition inhabit the Second Harmonic.

The Neptune-Eris Septile stands at four degrees off, so it’s beyond our usual three-degree threshold, but considering the gravity of the players, it’s worth including.  But since everyone else is moving forward much more quickly than Eris, the overarching Saturn-Eris Angle is now closer to a Quincunx than a Triseptile.  Which is good, because it introduces Curiosity…

I Wonder what it is that I’m Resisting most of all.

That’s Wonder as in true Curiosity, the W in PIAVAW.  Resistance and Denial are killing cousins.  That’s exactly what we need to resolve the tension in the Uranus T-Square, the Chiron Mjolnir, and the Quintile Box.  But that’s only the personal element of the Septile Chain.  The other elements are far beyond personal – Neptune pertaining to the Cultural Unconscious and Pluto to the Planetary Unconscious.  These are looong Cycles.

The current Neptune-Pluto Cycle, even though it’s completed only one seventh of its journey, began in 1891 at 9 Gemini, “A quiver filled with arrows.”  While Rudhyar emphasizes Conquest, the only military operations of any significance in 1891 were Wounded Knee and a Chilean Civil War.  America’s Wounded Knee has never healed – Amerika is still inflexible about regarding Conquest as heroic – and a conflict between the forces of fascism and the forces of Yindependence may yet evolve before the Life of the Planet splits into two distinct vibrations.  And Wounded Knee was the Tipping Point in European Conquest over the Natives of the ‘New World’ who were rational beings with Souls who must not be enslaved or robbed that lived in North America.

The Chilean Civil War is interesting, as it was over the Legislature being unwilling to approve any of the President’s cabinet ministers – a bane in the US today, with the Republicrats vowing revenge over the Democans’ recent changing of the rules to permit cabinet approvals.  But the general flavor of 1891 was not about Conquest, or at least not wartime Conquest.  The automobile began commercial production.  The first glider flew.  The first successful powered flight also occurred, but since it used a steam engine it wasn’t considered sustainable.  Tesla demonstrated wireless transmission of electrical energy.

The overall tenor was the beginning of the “Gay Nineties” or “Naughty Nineties,” a period similar to the 1920s, where Avarice and Decadence were celebrated.  The American and European economies had recovered from the Depression of the 1870s and were celebrating relative prosperity, until the Panic of 1893 began another Depression, now sometimes added to the previous one to be called the Long Depression.  So the seeds of economic inequality were present at the Initiation of the current Pluto-Neptune .

The other Septiles are all Waning –

  • Saturn Septile to Pluto (Focus on the Global)
  • Saturn Biseptile to Neptune (Focus on Culture)
  • Saturn Triseptile/Quincunx to Eris (Focus on Denial)
  • Pluto Biseptile to Eris (Revealing Global Secrets)
  • Neptune Septile to Eris (Revealing Cultural Secrets)

Which means we are ending very many looong Cycles here.  Lots of Void Energy, lots of Potential, but the timing is not right for Creating.  Rather, on the Cultural and Global levels, it’s time for housecleaning, for throwing out the scoundrels, but not replacing them with Visionaries, instead replacing them with Caretakers.

All Together Now

That’s a huge bundle of Energies to be working with.  The constructive parts are mostly personal.  Neptune-Pluto is the Grand exception, which says to me that the New Global Culture that we’re Co-Creating must be about tolerating a wide mix of Yintegrity and Yindependence, and structuring a Collaborative Caretaker Society that’s more about local Community survival for the short term than about globalization or building long-term infrastructure.

Where Have All the Seeds

February 9, 2014

As we’ve said, in high school civics class I learned that the definition of fascism was when corporations ran the government.  I’ve also seen how in general usage fascism usually means a totalitarian government.  I think that’s because when corporations run the government, totalitarianism is necessary to keep the People from objecting to corporate control that values private profits over human welfare.  In the US, where the primary export is weapons and any decline in the ubiquitous weapons industry means a decline in jobs in most Congressional districts, the connection between fascism and repression of the People is particularly strong.

Here’s some nitty-gritty on one of the latest fronts in the growth of fascism – the chemical industry’s attempt to end-run democracy…

What’s this got to do with astrology?  It’s an excellent example of Resistance to the trend toward individual sovereignty inherent in the Uranus-Pluto Cycle, and to the trend toward greater Yin/Yang Balance inherent in the emergence of Eris and the prominence of Lilith in, for example, the Chiron Mjolnir.  It’s hard to underemphasize the importance of the Mjolnir – the other corner of the base consists of a triple Conjunction of the North Node (Destination), Vesta (the Sacred), and Ceres (Sustainability).  The nascent Chiron-Neptune Cycle provides a context – we’re in the formative stages of Co-Creating a global fresh-violets-in-an-ancient-pottery-bowl New Paradigm for our economic, political, environmental, and Community structures.

Where Have All the Soldiers

February 7, 2014

This is historic…


February 7, 2014

We met Dr. Rankin a while back, in her TEDx talk about “Spontaneous Remission” or the Healcebo effect, as she calls it at times.  Well, I thought we did.  But I can’t find it.  This is better anyway…

She not only talks about her research on Spontaneous Remission and how it occurs (her interview with Nick starts about a minute and a half in), but the link also introduces (in the first minute and a half, and elsewhere on the page) the free 2014 Tapping World Summit, which is highly recommended if you aren’t already using Tapping – or even if you are.  If you aren’t, you want to be.

Ah, here’s her TEDx talk – I guess it was still in my queue.  It’s good too; you might want to run through it if you have any questions about Healcebo after watching her interview with Nick.  If you are into Tapping, you well know Nick’s sister Jessica, and her “interview” with Lissa is more like a conversation…

It’s good too; highly recommended.  Like Russell Wilson says, Why not us?  Others have healed spontaneously from worse, Why not me? 

Spontaneous Remission isn’t an alternative to medicine, it’s a complement to medicine.  You can allow yourself to be spontaneously healed while you’re doing conventional medicine.  You might shock your Doc, but no harm in that, just good clean fun.  Lissa seems to be on a roll; her efforts to bring the rest of the World along are centered at  I mean, some folks even allowed their hair to grow back.

No pressure – Spontaneous Remission isn’t something you do, it’s something you allow, something you PIAVA.  So it’s not something you can fail at.  Doesn’t hurt to have a hundred friends, supporters, monkeys, and other Waterhole critters PIAVAing with you.  You can PIAVA in a few seconds, so it’s not a big commitment.  In fact, the quicker you are at it, the easier it is to Change the Subject.  The hard part is remembering to Pay Attention when your PIAVA doesn’t pay off immediately and the Universe is channeling information to you so you can learn more about your Limits.  That way you can transcend them permanently instead of being a One-Remission Wonder.  Chiron (Miracle) is in an epiphanic Angle (Trioctile) to Ceres (Sustainability), you know.

All PIAVAs are answered, in one way or another, and you can adjust them as you go, so you don’t get stuck “getting what you asked for” if you don’t get it quite right.  If you’ve an extra few minutes, try writing them.  I used to write mine over and over again until I could write them in one smooth flow, without any hiccups in my handwriting.  That worked so well it scared me, and I haven’t done it since!  As you know, we always add lovingly and gently to the end of our PIAVAs, and sometimes rapidly and completely.  Elizabeth suggests we also add and can you please make that happen in a way that’s fun or funny or both!  I mean, Why not?  Nothing to lose.

Portal 2.7 and the ‘Roids

February 6, 2014

Vesta_full_mosaicThis is a mosaic of photographs of Vesta, made by the Dawn spacecraft.  Dawn is now on its way to Ceres to take its portrait.  It’s one of those Big-Government boondoggles.


Here’s a great review of Both/And

Earlier we crossed paths with Pope Francis’s white Doves and black Crow and suggested that perhaps it was their misogyny that was biting the butt of their Dove of Peace.  But here’s a very relevant extension to traditional Catholic pedophilia…

Didn’t we also mention the triple Mercury-Saturn-Eris Tricolor earlier?

The triple Mercury-Saturn Square finds Saturn Quincunx to Eris, while Eris Sextiles Mercury to complete the Pattern…

When we feel Limited, we need to PIAVA what it is that you’re Denying.  The Wonder and Curiosity will trigger Insight. 

The Vatican’s response to the UN’s criticism of the pedophilia that they’ve been protecting for millennia?

“The Vatican press office said in a statement that it regretted to see the United Nations committee ‘attempt to interfere’ with Catholic teaching and the church’s ‘exercise of religious freedom.’ “

Poor Babies.  If they were in touch with their Yin Energy, they could PIAVA some relief from such persecution.

But then, how does this interact with the dangers of certainty?  How do we know, when we feel moral Judgment, that we aren’t descending into those dangers?  One easy answer is that it’s only Attachment to the current Lifetime, aka Ego, that creates quandary for us – otherwise, Life seems to crave Experience, whether it meets apparently (or rhetorically) universal Values or not.  But that’s too easy.  The dangers of certainty tell us to focus on the Questions, not the Answers.  The cusp of Growth is Paradox, not Conclusion.

Vesta, Ceres, North Node, Lilith, Mercury, et al

You may have noticed that Vesta has been gaining on Ceres, while the North Node is edging backwards toward both.  And all three have been Squaring Lilith.  In fact, it’s this Square that’s the base of the Chiron Mjolnir.  Venus tells us what we value.  But Vesta tells us what constitutes blasphemy.  Vesta-Ceres Challenges us to make our sense of the Sacred more Sustainable.  Add the North Node and we’re informed that, for each of us and for the planet, this is important to our Mission.  The Square to Lilith wraps our Independence into the equation.  And Chiron tells us that facing these Challenges will radically Change our Life.  Let me repeat…

Miracles of Liberation await if we are able to focus on the Sustainable and allow our sense of the Sacred to evolve accordingly.  In this process we’ll be asked to release any Attachment we have to people or ideas that have fixed agendas, in order to find and pursue our own personal agenda, our Soul’s Agenda for this Lifetime.  If you can describe your Mission without an “or something like that” at the end, it’s an unsustainable mental snapshot of your Soul’s Agenda, not the real thing.

In it’s Retrostutter, Mercury also triple-Squares the Vesta-Ceres-North Node complex, while Juno Trines Saturn…

Focus on the Edge of Consciousness.  You have a Felt Sense of your Future.  It’s vague, sort of a Cloud just beyond your Clarity.  Sit in a quiet place and put your Attention directly into the Cloud.  When you see yourself hungrily jumping for any hint of Clarity, let that go.  Honor yourself – “Oh, there’s the Mind, craving certainty; thanks for trying to help, Honey!”  It’s too soon for Clarity, but sitting quietly in that fuzzy Cloud will help all of you, not just your mind but also your Heart and your Hara, to get a head start when Time does ripen.

It’s kind of a tricky month, this February.   It’s complicated.  But what are the Opportunities?  Remember that Quintile Box we stumbled on earlier?  It hangs out with us until the end of March.  Our earlier interpretation was…

For the next two months we’ll be Learning a great deal about Rapidly and Permanently Transforming our orientation toward our Mission and toward our Limiting Beliefs and Held Emotions – and Learning how to profit from what we Learn.  After all, while Avarice won’t do us much good, self-deprivation will do us even less good.  There’s nothing Compassionate about self-deprivation.  When we remember that Abundance is Having Enough to Share, we see that self-deprivation just deprives everyone.

Vesta-Ceres-North Node also Biquintiles Juno, with Pluto at the Midpoint…

These transformations and Trance Reformations aren’t optional.  When you notice yourself tensing up over witnessing some blasphemy this month, take a deep breath and recognize the urge to Judge as your own Limitation.  PIAVA that you grow beyond it in a way that benefits All. 

If you sense that you’re about to express yourself in a way that someone else will consider blasphemy, stop, take a deep breath, and see if you can open up an honest conversation.  That starts by listening and asking questions to understand as deeply as you can what motivates the Other to feel the way they do.  Don’t express yourself until they ask you how you feel about it.  If they don’t ask, or if you get bored waiting for them to ask, politely excuse yourself and walk away. 

If you find someone else reacting to you as though you had blasphemed – whether you knew you had or not – apologize and ask them to describe their feelings, and what it was you said that offended them.  Open yourself to Listening, rather than Expressing.  If they ask, then Express yourself Honestly.

If you want a head start into grokking these catapults into the Unknown…

Pay close attention to the inner and outer circumstances (Feeling Patterns and Event Patterns) that occur between 6pm PST February 7 and 6am PST February 8, when the Moon makes a powerful Quintile Yod with Venus-Pluto and Vesta-Ceres-North Node as its base.

The Vesta-Ceres-North Node Conjunctions aren’t complete until the first half of July.  Vesta and Ceres are two of the six Stations that dance around March 1, as both turn Retrograde.  They both retreat faster than the North Node can catch them, and don’t turn Direct again till May and June.

The July events occur at 22 Libra – “A Child giving Birds a drink at a fountain” (Vesta-Ceres), 25 Libra – “The sight of an autumn Leaf brings to a pilgrim a sudden revelation of the mystery of Life and Death” (Vesta-North Node), and 24 Libra – “A Butterfly with a third wing on its left side.”  The left side is of course, in general, the Yin or Receptive side.  This combination of Energies will be strong in July – what we’re feeling now is a preview.  If we put the three Energies together we might have something like…

The birth of new forms of Vulnerability and Compassion and the demise of our internal Defenses against them.

While it takes Vesta and Ceres about four years to circle the Zodiac, because they travel at about the same speed, their Cycle together lasts eighteen years.  And even though it takes eighteen or nineteen years for the North Node to make a full loop, it travels backwards, so Asteroid-North Node Cycles span only three of four years.  So the Child giving Birds a drink Energy is the most enduring.

Another complication – Mars is also Initiated in July by all three, Vesta, Ceres, and the North Node.  So we could even say…

We will find ourselves vigorously defending new forms of Vulnerability and Compassion, as our internal defenses against Vulnerability melt.

Of course Mars could also mean we find ourselves vigorously defending against these new forms of Vulnerability and Compassion, but forewarned, we won’t fall prey to that temptation, will we.  But we won’t be surprised to see the Olde Male doing that!  If you do, rest assured it’s just Resistance.  Remind me to write about this again in July!

Asteroid Cycles

I’ve tried for years to track the asteroid Cycles among themselves, but I always dissolved in confusion about which one was Initiating and which one was being Initiated.  Then recently, undoubtedly thanks to the Chiron Mjolnir, it occurred to me to look up the span of their orbits, so I could tell which one was faster (the Initiated) and which one slower (the Initiator)!  Turns out Vesta’s orbit is only 3.6 years, while Juno’s is 4.4 years.  Ceres and Pallas – impossibly close, at 4.60 years for Ceres and 4.62 years for Pallas – only five days apart!

That means that Vesta Cycles with the slower ‘roids span eighteen years, and with Juno twenty-two years.


Vesta crossed Pallas in May 2011 at 16 Aquarius, “A big businessman at his desk.”  Hmmm.  Rudhyar says (An Astrological Mandala, p.258-9) – in 1973…

“The New Age should be one in which man learns to use the power generated by human togetherness and group interplay – that is, to use it harmoniously for the welfare of the whole of which all individuals are parts, humanity and the planet Earth.  This has never been achieved and only very rarely attempted.  Mankind today must make a thorough and irresistible attempt, or be nearly destroyed.”

The Angle between Vesta and Pallas today is a Waxing Septile, which is to say, the Timing of Action is critical.  If Paul Allen and Pete Carroll actually transform American football and the other owners get the message of Collaboration, will that have a significant impact on people like the Koch brothers?  Probably, indirectly, as other fatcats realize how negative their efforts are and buy more Collaborative politicians.  I think that’s starting already, as Big Business has seen that the Tea Party doesn’t serve their interests.

But if short-term profit-maximization goals and corporation-as-person standards are not changed, then the impact of that could be Multinationals competing more successfully for their own account, leaving the rest of us even more in the dust.  So it’s up to us Little People to do what organizing we can to Create our own Little Businessmen and Businesswomen at our desks.  We have lots of examples – we quote them often.

Vesta-Pallas is about the Edges of our sense of the Sacred, and the Boundaries we set to defend them.  Clearly today Predatory Capitalism is a one of the more influential Fundamentalist Religions, even though it’s proven itself to be unsustainable.  The Chinese model, where the Big People appear to Fear the Little People and at least give lip service to their welfare, will probably replace Predatory Capitalism, unless Europe finds a Star.  In the US, with the police militarized and the Consumption-addicted People too propagandized to act, Change appears to be possible only when enough Little People are forced by the unlimited Avarice of the fatcats to cold-turkey their addiction, and begin to subvert their relatives among the police.

Europe also seems to be largely imprisoned by the Banksters, the German Ego, and the officiousness of the Big Businessmen in the Low Countries who have thrived on brokering Trade since before Feudalism faded.  The “Developing” countries have potential, but only after they cold-turkey their addiction to mining their lands for the benefit of China, and organize themselves to overcome critical Water shortages.

We’ll look at the other asteroid Cycles later, but the Ceres-Pallas Cycle is particularly interesting.


The Ceres-Pallas Cycle is also at the Waxing Septile today, but the spans of their orbits are so close that it’s taken centuries for them to get that far apart.  The current cycle began in late 1537!  The Initiation occurred at 29 Pisces, “Light breaking into many colors as it passes through a prism.”  That would appear to support Tolerance and Mutual Respect, as well as Collaboration as each Color realizes it is nothing more than a holographic segment of the Whole.  But the amazing part is this.  Wikipedia tells us that in 1537…

“Pope Paul III published the encyclical Sublimis Deus, which declared the natives of the ‘New World’ to be rational beings with Souls who must not be enslaved or robbed.”

To the extent that Pope Francis has any effect on poverty today, we can only hope he’s more successful than Pope Paul III was.  It’s interesting that, 60 years before Descartes was born, being “rational” was the Pope’s criteria for deserving not to be enslaved or robbed.  Ceres-Pallas would be about the Edges of what’s Sustainable, and the Boundaries we place in order to protect our Sustenance.  The current Septile, emphasizing Timing, certainly backs up the many people who are saying that the Time for Change Is Now – Or Else.

Sure, folks have been saying this since Malthus – but since Ceres and Pallas travel at such similar speeds, the Septile was intermittently in effect during Malthus’s time, as it is now.  Ceres was still intermittently conjoining Pallas when Malthus was born.  This review of David Hackett Fisher’s Life Work…

tells the story, but omits the details of what Fisher observed between the reviewer’s stages 3 and 4, where population declines.  Fisher points out that a long-term decline in the living standards of the Little People eventually produces not just war, but declining health and epidemics like the Plague, and that’s what usually reduces the population.  We’ll be lucky to get by with a “simple” population reduction this time.

It’s probably still a good idea to loosen our Attachment to our current Ego; that’ll be a boon in any eventuality.

edargorteR yrucreM

February 5, 2014

kyanite2101bpKyanite, a simple Lithium Silicate, does a good job of helping us expand beyond our usual Limitations.

Yrucrem snrut Edargorter no Yraurbef xis.  Or should we say, six February on Retrograde turns Mercury.  Or maybe just Ercurymay urnstay Etrograderay onway Ebruaryfay ixsay.  It occurs at 2pm PST.  While Mercury Retro has a reputation for mogrifying Communication, it’s not usually anywhere near as confusing as all that – thank the Goddess.  All these blizzards hitting most of the US are a bit early, as travel difficulties are also classic Mercury Retro symptoms.  We could say that Mercury Retro will make travel worse for the rest of February, but I’m not even going to suggest that.  Though says “Additional storms are on deck through at least the middle of February.”

Mercury backs up from 4 of Pisces to 19 of Aquarius.  In that section of the Zodiac we’re grieving the loss of our old Community and beginning to reach out to new ones.  The Shadow Period includes a triple Square to Saturn – January 25, February 18, and March 10.  We choose to experience Saturn as either Limitation or Focus – so for instance…

The January – and February – weather could be seen as Limiting our travel, or asking us to stay home and Focus on local Community, depending on our attitude toward it.  Same goes for Communication – we can choose whether to be Limited, or Focused.  Don’t fret over what you have to give up in order to Attend to the Most Important Thing – you’ll come back to it later.

It’s a Waxing Square, developing the Thanksgiving Saturn-Mercury Initiation at 17 Scorpio – “A Woman, fecundated by her own Spirit, is great with Child.”  Heavy.  It means we’re busy birthing our own new Ego, sporting a shiny new realignment with Soul.  It also means that in February and March…

Whenever you come up against what you perceive as Limitation, stop and PIAVA what’s The Most Important Thing that you aren’t doing?  Then Let Go of what you Wanted but were Limited about, and Change the Subject.  That Most Important Thing will be a big part of your new Soul-embodying Ego Self.  Everything else will take care of itself.

The triple Mercury-Saturn Square finds Saturn Quincunx to Eris, and in turn Eris Sextile to Mercury…

When you feel Limited, PIAVA what it is that you’re Denying.  The Wonder and Curiosity will trigger Insight. 

Mercury in its stutter-step journey also makes triple Quincunx Angles to Lilith, on January 27, February 14, and March 18.  That should bring…

Lots of Curiosity about how we’ll handle the transition from our slavish Dependence on the Lizards and our other Masters, to our budding Sovereignty over our own Lives.  If you start to worry about this, stop it immediately (Cancel, Neutralize, Update!) and switch to Curiosity.

Other than these, Mercury makes several easy or Graceful triple Angles during its Moonwalk, Trines with the North Node, Ceres, Vesta, and Mars, and Sextiles with Eris and the South Node.  That should be more than enough to compensate for any Challenges that might arise.

Two More Very Shiny Dimes

February 4, 2014

This is really excellent!  Otto Scharmer speaking to the Schumacher Center for New Economics!  It’s an hour and a half long, but worth every minute.  Start at 18 minutes in, and watch at least the first 20 minutes…

You won’t regret it.  The Biodynamic Farming that Otto speaks of in the beginning is one of Rudolph Steiner’s innovations.

Ten to Fourteen

February 4, 2014

van2978bpVanadinite, symbol of Abundance.

Let’s look at where the “action” is these days and how it might be dancing into our own lives.

The Uranus T-Square

The Main Effect – the Uranus T-Square with Pluto and Jupiter – is occurring at 10-14 degrees of the Cardinal Signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn).

As you go around the Zodiac, Signs have these qualities…

  • Aries – Cardinal Fire
  • Taurus – Fixed Earth
  • Gemini – Mutable Air
  • Cancer – Cardinal Water
  • Leo – Fixed Air
  • Virgo – Mutable Earth
  • Libra – Cardinal Air
  • Scorpio – Fixed Water
  • Sagittarius – Mutable Fire
  • Capricorn – Cardinal Earth
  • Aquarius – Fixed Air
  • Pisces – Mutable Water

The three-series, Cardinal-Fixed-Mutable (called “Modalities”) repeats and so does the four-series , Fire-Earth-Air-Water (called “Elements”), making the twelve Signs.  So the above list gives…

  • Sign – Modality Element

Their Meanings are…

  • Cardinal – Creating
  • Fixed – Stabilizing
  • Mutable – Changing (as in mutation)
  • Fire – Spirit
  • Earth – Matter
  • Air – Mind
  • Water – Emotion

So we’re dealing with Creating things here.  What sort of things?  Well, we’d look first to Uranus, sitting as it does on the focus of the T-Square.  We’d be Creating Disruption for anything that’s out of alignment with where the Soul wants us to go at this time.  And we’d be Creating the first hesitant pieces of the new Identity that is more in alignment.  Uranus is in Aries – you know the phrase, in the beginning there was the Word?

In Sanskrit, each character of the alphabet has a sound that reflects it’s role in the Creation of the Universe.  So sure, if you’re speaking Sanskrit then you can say that the Universe started with a Word.  The rest of our languages don’t have such deep roots, and to aver that a Word came first is to suggest that there was language and intellect prior to Creation – which is just silly.  In the beginning there was a Sound would be more accurate, but then, you know the old if a tree falls in the woods… homily.

We could say in the beginning there was an Idea but again, that presumes the pre-existence of intellect.  Words and Ideas just reflect the overintellectualization of Western culture.  So what was it, there in the beginning?  I suggest is was more like a germplasm or seed or kernel.  The essence which Word tries to capture, never fully.  Astrology puts Aries – Fire or Spirit – first.  So maybe we should say in the beginning there was a Spark.


Well, if it’s not a Word but a Spark, then it’s not obvious where it will lead.  It could light a fire.  It could heat a home, or burn it down.  It could become an Idea, or even a Word.  It could become a run to the dump, or a fine Thanksgiving dinner, an Experience, an Organization, or even a Movement.  Which is the Main Thing about Aries.

Aries has no idea what it’s doing. 

It’s following a Spark that hasn’t become a Fire yet, or a Movement, or an Organization, or even an Idea.  If you ever want to know what Aries is up to, wait five years, and then ask.  By then you’ll probably have at least a Fire.

When we speak of Signs, we aren’t talking about People – though we could be.  It’s not that “Aries People” don’t have any idea what they’re doing.  It’s that the Aries part of us doesn’t have any idea what they’re doing.  Aries People aren’t just people who were born in March and April, they’re anybody with strong Aries in their chart.  For instance, anyone born now would have their Uranus in Aries.  Uranus is pretty strong – it’s the Soul’s Urge after all, so everybody born all year these days would be “Aries People.”  And their Uranus would have no idea what it was doing.

That doesn’t mean it’s without purpose, not at all!  It means it’s without intellectualized purpose.  Aries knows exactly what it’s doing; it just can’t explain it to you, because it’s a Spiritual thing, not an intellectual thing.  So Aries is always very busy and purposeful.  You just have to wait five years to figure out what the purpose was.

Aries is three, or six, or nine Signs from the other Cardinal Signs.  So any planets in those Signs will make Second-Harmonic (halfway ’round the Zodiac) or Fourth-Harmonic (a fourth of the way) Angles to Aries, if they’re near the same degree of their Signs.  By and large, those are Challenging Angles.  So whenever you have three planets near the same degree of the Cardinal Signs, you have a T-Square.  Four planets, and you have a Grand Cross.  The same is true for the Fixed and Mutable Signs.

Ten to Fourteen Cardinal Degrees

Ten to fourteen degrees of Aries is the stage in its evolution where the artist has made and critiqued one sketch and, having some notion of where it might go from there, has finished the second version, with colors blocked in, and critiqued it.  Thus armed with a degree of understanding and experience, the artist is almost ready to dive into the final version.  Your soul is the artist here, and your Ego – you – are the painting.  In other words, at this stage…

You have a pretty fair understanding and a good degree of experience with who you really need to be at this stage of this Lifetime.  It’s not a total mystery.  But it’s a T-Square, so you’re Challenged to Master the neighborhood of who you need to be.  There are no right answers – this is a graduate seminar, and you’re being graded on how well you explore the issue, not on feigned Certainty.

The process in the other three Cardinal Signs is similar, but in Cancer rather than a Spark, you start with a Feeling, and by 10-14 degrees you’re well into the process of owning that Feeling, knowing how to respond to it, how to invoke it when you want it, how to start building a Community with it.  That’s where Jupiter is…

So you are inspired to start communicating your Vision of this Feeling and Expand it into Community.  Maybe you started wanting to know what Mutual Respect would Feel like.  Maybe Peace, or being part of a Team, or Random Acts of Kindness.  Or maybe you wanted to develop a theme of War, but with a difference this time.  Maybe you want to be a Devil’s Advocate to help some other group improve.  At this stage pragmatic achievability is important.  This is no longer pie in the sky.  The next step is joining and recruiting, finding others who want to play your game.

Jupiter’s been here before, in August 2013, and your recollection of that practice run will serve you here.

With Capricorn the process unfolds from a physical Seed.  You’ve worked through two generations of selective breeding, and now you’re about to select the final version for planting.  This is Pluto, so your task is not to Create or Control, but to Respond.  The Form is pretty well established, but it’s your job to make sure your version of it provides the right functionality.  As above, so below.  That is…

This is not your Creation.  It’s way bigger than either your Ego or your Soul.  If feels like your own because it is, but only in the sense that this is one job in an enormously large project.  It’s okay if you “fail,” because there is redundancy, and because we’ve never been here before, we’re playing it by ear, and the process is Trial and Success.  More important that it embodies the overarching goals than that it be right or perfect.  Your recipe will be one of many entries, and if you find one you like better, you’ll adapt yours to resemble it – while someone else might find they like yours better than theirs and adopt it.  No pressure except that your recipe needs to be yours, made to please you and no one else.

To sum all that up…

We aren’t rookies here; we do have an understanding of the kind of Community we’re building, and how it has to fit into the emerging Pattern of cumulative Co-Creation that the World is shifting into.  If you think you don’t know, ask yourself, “What if I did know?” and take the first answer you get – especially if it was the one you were about to reject as impossible or inappropriate.

Look at that Superbowl and the improbable gang of youngsters that made it look like just another day at the office.  Someone needs to do it, Why not you?

I’ll Be Defensive if I Want to Be

February 3, 2014


I remember once many years ago during a session of The Transformation Game, after “helping” someone with their Denial (aka Projecting out loud), telling them, “Don’t be defensive.”  I’ll always remember their response, “I’ll be defensive if I want to be!”  I learned a lot that day.

For anyone that still doubts whether Collaboration and Cooperation can trump Competition…

While this article dwells on the New-Agey aspects of what the Seahawks are doing, the notion of Being Yourself rather than trying to be someone else, and the notion of Mutual Respect (aka the Uranus T-Square), is what the players and coaches are always talking about.

But then there’s this…

What do we make of this?  Well, you know, while Pope Francis is being fabulous at confronting our Global Denial about Economic Inequality, he’s hardly making a dent in the Olde Male preference for Gender Inequality.  Of course American football is hardly a gender-equal sport, but Cooperation, Collaboration, and Mutual Respect are Yin qualities (aka the Chiron Mjolnir with Lilith, collaborating with Mars-Eris).