sapph5763bpA big block of Montana Sapphire.  Blue Sapphire will help with just about everything we need to do here, as well as “dispel poverty, injustice, and ill treatment by those in power” according to Marquist & Frasl (Crystalline Communion, p.131).  Actually, dispelling poverty, injustice, and ill treatment by those in power wouldn’t be out of line here either!


Pressed Rat and Warthog

Here’s our schedule for the next nine days.  The bottom line is just…

Everything will be different by the 7th of March.  Expect Miracles.

  • 12 noon PST February 26 – Jupiter Squares Uranus (2)
  • 12am PST February 27 – Ceres Stationary Retrograde (1)
  • 6am PST February 28 – Mercury Stationary Direct
  • 12 noon PST February 28 – New Moon
  • 8am PST March 1 – Mars Stationary Retrograde (1)
  • 1am PST March 3 – Moon on Uranus (2)
  • 4am PST March 1 – Moon on Chiron (1)
  • 6pm PST March 1 – Vesta Stationary Retrograde (1)
  • 8am PST March 2 – Saturn Stationary Retrograde
  • 10am PST March 4 – Moon on South Node (1)
  • 3am PST March 6 – Jupiter Stationary Direct (2)

The items marked (1) trigger the Chiron Mjolnir in a big way.  The items marked (2) light up the Uranus T-Square in a big way.

(1) The Chiron Mjolnir

The Chiron Mjolnir brings us major Epiphanies, if we’re willing to listen.  Chiron is about

Converting Despair to Miracles by Reframing our underlying view of what makes the Universe tick.  Keep in mind that the worst sort of Despair is Unconscious Despair, which occurs when you just assume that something is impossible, without ever questioning it.  Like, what if money did grow on Trees.

The other corners of the Mjolnir are on the one hand the…

Embodiment of Female Power

Lilith, and on the other the whole Mars-Vesta-Ceres complex that’s Stationary on the North Node.  It’s unusual for three planets to be Stationary at once (let alone six), but to have three of them Stationary in the same place is incredible.  And to make that place the North Node is even more incredible.  Mars-Vesta-Ceres-North Node can be rephrased as…

Action-Sacred-Sustainability-MissionSort of an ignore-at-your-own-peril kind of combination.

So we can expect…

Life-Changing Insights into the use of Feminine Power to support the Sacred nature of our Deepest Desires.

Think PIAVA.

(2) The Uranus T-Square

The Uranus T-Square with Pluto and Jupiter is of course another variation on what 2012 was about, and our primary theme for 2012-2015…

A sea change in the way Humans believe and behave, a Mandatory shift from Ego-centric to Soul-centric.

This is the Exposition of the Jupiter-Pluto-Uranus T-Square, as the Can-Opener occurred in mid-August 2013.  The Confidence-Builder phase happens in April.  Jupiter, you know, is an Amplifier.  And you certainly recall that Stationary means Strong.  In other words…

Our Mandatory shift into Yintegrity is Strongly Amplified here.

Since this is the Exposition, we should be…

Discovering a lot about what we must do to re-align our Identity so it more closely approximates out Soul’s Intention for us.

Most likely with great assistance from Insights provided by the Chiron Mjolnir!

(3) Else

Meanwhile, Mercury-mind is turning Direct again, while Saturn-focus takes a respite.  Again, Stationary means Strong

We’re on notice that paying Attention to our Insights about what we need to do to come into alignment with our True Self is The Most Important Thing here. 

Don’t worry about letting your Attention to everything else lapse – it’ll still be there when we get back. 

If your True Self threatens your Security, PIAVA a loving and gentle, but rapid and complete, transition.

You can’t Think your way to Epiphanies or Miracles; Reframing changes your way of Thinking, so trying to Think your way to Miracles is like trying to change your oil while driving the Autobahn.

If you’re disappointed with the pace of Change (yours or the World’s), PIAVA that the door of your cage opens on its own.

By all means, after your Big Shift, use your mind to think about all of the implications and all of the fun ways you’ll be adjusting everything in your Life to fit the New You.

And while we weren’t looking back in February, the North Node inched its way out of Scorpio and into Libra.  Libra’s a lot more concerned with being friendly than Scorpio, as Scorpio needs to know what’s really going on, and cares a lot less about the fallout from uncovering hidden Truths.

So we can expect the World to be a little less harsh than it has been.

We’ll examine the individual Stations as we get time.

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