Gauntlet Redux

Well, the noon Moon wasn’t so soon.  The New Moon’s twelve hours later than Gauntlet alleged, at a few second prior to 12am PST March 1.  That’s midnight on February 28, not noon.  We’ve patched GauntletThe New Moon by the way Trines Stationary Jupiter and triggers the Yintegrity Uranus T-Square.

As long as we have your attention, we may as well provide some news…

  • NASA announced today that they’ve doubled down on their ability to detect planets in other solar systems, now announcing in a single day hundreds of Earth-like (to one degree or another) planets.  It’ll be pretty freaky for the once-borns and twice-borns to try to comprehend, once it’s finally upfront that we’re all aliens.  That’d certainly shift folks’ perspectives.
  • Bill Moyers has another couple of outstanding segments on the rampant fascism in the USofA, one on the “Deep State” and another on the “TPP” or Trans-Pacific Sellout.  And he even has an article on “tiny houses.”
  • A new movie being built about Seeds.  And an internet exchange where folks with extra woodchips can get together with folks who want some woodchips.  If you missed, the Back to Eden video is remarkable.  Portland Oregon has a website locating harvestable free food – it could be a model for one in your own neighborhood.
  • This is pretty techy, but there are a few interesting things in “21 Technologies that Will Decentralize the World” from Sharables.
  • This appeals to scatological humor, but it’s also important.  There’s a nasty virus called Clostridium difficile that kills many folks because it takes over their gut after an antibiotic kills all of their good gut bacteria.  Since antibiotics are the cause, they’re useless as a solution.  But many folks have been cured by of all things a fecal transplant.  There is now a poo bank for such transplants.

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