Portal 2.21

The next astroevent as we drop into the Big Turnabout due at the end of February and the beginning of March, occurs at 2pm PST February 21, when the Moon not only crosses Saturn, but Occults it.  Normally, when a crossing occurs, the faster planet just crosses the Longitude of the slower planet.  But if the two happen to be on the same Declination – a projection into the sky of Latitude, more or less – the faster one Eclipses or Occults the slower one, if it’s bigger in apparent size.  To “occult” just means to “hide.”

So, what’s it mean.  Saturn’s lit up anyway, by being Stationary, but then so is everybody else.  An Eclipse or Occultation is considered a Big Deal.  So…

We’ll be getting Saturn’s usual dose of perceived Limitation, which is in fact nothing but a request from the Universe to Focus on the Most Important Thing.  Often that’s scary because we don’t want to drop all those other eggs we’re juggling, but not to worry.  Surround yourself with foam pillows, and you can pick up your Next-to-Most-Important Thing later on.

Saturn’s all of four arc-minutes from its March-2nd Station, so there’s no question that it’s lit up.  When something is Eclipsed, it becomes Conscious, because what merged with the background before suddenly becomes obvious in its absence.  So if it feels like the floor just gave way, just relax and flap your wings.

For many of us The Most Important Thing these days is letting go of our self-sabotaging Limiting Beliefs.  I’ve been having recurring snippets of memory about many lifetime situations where I would prefer to have responded differently than I did then.  You could call them regrets, or just “You idiot!” messages from my own mind.  The Most Important Thing around these is to be loving and gentle with yourself – both your then-self and your now-self.  To do otherwise is to make your Karma stronger.

You can consider the other actor here, the Moon, to be “just” a trigger, lighting up Saturn.  Of course you can go deeper if you want.  The Moon can represent Emotion, and like the story above, you may realize ways in which you Limit your respect for your own Emotional Life.  You could see the Moon in its role as Intuition, and you may find Saturn prompting you to accept it rather than rejecting it as improbable.  Or you might encounter the Moon’s Manifestation face, and get new insights into Focusing your Intention in ways that make Manifestation of your Desires more likely.

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