Portal 2.19

We’re starting into our big early-March Turning-The-World-Upside-Down adventure, when six planets are Stationary within a week – four turning Retrograde and two turning Direct, with a New Moon in the middle of it all.

Between 2pm and 11pm PST on February 19, the Moon will cross the Mars-Vesta-North Node-Ceres complex, with Mars, Vesta, and Ceres all Stationary turning Retrograde.  Of course the North Node is already Retrograde.

You can figure the Portal will start opening around six hours prior to 2pm, and technically it’s still open for six hours after 11pm, though I expect we’ll be pretty wrung out by then.  If you get busy and miss the Window, though, don’t hesitate to get into Meditation after 11pm, as you’ll easily catch a good part of the Energy.

Mars turns backward before it crosses Vesta, so it’s not time yet to add Action to this equation.  It’s more about Insight, since the whole complex is one corner, with Lilith at the other corner, of the Chiron Mjolnir.  Mjolnir meaning Epiphany, and Chiron meaning Reframing, or changing your point of view in a way that substantially alters your orientation toward Life.

Vesta-North Node-Ceres by itself means we’re getting serious about identifying, embracing, addressing, and transforming any Beliefs we have that sabotage us when we contemplate Following Our Joy, also known as Our Mission in the Lifetime.  This Energy isn’t complete till July, and Mars gets scared and backs off here, so it’s a trial run, but an important one.  We’ll be doing this in stages.  Here we’re just working on the foundation.

The Square to Lilith means we’re being Challenged to clear away any impediments to our Yintegrity – to our ability and willingness to live according to our own standards and Desires rather than anyone else’s.

Remember that in general it takes seven generations to clear away detritus from the Limiting Beliefs our ancestors developed in order to cope with the circumstances that they lived under.  Seven generations ago was around the year 1800.

  • There were only a few less than one billion humans on the planet then, which would have given each person seven times as much elbow room on the Planet as we have today.
  • The steam engine was just becoming practical, and almost all travel was still by horse and ship.  Artificial Light, when available, was from candles and whale oil – widespread use of petroleum was still six decades away.
  • The USofA, a quarter-century old, stopped at the Mississippi.  Today’s US population is sixty times as large as it was then, though it’s spread over a wider area.  The Slave Trade was alive and well.
  • Napoleon was just invading Italy, long before his Russian fiasco and his Waterloo.
  • King George III was still around, and the newly-formed UK had to go through another George and a William before they even got to Queen Victoria.
  • Catherine the Great has just recently died as the Empress of Russia.
  • Japan was run by Samurai and wasn’t opened to the rest of the world till 50 years later.
  • The first (partially penal) European colony at Sydney Cove in Australia was twelve years old.
  • As the Dutch were losing their grip on World Domination, the British were just starting to move into South Africa.
  • Brazil was still part of Portugal, and even served as the seat of the Portuguese monarchy after Napoleon invaded Portugal.

In fact, we’ve barely had time to adjust to the First Industrial Revolution yet!  And that doesn’t even count our personal Karma.  We better get busy on this Work, as the Third Industrial Revolution is fast upon us.

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