Cardinal 10-14

mntao7125bpA bruised-up Manganotantalite Crystal.  Manganotantalite helps us speak in such a way that others can hear us, allowing us to convey difficult and sensitive things without upsetting them.


As you may remember, the action these days is occuring at 10-14 degrees, mostly in the Cardinal signs.  Right now it’s even concentrated into 11-13 degrees.  If we look at the current chart (ignoring all the Mjolnirs), it’s fairly simple…

021414The Uranus T-Square with Pluto and Jupiter as the base, and the Chiron Trine-Sextile across the same base.  Pretty easy to call…

The Compulsion to Expand our Yintegrity is irresistible.  The “easy way out” is to Reframe the whole picture. 

That means to stop and examine your basic assumptions about Life, particularly the ones you’ve never questioned, and the ones that were handed down to you by the significant adults in your youth.  When you were but small, what were your parents’ favorite phrases?  Money doesn’t grow on trees?  Nice girls don’t do that?  Don’t be a sissy?  You’ll go blind if you do that?  Chances are, those repeated phrases hypnotized you into believing they’re actually true. 

Even if you’ve proven to yourself that they aren’t, it doesn’t mean they don’t still lurk down there in the Underwhere.  Make a list.  When you’re tempted to judge someone – anyone, what advice would you give them to help them avoid trouble next time?  These are your Limiting Beliefs, which you must somehow transcend if you are to align with your own Soul.

You can’t do it intellectually, and you can’t just turn yourself upside down and shake yourself by the ankles till your Limited Beliefs fall out.  You have to PIAVA, and you have to outsmart yourself doing it.  For instance, you might PIAVA

Great Spirit, may I please lovingly and gently experience what it’s like to have enough money? 

Visualize doing what nice girls don’t do, but doing it in a nice way.

Declare your intention to act out what it looks like to be a sissy.

Wonder what it would be like to be blind and still enjoy Life fully.

That’s a snapshot of what’s going on for all of us, irrespective of our Natal charts.  But Life doesn’t happen irrespective of our Natal charts.  Our Natal charts are like filters through which we experience the World.  The interactions between the Now and our Natal charts will be greatest if our Natal charts include planets at 10-14 degrees.  Let’s pick a sample and see how that might work.


Just to choose a birth date at random, let’s look at, say, July 1962.  The biggest event of that month was the Neptune Station, so let’s pick that day.  If we draw that chart and draw in only the Angles at 10-14 degrees…

0762Whoa!  That’s a lot more complicated than the first chart!  What would it mean?

T-Square #1

Well, obviously with Neptune Stationary (Strong), we’d start there.  It’s that trident marked “SD” on the right side.  Neptune represents our relationship with everything larger than ourself, including especially the Source of All That Is, but also our Culture and Tribe.  It’s Square (the red lines) to the Nodal Axis (the headphones and earbuds near the bottom and top), with Saturn (the “h” next to the earbuds) on the South Node…

We’re unlikely to ever feel secure about our relationship with the Goddess, or for that matter to Trust anything larger than ourself.  We probably feel like we have to do everything ourself if we want it done “properly.”  It will probably feel like we’re always having to clean up other people’s messes.

Are there any “helpers,” or easy-ways-out, like Chiron provided in the Now chart?  Yes, Pluto (the golf ball in the cup at the bottom) is Quincunx (green line) to Saturn-South Node…

We’re obviously going to have to be dedicated to tireless Curiosity about why we’re always feeling like we have to clean up other people’s messes.

On the other side of the Nodal Axis there’s a Trine-Sextile Bridge (the blue lines) formed by Eris (the ball and down-arrow at top left) and Mars-Pallas (the “boy” sign with the diamond-on-a-stick, on the left side), which makes a Neptune Yod (green wedge pointing at Neptune)…

Wow, we’re going to have to practice being really skillful at “telling it like it is,” so we don’t alienate everyone, because we have a real gift for seeing what other people are Denying.  We wonder how we can make that easier on ourself.  Probably with a lot of prayer and surrender to the Goddess.

Which of course is a problem, since we’re unlikely to trust Her.  But it’s a T-Square, so we have to somehow understand how prayer and surrender to the Goddess is our greatest Skill – T-Squares represent Mastery through Challenge.  Yes, the Challenge, we get that.  But the Mastery?  We’ll have to PIAVA to grok that!

T-Square #2

There’s a second T-Square, as Mars-Pallas T-Squares the Opposition between Jupiter-Chiron (top of chart – the curly 4 for Jupiter next to the Chiron key) and Venus-Pluto (the “girl” sign next to the golf ball-in-a-cup).  Lots going on there, let’s take it apart.  Jupiter-Chiron…

Oh, we’re a Magician.  Well, we knew that, we’ve just always been careful not to build a public Ego on it just in case it ever failed us and we’d look foolish.  We’ll have to make a note to embrace that.


You know, we really do sincerely believe that our way of doing things is the best way.  You can’t admit that to too many people, because they think you’re an egotist.  But it’s true.


Boundaries are important, and we know very well how to set them.

And the T-Square…

Well dang, if we’re such a Magus and we’re so good at knowing the right way to do things and set good boundaries, how come we’re always getting tripped up by things not going the way we want them to?  Oh yeah, we remember, those are Learning Opportunities!  Who needs Learning Opportunities – how about something just working out once in a while!

Any “helpers” for this T-Square?  Oh, the biggest one is the Trine-Sextile (blue lines) to Neptune her Stationary self, on the other side of the (red) Opposition…

Okay, so Surrender to the Goddess should do the trick.  We’ll probably also have to give up our expectations of particular outcomes too, won’t we – that’s what Surrender means, doesn’t it.  That’ll be hard, but we can do it.

Big Curiosity

And look, the ends of the T-Squares are Semi-Sextile (green lines) to one another, making a Quincunx Box (the green rectangle) across the middle of the chart.  A Quincunx box – the Twelfth Harmonic, or Pattern-Breaking – means we’re always having to redesign ourself, and we never really know who we’re going to be next month…

That can get really exhausting.  People always complaining about how we’re not “consistent” enough for them.  Yintegrity – what a joke!  Can you even imagine doing what we want to do, moment to moment?  What chaos!  Of course, that would be an opportunity for us to examine some of our Limiting Beliefs, wouldn’t it.

And each of the four Squares (shorter red lines) has a Tricolor (red-green-blue Triangle) attached to it.  Those are very positive, if we can muster the Curiosity.  Remember these string Challenge, Curiosity, and Grace together in such a way that if we can respond to the Challenge with Curiosity then we can unleash the Grace.

They’re Saturn-South Node Square (red) to Neptune which is Quincunx (green) to Mars-Pallas which in turn Trines (blue) Saturn-South Node …

When we’re Challenged by the dissonance between our Focus on what’s not working and our Vision of how it should be, we need to Wonder how better Boundaries might resolve the dissonance.  That’s real Wonder, not rhetorical wonder.

And Neptune Square (red) North Node Quincunx (green) Jupiter-Chiron Trine (blue) Neptune…

We get lost easily when we try to figure out what our Mission is.  We guess we just have to let the Magic do it for us.

And Jupiter-Chiron to Mars-Pallas (red) to Neptune (green) and back to Jupiter-Chiron (blue)…

If we’re such a Magician why are we always putting our foot in it?  Oh, we get it, we have to stop doing everything ourself and let the Goddess do it for us.  How the devil can we do that?  We’ll just have to PIAVA.

Not to mention Mars-Pallas Square to Venus-Pluto Quincunx to Saturn-South Node Trine to Mars Pallas…

We can’t help it if they get upset because we do it better than they do.  We’d be glad to help them learn how to do it better, but that’s hard when they seem so irritated.  Oh my gosh, wait, maybe that’s not their irritation but ours?  Whoa, that’d shift the whole World! 

There’s more, but you get the idea.

Then and Now

So how does the Now chart link up with the Then Natal chart?  Well, the only place where they actually overlap, by Sign, is in Aries, where the Now Uranus (the Challenge to Yintegrity) sits on the Then Eris (the need to Tell It Like It Is).  What might that look like…

Well, we guess we need to make another list – a list of people who’s Egos we’re protecting.   If we’re going to go around without any censors on our True Self speaking their mind, then people’s sensitivities are going to get bruised.  That’s going to trigger a lot of Abandonment.  If you aren’t nice to people they’ll dump you.

Do we have any really close friends, folks with whom we can speak our mind without any editing and without fear of alienating them?  Maybe we could ask them if they’d help us practice ways to be more straightforward with other people.  Like instead of laughing together at how silly other people are, maybe we cold brainstorm gentle ways to tell then how silly they are, gently enough that they could hear us and not get upset.

Of course, all of the other Then concerns will be lit up as well, and the Reframing Magic in the Now chart will be a powerful aide.  Not an easy road, with the Now chart so insistent and the Then chart so complex.  But it’s real Life.

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  1. gao Says:

    Thank you so much for this Blog. What a treasure trove for research I am doing for a series of fiction books starting in ancient matriarchal China…well, actually the future, looking back. I find horoscopes useful for developing characters. I am fairly new at astrology and there is so much to know but I never shrink from a challenge. I like your thorough, non-judgmental, well written approach to the subject.

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