Where Have All the Seeds

As we’ve said, in high school civics class I learned that the definition of fascism was when corporations ran the government.  I’ve also seen how in general usage fascism usually means a totalitarian government.  I think that’s because when corporations run the government, totalitarianism is necessary to keep the People from objecting to corporate control that values private profits over human welfare.  In the US, where the primary export is weapons and any decline in the ubiquitous weapons industry means a decline in jobs in most Congressional districts, the connection between fascism and repression of the People is particularly strong.

Here’s some nitty-gritty on one of the latest fronts in the growth of fascism – the chemical industry’s attempt to end-run democracy…





What’s this got to do with astrology?  It’s an excellent example of Resistance to the trend toward individual sovereignty inherent in the Uranus-Pluto Cycle, and to the trend toward greater Yin/Yang Balance inherent in the emergence of Eris and the prominence of Lilith in, for example, the Chiron Mjolnir.  It’s hard to underemphasize the importance of the Mjolnir – the other corner of the base consists of a triple Conjunction of the North Node (Destination), Vesta (the Sacred), and Ceres (Sustainability).  The nascent Chiron-Neptune Cycle provides a context – we’re in the formative stages of Co-Creating a global fresh-violets-in-an-ancient-pottery-bowl New Paradigm for our economic, political, environmental, and Community structures.

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