Portal 2.7 and the ‘Roids

Vesta_full_mosaicThis is a mosaic of photographs of Vesta, made by the Dawn spacecraft.  Dawn is now on its way to Ceres to take its portrait.  It’s one of those Big-Government boondoggles.


Here’s a great review of Both/And


Earlier we crossed paths with Pope Francis’s white Doves and black Crow and suggested that perhaps it was their misogyny that was biting the butt of their Dove of Peace.  But here’s a very relevant extension to traditional Catholic pedophilia…


Didn’t we also mention the triple Mercury-Saturn-Eris Tricolor earlier?

The triple Mercury-Saturn Square finds Saturn Quincunx to Eris, while Eris Sextiles Mercury to complete the Pattern…

When we feel Limited, we need to PIAVA what it is that you’re Denying.  The Wonder and Curiosity will trigger Insight. 

The Vatican’s response to the UN’s criticism of the pedophilia that they’ve been protecting for millennia?

“The Vatican press office said in a statement that it regretted to see the United Nations committee ‘attempt to interfere’ with Catholic teaching and the church’s ‘exercise of religious freedom.’ “

Poor Babies.  If they were in touch with their Yin Energy, they could PIAVA some relief from such persecution.

But then, how does this interact with the dangers of certainty?  How do we know, when we feel moral Judgment, that we aren’t descending into those dangers?  One easy answer is that it’s only Attachment to the current Lifetime, aka Ego, that creates quandary for us – otherwise, Life seems to crave Experience, whether it meets apparently (or rhetorically) universal Values or not.  But that’s too easy.  The dangers of certainty tell us to focus on the Questions, not the Answers.  The cusp of Growth is Paradox, not Conclusion.

Vesta, Ceres, North Node, Lilith, Mercury, et al

You may have noticed that Vesta has been gaining on Ceres, while the North Node is edging backwards toward both.  And all three have been Squaring Lilith.  In fact, it’s this Square that’s the base of the Chiron Mjolnir.  Venus tells us what we value.  But Vesta tells us what constitutes blasphemy.  Vesta-Ceres Challenges us to make our sense of the Sacred more Sustainable.  Add the North Node and we’re informed that, for each of us and for the planet, this is important to our Mission.  The Square to Lilith wraps our Independence into the equation.  And Chiron tells us that facing these Challenges will radically Change our Life.  Let me repeat…

Miracles of Liberation await if we are able to focus on the Sustainable and allow our sense of the Sacred to evolve accordingly.  In this process we’ll be asked to release any Attachment we have to people or ideas that have fixed agendas, in order to find and pursue our own personal agenda, our Soul’s Agenda for this Lifetime.  If you can describe your Mission without an “or something like that” at the end, it’s an unsustainable mental snapshot of your Soul’s Agenda, not the real thing.

In it’s Retrostutter, Mercury also triple-Squares the Vesta-Ceres-North Node complex, while Juno Trines Saturn…

Focus on the Edge of Consciousness.  You have a Felt Sense of your Future.  It’s vague, sort of a Cloud just beyond your Clarity.  Sit in a quiet place and put your Attention directly into the Cloud.  When you see yourself hungrily jumping for any hint of Clarity, let that go.  Honor yourself – “Oh, there’s the Mind, craving certainty; thanks for trying to help, Honey!”  It’s too soon for Clarity, but sitting quietly in that fuzzy Cloud will help all of you, not just your mind but also your Heart and your Hara, to get a head start when Time does ripen.

It’s kind of a tricky month, this February.   It’s complicated.  But what are the Opportunities?  Remember that Quintile Box we stumbled on earlier?  It hangs out with us until the end of March.  Our earlier interpretation was…

For the next two months we’ll be Learning a great deal about Rapidly and Permanently Transforming our orientation toward our Mission and toward our Limiting Beliefs and Held Emotions – and Learning how to profit from what we Learn.  After all, while Avarice won’t do us much good, self-deprivation will do us even less good.  There’s nothing Compassionate about self-deprivation.  When we remember that Abundance is Having Enough to Share, we see that self-deprivation just deprives everyone.

Vesta-Ceres-North Node also Biquintiles Juno, with Pluto at the Midpoint…

These transformations and Trance Reformations aren’t optional.  When you notice yourself tensing up over witnessing some blasphemy this month, take a deep breath and recognize the urge to Judge as your own Limitation.  PIAVA that you grow beyond it in a way that benefits All. 

If you sense that you’re about to express yourself in a way that someone else will consider blasphemy, stop, take a deep breath, and see if you can open up an honest conversation.  That starts by listening and asking questions to understand as deeply as you can what motivates the Other to feel the way they do.  Don’t express yourself until they ask you how you feel about it.  If they don’t ask, or if you get bored waiting for them to ask, politely excuse yourself and walk away. 

If you find someone else reacting to you as though you had blasphemed – whether you knew you had or not – apologize and ask them to describe their feelings, and what it was you said that offended them.  Open yourself to Listening, rather than Expressing.  If they ask, then Express yourself Honestly.

If you want a head start into grokking these catapults into the Unknown…

Pay close attention to the inner and outer circumstances (Feeling Patterns and Event Patterns) that occur between 6pm PST February 7 and 6am PST February 8, when the Moon makes a powerful Quintile Yod with Venus-Pluto and Vesta-Ceres-North Node as its base.

The Vesta-Ceres-North Node Conjunctions aren’t complete until the first half of July.  Vesta and Ceres are two of the six Stations that dance around March 1, as both turn Retrograde.  They both retreat faster than the North Node can catch them, and don’t turn Direct again till May and June.

The July events occur at 22 Libra – “A Child giving Birds a drink at a fountain” (Vesta-Ceres), 25 Libra – “The sight of an autumn Leaf brings to a pilgrim a sudden revelation of the mystery of Life and Death” (Vesta-North Node), and 24 Libra – “A Butterfly with a third wing on its left side.”  The left side is of course, in general, the Yin or Receptive side.  This combination of Energies will be strong in July – what we’re feeling now is a preview.  If we put the three Energies together we might have something like…

The birth of new forms of Vulnerability and Compassion and the demise of our internal Defenses against them.

While it takes Vesta and Ceres about four years to circle the Zodiac, because they travel at about the same speed, their Cycle together lasts eighteen years.  And even though it takes eighteen or nineteen years for the North Node to make a full loop, it travels backwards, so Asteroid-North Node Cycles span only three of four years.  So the Child giving Birds a drink Energy is the most enduring.

Another complication – Mars is also Initiated in July by all three, Vesta, Ceres, and the North Node.  So we could even say…

We will find ourselves vigorously defending new forms of Vulnerability and Compassion, as our internal defenses against Vulnerability melt.

Of course Mars could also mean we find ourselves vigorously defending against these new forms of Vulnerability and Compassion, but forewarned, we won’t fall prey to that temptation, will we.  But we won’t be surprised to see the Olde Male doing that!  If you do, rest assured it’s just Resistance.  Remind me to write about this again in July!

Asteroid Cycles

I’ve tried for years to track the asteroid Cycles among themselves, but I always dissolved in confusion about which one was Initiating and which one was being Initiated.  Then recently, undoubtedly thanks to the Chiron Mjolnir, it occurred to me to look up the span of their orbits, so I could tell which one was faster (the Initiated) and which one slower (the Initiator)!  Turns out Vesta’s orbit is only 3.6 years, while Juno’s is 4.4 years.  Ceres and Pallas – impossibly close, at 4.60 years for Ceres and 4.62 years for Pallas – only five days apart!

That means that Vesta Cycles with the slower ‘roids span eighteen years, and with Juno twenty-two years.


Vesta crossed Pallas in May 2011 at 16 Aquarius, “A big businessman at his desk.”  Hmmm.  Rudhyar says (An Astrological Mandala, p.258-9) – in 1973…

“The New Age should be one in which man learns to use the power generated by human togetherness and group interplay – that is, to use it harmoniously for the welfare of the whole of which all individuals are parts, humanity and the planet Earth.  This has never been achieved and only very rarely attempted.  Mankind today must make a thorough and irresistible attempt, or be nearly destroyed.”

The Angle between Vesta and Pallas today is a Waxing Septile, which is to say, the Timing of Action is critical.  If Paul Allen and Pete Carroll actually transform American football and the other owners get the message of Collaboration, will that have a significant impact on people like the Koch brothers?  Probably, indirectly, as other fatcats realize how negative their efforts are and buy more Collaborative politicians.  I think that’s starting already, as Big Business has seen that the Tea Party doesn’t serve their interests.

But if short-term profit-maximization goals and corporation-as-person standards are not changed, then the impact of that could be Multinationals competing more successfully for their own account, leaving the rest of us even more in the dust.  So it’s up to us Little People to do what organizing we can to Create our own Little Businessmen and Businesswomen at our desks.  We have lots of examples – we quote them often.

Vesta-Pallas is about the Edges of our sense of the Sacred, and the Boundaries we set to defend them.  Clearly today Predatory Capitalism is a one of the more influential Fundamentalist Religions, even though it’s proven itself to be unsustainable.  The Chinese model, where the Big People appear to Fear the Little People and at least give lip service to their welfare, will probably replace Predatory Capitalism, unless Europe finds a Star.  In the US, with the police militarized and the Consumption-addicted People too propagandized to act, Change appears to be possible only when enough Little People are forced by the unlimited Avarice of the fatcats to cold-turkey their addiction, and begin to subvert their relatives among the police.

Europe also seems to be largely imprisoned by the Banksters, the German Ego, and the officiousness of the Big Businessmen in the Low Countries who have thrived on brokering Trade since before Feudalism faded.  The “Developing” countries have potential, but only after they cold-turkey their addiction to mining their lands for the benefit of China, and organize themselves to overcome critical Water shortages.

We’ll look at the other asteroid Cycles later, but the Ceres-Pallas Cycle is particularly interesting.


The Ceres-Pallas Cycle is also at the Waxing Septile today, but the spans of their orbits are so close that it’s taken centuries for them to get that far apart.  The current cycle began in late 1537!  The Initiation occurred at 29 Pisces, “Light breaking into many colors as it passes through a prism.”  That would appear to support Tolerance and Mutual Respect, as well as Collaboration as each Color realizes it is nothing more than a holographic segment of the Whole.  But the amazing part is this.  Wikipedia tells us that in 1537…

“Pope Paul III published the encyclical Sublimis Deus, which declared the natives of the ‘New World’ to be rational beings with Souls who must not be enslaved or robbed.”

To the extent that Pope Francis has any effect on poverty today, we can only hope he’s more successful than Pope Paul III was.  It’s interesting that, 60 years before Descartes was born, being “rational” was the Pope’s criteria for deserving not to be enslaved or robbed.  Ceres-Pallas would be about the Edges of what’s Sustainable, and the Boundaries we place in order to protect our Sustenance.  The current Septile, emphasizing Timing, certainly backs up the many people who are saying that the Time for Change Is Now – Or Else.

Sure, folks have been saying this since Malthus – but since Ceres and Pallas travel at such similar speeds, the Septile was intermittently in effect during Malthus’s time, as it is now.  Ceres was still intermittently conjoining Pallas when Malthus was born.  This review of David Hackett Fisher’s Life Work…


tells the story, but omits the details of what Fisher observed between the reviewer’s stages 3 and 4, where population declines.  Fisher points out that a long-term decline in the living standards of the Little People eventually produces not just war, but declining health and epidemics like the Plague, and that’s what usually reduces the population.  We’ll be lucky to get by with a “simple” population reduction this time.

It’s probably still a good idea to loosen our Attachment to our current Ego; that’ll be a boon in any eventuality.

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