Dancing on Our Edges

bar6237bpNow them’s Edges!  This Insect-like fellow is a cluster of Barite Crystals.  Barite – Barium Sulfate – generally makes hard Edges softer and easier to transcend, without impeding their usefullness as Boundaries.

Before we get lost in the shiny baubles of the Night Sky, I want to recommend this to you…


And this is the next project from the folks who made the amazing video on Woodchip Gardening


We’re Dancing on Our Edges at least until February 6 – when Pallas moves out of the Mystic Rectangle.  It’s amped up by the Tricolor until February 3, and by the Pallas Yod today.  What does this mean, this Edgedancing?  We’ve frequently used the metaphor of the Birdcage, the Safety created by our Limiting Beliefs and Held Emotions, that keeps us inside our Cage.  That’s probably a good model when Fear is the dominant Energy outside the Cage, beyond our Edges.  Fear comes in many flavors.  We could be frightened of our own Anger, for instance, or by the unbearable lightness of being.  Or weightiness.

Yesterday’s Station of Venus was only a degree and a quarter from Pluto – well within our normal three-degree range of Sensitivity.  But it was on the “forward” side of Pluto – Venus backed up almost to Pluto, but not quite.  The actual Pluto-Venus Initiation occurred last November 15, at 10 degrees of Capricorn, “An Albatross feeding from the hand of a sailor.”  Rudhyar talks about the rewards of overcoming fear.  Venus-Pluto symbolizes Intense defense of our Values.

Venus Shadow Period spanned the last half of Capricorn, which symbolizes the process of moving pragmatically from obsession with nurturing Self, to contacting and exploring Other.  If you want to track that process in your own journals, it began in mid-November, reached a crisis of confidence at the end of November, and began connecting to Other in early December.  Then in late December we started reviewing what we’d learned, starting with reconsidering how we’d been relating to Other, questioning whether our approach was Sustainable and then reaching another crisis over having to revise our Value system to include Other.

By mid-January we were berating ourselves for blowing opportunities, but over the last few weeks we’ve come back to being gentle with ourselves about our relationships.  Now we’ll be starting over, nurturing ourselves back into Wholeness by late February, and beginning to approach Other quite differently.  At which point the process is interrupted by the large storm of astro-events that occur around the beginning of March:

  • Uranus is lit up brightly starting around February 23 by the Jupiter Square
  • Ceres turns Retrograde on February 26
  • Mercury turns Direct February 28 after Retrograding through the last half of Aquarius since February 6
  • Mars and Vesta both turn Retrograde March 1
  • Saturn turns Retrograde March 2
  • Jupiter turns Direct March 5

All of that together adds up to a huge shift in just about everything.  You might want to spend February making sure you’re prepared for emergencies.  I’m not predicting anything untoward – planets go Direct and Retrograde all the time.  Just not so many all at once.  One thing I won’t hesitate to predict – by mid-March the World will look and feel a lot different than it did in mid-February.

As usual, Kelley Hunter supplies illuminating wisdom on the Venus Shadow Period…


Here’s the chart of the Station…

VSD14Often it’s Self-Hate rather than Fear that marks our Edges.  We don’t want – or can’t – see ourselves as that sort of person.  Even when, or especially when, our Deepest Desire is to be that sort of person.  Sometimes we even hide that Desire from ourselves!  Our programmers – usually the significant adults in our childhood – programmed us that way in order to set up the Challenging parts of our natal horoscope.  It’s all a rat’s nest of interconnects and feedback loops out there and in here, you know.  The notion that anything is separate from anything else is an artifact of reductionist “scientific” thinking.  It ain’t separate.

Here’s someone nurturing Community…



Take a close look at this amazing modern version of Bruegel-the-Elder and Fillmore-Auditorium-Poster art…


I usually find these guys’ cartoons kinda boring, but I this one was different.  I hadn’t thought of it that way, but they’re certainly right on…


With thanks to the folks who pointed these out to me!

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