Woodchips and Eris

petoak6003bpPetrified Oak – though it would be far too hard to use for compost or mulch.  Even before it was petrified, oak would take forever to decompose.  As a Stone it would be useful for edging a bed and retaining heat though.  And it might verrry slooowly leach minerals.

Well, I’m a convert.  Haven’t actually tried it yet, but I have enough experience with planting the mulchbed between our yard and the neighbor’s, to believe it.  Even if I did hear about it from a Tree-Service guy, and it could be a clever infomercial for helping Tree-Service folk rid themselves of their excess by-product, kinda like the chemical industry and Fluoride.  Anyway, here ’tis – the DVD is highly recommended


Amazoo sells it for $5 bucks more if you want to avoid risking your credit card number yet again.

The fellow in the DVD suffers from the delusion that God is a boy, but otherwise he is right on!   Even without the Gardening story, the DVD is more than worth the time as a fantastic illustration of Listening, Integration, Sustainability, and Gratitude.  Who cares where he gets his inspiration – the way he puts his religion to work is fabulous, a model for any mythology.

There’s a very clever line in the DVD about how a wise person might consider having a load of woodchips dumped in their yard now, so the chips can age properly, then if they need to grow their own Food in ten years because that’s the only way they can get it, their woodchip Garden will be ripe and ready.  The way things are trending so far this year, that advice may be nine or ten years late.  Though as I understand it, the chips will begin storing Water and suppressing Weeds right away, it’s just that they get more fertile over the years as they decay.  So you may have to fertilize for the first few years.

We may need the effortlessness of woodchip Gardening because we’ll be busy hand-pollinating everything…


While we’re on the subject of Food, this is interesting…


And the graph is created by the US Department of Agribusiness, so it probably only goes halfway toward healthy eating.

With China and Japan yelling at one another in Davos, developing-World currencies crashing, and nuclear Israel pouting about the possibility of peace with Iran, one wonders if early 2014 is indeed when the fertilizer hits the fan.  Snowden’s deepening of the spying scandal by including industrial espionage asks us to look at the Mars-Eris Opposition.  It’s exact at 8am PST on January 27.  Mars usually takes two days to cross one degree, but it’s slowing for its March 1 Station, so one degree of Sensitivity spans four days here.  The Mars-Eris Cycle was hatched in mid-April at 23 Aries, “A pregnant woman in light summer dress” – a familiar degree these days.  Mars-Eris?

Secrets leach out, and like it or not, somebody could get hurt in the process.  If they’re your secrets, now’s as good a time as any to find out who loves you for who you really are.  If you get hurt by someone else’s candor, the Main Event here is Personal Growth – expand your Consciousness to Forgive and make room for other people to not have to live up to your arbitrary standards.

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