Chiron and Juno

mntao7151bpManganotantalite helps us phrase difficult communications in ways that makes them easier to actually hear our intent.  It’s the same Crystal that keeps your cellphone on the right frequency so it can be distinguished from all the other calls on the airwaves.

At 12am PST January 25, Chiron Initiates Juno at 12 Pisces – “In the sanctuary of a Mystery School newly initiated members are examined and their character tested.”  The Greek and Roman Mystery Schools were basically secret societies with complex rituals and rites of initiation that members were forbidden to talk about with non-members.  Of course we’d never know, but testing the character of new members probably involved making sure they could keep secrets.

For most of us these days, our Mystery School or secret society is our family of origin.  We all have a secret list of things that “decent” folks do without fail (make the bed, mow the lawn, etc etc) and a secret list of things that “decent” folks would never do.  As Bonnie Tyler (or Meat Loaf) put it, “I’d do anything for Love, but I won’t do that!”  But since our programmers hypnotized us before we were able to stop them, our families-of-origin aren’t so much secret societies as Unconscious societies.

Which is what Juno is all about – the Edge between Consciousness and the Unconscious.  When we’re merged with someone we can’t tell where we end and they begin.  In fact, it usually doesn’t occur to us to ask the question – it’s Unconscious!  How many relationships have we lost because we or they (or both of us) did or said – or didn’t do or say – things that were in our, or our ex-partner’s, secret catalog of decent and indecent things.  How many wars?  How many Olympic Games even.

Chiron here should snap us into Consciousness about some of these self-sabotaging secrets.  Especially if we PIAVA greater Consciousness, and especially if we PIAVA greater Consciousness about the topics that are giving us grief.  This is an especially powerful Initiation into Consciousness because the Juno-Chiron Conjunction sits at the peak of a Mjolnir which itself symbolizes Epiphany.  The Juno-Chiron Cycle is being born here, so we can use the chart of the Initiation to plot the disposition of the whole four-year Cycle.

MjJCThe other two corners of the Mjolnir are Lilith and Vesta-Ceres.  Lilith says that what we bring into Consciousness here will help us collaborate more fully, and help diminish the subjugation of Women.  Vesta is about what we consider to be Sacred – here we don’t just have a list of what decent folks would do or not.  We have a list of what constitutes blasphemy!  And Ceres is about what’s Sustainable – it’s hardly Sustainable to live in close proximity with folks who blaspheme as a matter of course, who may even blaspheme because they actually believe that’s what decent folks do!

These planets suggest that over the next four years as this Cycle unfolds, there will be a great deal of global reconciliation – probably instigated by a great deal of global conflict, since it’s conflict that will push these secret codes into Consciousness.  If we never met anyone who did anything differently we’d have no reason to suspect that there was any other way to be!

That of course is in addition to our personal work around mutual awareness and tolerance with our neighbors and cohabitees and colleagues – especially around the way Women are treated.  We can safely assume that over the next several years…

Women will become more Conscious of their disempowerment and simply make the decision to be otherwise.

Remember that a new Energy is lit up at the Initiation, then sort of moves underground until the Waxing Square – which in this case occurs rapidly, in mid-July of this year.  The next Cycle is Initiated in 2018 at the Aries Point, the first degree of Aries.  In other words…

This whole business of becoming Conscious of our Judgements and Intolerances is lit up during 2014-2018 so we can clear them in preparation for a whole new orientation toward Planetary Cooperation.

And as we’ve pointed out, the Juno-Chiron Conjunction is also one corner of a Mystic Rectangle.  Pallas, Goddess of War and Wisdom, Opposes the Conjunction.  We regard Pallas as Boundaries and Edges – Goddess, please grant me the Power to Change what can be Changed, the Serenity to accept what cannot, and the Wisdom to know the difference.  Consequently…

We’ll be Changing our Rituals and Patterns to promote and protect our growing Consciousness.

Not only that, but the Juno-Chiron Conjunction sits Trine-Sextile across the second Opposition in the Mystic Rectangle, the Jupiter-Pluto Opposition.

MRJCWhich means…

Our Growth in Consciousness is not optional – it’s part of the shift in the Global Trance.  All these Epiphanies will make out Growth easier.

And we can’t forget that the Jupiter-Pluto Opposition is the base of a Uranus T-Square…

It’s not just about Growing Consciousness and dropping Intolerance; it’s also about dropping our Masks and becoming more Authentic and Vulnerable. 

Do you remember Eris?  Anytime we’re talking about getting more Honest, especially about things we didn’t even know we were Dishonest about because they were Unconscious – you know Eris is going to be involved.  And what do you know, there she is, Opposed by Mars!

3CJCThat means we’ll be confronting people when we can’t stand their Denial any longer.  And vice versa – they’ll be confronting our Denial as well!  But look at those blue lines to Mercury…

We’ll be blessed with skillful communication when we confront and when we’re confronted.

And the Tricolored Triangle – with Moon Conjunct Saturn…

Everybody will be pretty Focused and constrained Emotionally, so we’ll probably be able to confront without everybody freaking out.

Even if it is Square to Mercury…

Yes, there are major challenges here.  How to confront lovingly and gently.  How to be direct and stay true to your purpose.  How to set aside your own intolerance and focus on what’s actually sabotaging your relationships and endeavors.  How to hear what others have to say without getting Defensive.  How to verify whether they’ve heard what you intended to say, so you don’t have to rephrase it.  How to reframe everything that’s going on so it’s about Win-Win.

But look there – Mercury is Sextile to Eris!  Remember that a Sextile needs to be primed before the Grace flows.  How to do that?  The green line (Quincunx – Curiosity) tells us!  Like so…

I Wonder how I can stay Focused on what I need to say and what I need to hear, without getting Emotional about it.  If this adventure can help me break through self-sabotaging Patterns, I’ll be eternally Grateful!  I guess if I approach this as something important for me to Learn, that might help.  But mostly I just need to keep my Ego in my pocket, and Ask the Goddess to lift me over this hurdle!

Astrophyllite will help you pull Clarity out of a large quantity and variety of inputs, many of which are quite fuzzy…


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  1. Beautiful Hummingbird Says:

    Thankyou! I’d love to see a video on Juno conj Chiron…it is conj again in the sky right now..and Rahu conj Ceres..

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