The Mystic Rectangle

wulf7039bpWulfenite – Lead Molybdate.  Lead helps release Held Emotions and other toxins, helps us move from hopelessness to Excitement, and helps us create the kinds of structures that facilitate self-confidence.  Wulfenite connects to the Dynamic Creativity that we don’t usually recognize in ourselves.

A Mystic Rectangle is no slouch.  It brings substantial Grace and Balance, and the current one – which runs through February 4 – will help ease our transition from our old rigid Either/Or Ego-shell to our new more flexible Both/And Ego-shell.  I think that’s the most blatant symptom of personal Growth or Growth in Consciousness – we go from Either/Or about something to Both/And.  That’s usually as much an Emotional experience as it is intellectual.

We could interpret the four Grace-full Angles in the Mystic Rectangle, but let’s instead follow the “textbook,” and look at the two Oppositions.  A Mystic Rectangle, after all, is a big “X” that’s two Signs wide (Sextile, Sixth Harmonic – Creative Grace), and four Signs tall (Trine, Third Harmonic – Dumb-Luck Grace).  You get the Rectangle by putting the X in a box.  The opposite corners of the X and the box, are six Signs apart (Opposition, Second Harmonic, Ritual).

Sobonfu Somé, in her lovely little book The Spirit of Intimacy: Ancient African Teachings in the Ways of Relationships, has a lot to say about Ritual – a whole chapter in fact, pp.40-54…

“A ritual is a ceremony in which we call in spirit to come and be the driver, the overseer of our activities…  In ritual we call in spirit to show us obstacles that we cannot see because of our limitations as human beings.  Ritual helps us to remove blocks standing between us and our true spirit or other spirits.

“In the village, everybody is addicted to ritual…  They need to be constantly involved in ritual because it’s like an energy that gives a high that lasts, perhaps three or four days, and as soon as they start coming down… they need the high again.

“Every ritual must have a very specific purpose, a clearly stated intention.  It must have something to resolve.

“Every time you want to move into a ritual, you need to recognize that there’s a whole line of ancestors behind you, there’s a whole spirit world around you, there is the animal world, the ground world, the trees, and so forth.  If you have a way of saying to these forces, ‘Come and be with us in such a way that we can feel and do such-and-such,’ then you’re already in ritual.

“Next you must state your purpose, being quite specific about your needs or goals…  All you need to do from then on is go deep into your heart and listen to the rhythm of it…  Usually, if you ask one spirit to come, it will not come alone.  It gathers its friends, its relatives, friends of its friends, and so on.  And all these spirits will come to you.

“A ritual has to be made specific to the people who are involved in it…  We think that someone must bring a secret book of ritual recipes so that if we have a toothache, we go to page 129, read paragraph 2, and that will take care of it.  When in fact, you are page 129, paragraph 2!  So I’m saying, trust in yourself, believe in your ability to hear.

“Emotion is very hard to resolve intellectually.  That’s because the mind doesn’t know how to feel; its logic cannot fulfill the heart’s desire.  And this is why it’s so important to realize how ritual, the feeling within ritual, can be a helpful tool in resolving crises…  Spirits love to intervene in our affairs.  But they don’t do it against our will.  They are waiting over there for us to give them a job to do.

“We cannot begin by figuring out in our brains exactly how a ritual will work before we get into it.  We have to start by telling spirit that we recognize we don’t know.  There’s nothing wrong in not knowing.  There’s something wrong in not saying you don’t know.  Actually spirits love to hear that you don’t know because they do.  And they will take it as an invitation to do what they have to do.”

So, which rituals are involved in our Mystic Rectangle?  Jupiter Opposite Pluto, and Pallas Opposite Chiron-Juno.  How to wrap words around these?  Maybe…

Spirit, I can tell from the dissonance in my World and the discomfort in my Body, that you’re demanding (Pluto) that I Grow (Jupiter).  But I don’t know how.  Help!


Spirit, I’m up against Edges (Pallas) where uncomfortable (or worse) feelings and thoughts live (Chiron).  I don’t feel confident that I will succeed here.  I can feel that there are so many dimensions that are wanting to Change that I feel overwhelmed!  Will you help me restore my Faith in myself and in you?  Will you remind me frequently that I don’t have to do everything myself, I can actually relax and let you do your Magic! 

The rest should take care of itself.

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