As many have reported, there’s an enormous opening to Dreams now, with Juno crossing first Neptune and now Chiron.

We can see Juno as the Edge between Consciousness and the Unconscious, Neptune as the Unconscious itself, and Chiron as a steam shovel or wrecking ball poised just beyond Consciousness, ready at the slightest invitation to smash a hole through any rigidity in the walls that keep the Unconscious Un.

A Huperson that Consciously lives Both/And has a very fluid Boundary between what’s Conscious and what isn’t yet Conscious.  For such a person Chiron is no wrecking ball, but a powerful source of Intuition and Insight.

We want to very highly recommend a book by Eugene Gendlin called Let Your Body Interpret Your Dreams

(or Amazon of course, if you don’t want to donate the extra $6 to the Focusing Institute).

This little book has too many choice jewels to be repeated, but it teaches several easy, fast, effective, and clever techniques to guide you past the mind’s Either/Or bias and the Ego’s bias toward the status quo.  The World status quo is changing fast, and we need to keep up with it.  You can use these techniques not just for Dreams, but also for everyday events and circumstances.

I’ll let you go through the exercise rather than doing it myself, but take Breaking the Shell and apply it to some larger Entity.  Maybe to several larger Entities.  Such as Syria or Ukraine.  Or gay rights.  Or Inequality.  Or the US, or EU, or China.  Imagine that the status quo plays the role of the Ego, and the Real World is changing around it.  We didn’t really talk much in Breaking the Shell about what happens when we don’t lovingly and gently step outside and assist the Ego in its molt.  But as in Syria or Ukraine, imagine that the Ego is heavily armed.  Or as in Inequality, imagine how easily the Greedheads will voluntarily agree to higher taxes.

Our own personal Ego will dig in its heels just as hard, and the techniques in Gendlin’s book will let you lovingly and gently loosen the shell many times a day, in small steps, so you can avoid having to have it cracked wide open like a pinata when the imbalance gets too great and it explodes.

The way our personal Ego responds to larger Entities like Ukraine or Inequality, is a small panel in a composite mirror for the larger Entities.  When we change, the larger Entity has to change to match the mirror.  This is true on the Spiritual/Energetic level even if our only connection to Ukraine is a headline or two – or less.  We are All One.   You saw how the World stopped Obomba from cruisemissiling Syria.  Compared to how we tried and failed to stop George II from nuclear-bunkerbusting Iraq.  We changed the mirror.

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